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Kumaro, Aditi, Iroh, Saif, Pallav, Toph, Ila, Aknur, Kun, Ty Lee, Haru, Quiver, Blade, Hammer, Ka-Boom, Grain, Hari, Haruka


Bharato, Savas, Mainyu, Phoenix Estaes, Bullies

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Chapter II:The Northern Air Temple

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Wei was the son of Ty Lee and Haru and the brother of Haruka. He was teased and bullied for being unable to Earthbend like almost half the people he knew. One day, he discovered he could Firebend, and when he told his parents, they sent him to Ba Sing Se, with some money and an ostrich horse, to learn Firebending from Iroh. On his journey, he ran into Chong (who he was slightly frustrated by) and the other nomads near the great divide. He traveled with them until he reached the Si Wong Desert. When there he sold his ostrich horse to get more food, and then met up with some Earth Kingdom officials, Blade, Quiver, Grain, Hammer, and Ka-Boom. He helped them get some illegal shipments of cactus juice and pour it out. The officials then gave him a ride to the other side of the desert, where he caught a ferry to Ba Sing Se. After that, he took a train to the upper ring, where he met Iroh. Iroh did not believe he could firebend at first, but when Wei told him about his mother, and showed him a small flame he was able to produce, Iroh accepted him as his student. Shortly afterwards he met Iroh's great nephew Kumaro, and his friend Aditi. When in Ba Sing Se, he learned Firebending, and became quite good at it. He was present when Kumaro and Aditi told the Earth King of the Phoenix Estates. Later, he fought with his friends to retake the Northern Mountains in the Battle for the Northern Mountains. He then met up with his sister, but decided to stay and fight in the war after the Retaking of Gaipan. Later, he fought in the Battle for the Seedy Pier. He helped open up some of the crshed Earth Kingdom airships, and later saved Kumaro and Aditi along with Hari and Haruka. He then travelled to the Northern Water Tribe. When there, he helped stop the Phoenix Estates from getting the Water Sapphire After his friend, Kumaro, was captured, he worked on a rescue mission with his friends. Said mission did not go well, as he was almost killed after a duel with Savas. Kumaro was able to take Savas and Yudo hostage, so Mainyu would let him go. Later, he stayed at the Northern Water Tribe to rebuild after the Battle over the North. After doing a minimal amount of rebuilding at the Northern Water Tribe, he helped Kumaro pack up for the trip to the Fire Nation. He was opposed to the addition of Lo Gan and Rin, but went along with what his instructor thought was best. Later, when the group was resting at the Northern Air Temple, he noticed Kumaro was not feeling well, and tried to talk to him. Kumaro then told him, after some convincing, that Mainyu had been leading the Phoenix Estates in the previous two battles they had been in. Once he entered the Fire Nation on Ember Island, he ran into Blade and Quiver, who had been called into service by Toph and Saif. During his time on Ember Island, he met Hari's old rival, Rajit. He later helped rescue governess Sakura on the Sun Generator along with Lo Gan and Rin. After that he fled Ember Island and went back to Factory Island. While there, he got ready to fight against the Phoenix Estates. He later took part in the landing in the southern Fire Nation. Afterwards, he traveled behind enemy lines on a scouting mission with Kumaro, Aditi, Neza, and Hari. Wei later traveled with Kumaro, Neza, Lo Gan, Rin, Hari, and Haruka on a mission to find out what had happened to some scouts from the main force. He then faced Bala along with Kumaro in the skirmish in the clearing. Kumaro later took him on a scouting mission into a jungle, where he and some others encountered a tribe of firebenders. While there, he trained with Neza, and searched for the giant snake, Maxitaotie. When he found the creature, he was unwilling to face it due to its massive size and his lack of skill as a bender. After Takumi, a member of the tribe, killed Maxitaotie, he and his friends left the jungle, where they met up with Illa, Kun, Aknur, and Pallav before rejoining with the main forces. He later returned to the Earth Kingdom after the Battle of Aggni.

Personality and traits

Wei was shown to think things through when he is not desperate (as seen when he got a ride across the Si Wong, and during the Battle for the Northern Mountains). He is also shown to have a dislike of flying, as seen in the Battle for the Northern Mountains when he flew Appa.


Wei's skills as a Firebender were developing, as he was unable to handle Imperial Firebenders, or Savas in battle.

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