Foggy Swamp
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The Boy from the Stone





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February 16, 2011

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|next = }} Walking to the west for some hours. The time has passed.

The boy enters a swamp.

-Oh I must begin going south in a little I think. The boy said passing plants.

Suddenly a big green monster appeared from the swamp and attacked him.

It hitted him away.

-Oh no a monster.

He tried to earthbend but he couldn't. The monster caught him and throw him away.

He fell further in the swamp.

-Oh I can't bend here. The boy said, continue walking.

The strange lighths made him to go anywhere in random.

-Oh there is big light.

He walked more deep in the.

And saw a vision of a woman.


The vision of Ursa.

"Who is her?" He thought.

Then suddenly the green monsted appeared again grabbed him and throw him very far.

Fallign unconscious he sees vision of the same woman.

When the boy awakes the green monster appears again.

-Stop, I know now you are a man. Please stop. The boy shouts.

A guy emerges leaving the weeds to fall.

-Sorry. The man says.

-So you know about this visions right?

-For a ten years old boy you are very wise.

They sitted down in the floor.

-I know about them. Its a vision about the past the present or the future? The viions are coming from tree and light.

Suddenly crocodiles appeared.


Crocodiles attacked.

The other man disappeared in the water.

He created again the green monsters from the weeds.

-Darn I can't fight.

The crocodiles were fast and could jump. The first who jumped to attack the boywas hitted away by the weed monster. The weed monster grabbed the boy with his hand and put it on his back. The crocodiles were starting to climb up the weed monster most of them to get hitted.

-Watch out boy, The man told from inside.

The crocodiles wre cutting some weeds.

The man also used waterbending to throw them away.

The crocodiles were too many and cut the whole monster make them to fall into the water.

-This is the last moment of my life. My name is Huu.

-Don't cry. The boy said .

The crocodiles were prepared to attack.

Just then the boy's become glow blue.

-The Avatar must have entered his state.

The crocodiles attacked.

-I am Hurin. Hurin said and moved a massive wave throwing away all the crocodiles but also him and Huu out of the swamp.

After a little Hurin eyes returned to normal.

-How do you did it? You were amazing. Are you the Avatar? Huu asked.

-No. Just I am like the Avatar but not him. Its kinda complicated. Hurin said.

-Where are you travelling? Huu asked.

-To find the Avatar. Hurin replies.

-Can I come? Huu asks.

-Sure lets go. Hurins says and begins to walk.

-Wait a little. Huu says runs in to the swamp.

Second later he comes out as the weed monster.

-Lets go. He says with a depp voice. Make both him and Hurin to laugh.

-To the south.

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