By Gingalover Part of the Avatar: New Universe continuity.
Weed (ANU)
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Weed is a teenaged blue dog that was found by Team Avatar during the winter with Mel, Kyoushiro, and Nobutora. He and his friends had gotten lost in the winter and were saved by Katara.

It was quite a surprise however when he first began talking to them, but the team brushed it off and got used to it right away, which was good for him and his friends.

Lost Arc

He makes his first appearance during the beginning of the story with no lines said, although the story does describe how he and his friends were found.

He wakes up with Mel and Nobutora now in Altonia. At first he was trying to pick up what happened but instead he finds himself looking off into the savannah of Altonia. He and Nobutora go on with Mel's idea on looking and they head on down into the Aptonoth herd.

He continues traveling with the herd for a while longer. He tells his two friends to calm down and they'll be okay in the herd but they all end up having their first encounter with a Lightning Wolf, who was trying to hunt. Weed got Mel up and caught up with the Aptonoth.

Later on that night he woke up from an erotic dream of him being attacked by an unknown creature. As he was up, he saw a baby Aptonoth, also not sleeping. He calms her just before he hears a Kelbi grazing. But when he accidentally spooks it, he was hit by a paralyzed body and he met up with the same Lightning Wolf again. A bit shaken by his encounter, he goes back as soon as it goes away with its prey.

Later on, after the Aptonoth drove them away, Weed assured Nobutora that they'll be fine as they were traveling through the Savannah. He keeps trying to bring their spirits up as they were walking alongside a canyon but as he raced ahead he and Nobutora both end up tumbling down the slope to the canyon floor! During the fall he broke his left leg and couldn't get up as a herd of Uragaan started roaring down towards them. He was carried by the Kai dog but he ended up being tossed down another slope, out of sight.

Weed Injured

Weed after the Stampede

Weed wakes up later on in an old cabin and decides to look around. The stampede he survived from but he got his leg broke during it all as he found out when he tried to walk. During his stay here he meets the barrower, Arriety, and the pup, Delath. They talked for a while and Weed was about to leave when he and the others got a special message about the Starlight Fighting Championship. Delath explains to him what the championship is and Abit about the administrator Krokhotep. Weed looks at the prize and sees 5 people, three he knew, and tells them that they got to get him in there.

Weed made it with Delath and Arriety to where the fighting event was taking place. He originally was gonna fight alone but when he finds his old friends, he agrees with Kyoushiro to join in a tag team for the event.

S.F.C Arc

After applying, he was being trained by Kyoushiro for a bit when Toube appeared. He went on and agreed when Toube offered to help them out. Later on though he was walking to find him when he finally finds Toph again, jumping at her with glee. He was very happy to see her again and was catching up on what happened.

Weed and Kyoushiro fought hard when it was their turn to fight, and managed to beat Thunder and Lector by default.

That night he grew restless and was trying mainly to figure out how he and Kyoushiro won when Thunder came by and told him why. After some talking he went off to check on their "human members", still unaware of his new gained Scar.

He and Kyoushiro started fighting the next day against Hougen and Genba. After Kyoushiro's episode, he quickly helps him snap back to reality and they both go back to their friends.

Weed and Kyoushiro were now fighting Toph for the prize in the finals. Now it didn't matter who wins or loses, they win their friends back regardless. But before the fight can end, the giant serpent monster, Raviente, ruining everything. He helps the prizes escape as the beast was making waste of the championship arena.

Colossi Arc

After directions were given to him by Xerneas, he goes off to find and fight Phaedra. The fight with her ends in success and at first he was given directions to another unknown colossi but in the end he was just given the chakra orb by Marage and gains his ultimate form that way.

Final Arc

After leaving the colossi world, he uses his ultimate form to help build the S.S. Ultimate so they can go after raviente.

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