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Warning! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.

Palace Guard
Guard Captain Wei
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Earth Kingdom



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Earth Kingdom, Avatar Rong Yan, Monk Yong Ten, Chi-Fu the Historian, 41st Earth King Ta Po, 42nd Earth King Qiang Zhen, Ba Sing Se Prison Jailor #2, Earth King's advisor, Elite Palace Guards, Ba Sing Se citizens, Taku citizens


Water Tribe rebels, Ex-General Senlin, Shan-Yu of the Mousha Quan, Mousha Quan gang

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Elite Guard Captain


Elite Guard Captain


Elite Palace Guards

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Book 1: Water Chapter 10: The Escape Part 2: The Assassination

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Book 1: Water Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs

Wei is the Ba Sing Se Earth Kingdom palace elite guard captain. He is a minor character in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan. Wei appears in a few chapters within Book 1.


Served as a guard for ten years, and ranked up elite guard in five years, became guard captain and is currently is the captain of the elite guard for the past six years. A guard serving in Ba Sing Se 21 years and counting.

Wei joined the guard at the age of 17, to support his family which was in poverty at the time. After ten years he was 27 while still in the guard, his capture of a Hei Shichang member, who seemed to be important, led to his promotion to elite guard.

The gang member was sent to kill one of the generals within the army. He had arrested the gang member and due to it he was ranked. Five years later he and other guards stopped an attack on the Earth Kingdom palace by the Mousha Quan gang, ranking him to Elite Guard Captain.

The Assassination of Ta Po

Wei, was present the next morning when the jailor ran into the palace looking for the elite guards. Upon hearing a scream, Wei, his men, and the jailor ran to the scene of the crime.

Wei almost cried when he saw the corpse of the Earth King, the jailor pulled him away. The jailor took Wei to the prison, where on of Wei's guards checked the damages on the door. Wei believes that General Senlin had escaped by the use of metalbending. He also believes that he was working with the Mousha Quan gang, and currently has a personal vendetta on their leader.

Raiding on Taku

Wei and some guards arrive and disrupt Chi-Fu the historian who was giving the festival-goers a lecture on the war. Showing the festival-goers the wanted poster and threatening any who harbor the fugitive to life in prison or death.

One of Wei's men were struck dead in the chest by an arrow, looking to where the arrow had came from. Wei points out Water Tribe rebels. With the help of the Avatar and his allies, Wei and his guards fought off and defended the city of Taku from the rebels.

Coronation Week

Wei, was present on the last two days of the coronation week. Reporting to the advisor about the raid on Taku by the rebels. And that the Avatar was present and entered into the Avatar State and impaled them all.

Wei, is standing on the left side of the guards, as the advisor crowns Ta Po's grandson.


Born an earthbender, Wei joined the guard to serve the city, protect and support his poor family. Becoming a master earthbender as he became an elite guard.

Wei often trains the new recruit guards more advanced earthbending sets. Wei used his earthbending to defend the city of Taku, with the Avatar, and his allies.



  • Wei is Chinese for guard.

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