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Life After the War Chapter 2- Wedding Plans

By the time the gang got back to the Royal Palace, it was already past sunset. The minute Appa touched one paw on the courtyard in the Royal Palace, the servants dressed in red, silk robes were mobbing the soon-to-be married couple, asking for Mai's opinion on this and that. Only one servant had seemed to notic
Fire Nation servants
e the Avatar and his friends. But that servant was then called to go grab more choices for colors for the Royal Ballroom. The whole gaang sat in shock until Zuko and Mai came running back away from the servants. Calmly Firelord Zuko explained to the servants they would like to rest, and to tend to the Avatar and their friends. They all got settled and were heading for bed when Zuko called them all to the war room.

"We must do something about this," Aang heard Zuko saying to General Wang as they were walking into the almost completely red war room.

"Do something about what?" Aang said, questioning Zuko.

"About Azula, my Father, and that guy that was supposed to have been dead but wasn't and that creepy old lady. Oh, what was their names?" Zuko said.

"Oh, you mean Jet and Hama," Katara said.

"Yes, that are their names. General Wang, Jet is the boy's name and Hama is that old lady," Zuko said.

"Okay, Sir, I will sent a messenger hawk to all of the Nations," General Wang said already out of the room.

"Can't any of this wait? Your crazy family will still be here in the morning," Sokka said yawning

"Sokka, will you just stop complaining for once and grow up and take this seriously!" There was so much anger in Zuko's voice and inside of him. "You really need to just grow up. Can't you see, I'm the Fire Lord, Aang's the Avatar, Toph has mastered Earthbending and she's blind and Katara is a Waterbending master and has always been grown up, and had to be the grown up one because you never were! Can't you see you're just boomeraang boy, and that's all you'll ever amount to!" When Zuko finally looked up, he didn't notice the tears in Sokka's eyes and the shocked faces on everyone. He just darted out of the room and into his and sat there and cried.

The next morning when everyone awoke, Sokka, Suki and Appa where gone. When the rest of the gaang when into his room to look around, all they found was a note.

The note read:

Sorry, guys, I thought all night about what Zuko said and I think he was right.

You all are so great and I'm just the guy with the boomerang.

I am leaving for home with Suki and Appa.

I am going to prove to Dad (Hakoda) that I am mature enough to become chief.


"I can't believe he would just leave us like this! And he took Appa!" said Aang angrily.

"We have to follow them. They're probably not far." Katara said calmly.

"No! We can't. This is something Sokka needs to do; he needs to prove himself." Zuko said. "As much as I regret and am so sorry for what I said, it is the truth you were all thinking it, too."

"Zuko!" yelled Mai. "You can't just leave your friends, especially when we've got a load of mentally unstable people chasing after us!"

"Mai, what about our wedding? It's everything we've dreamed of and it's supposed to be in three days. And I'm sure he'll be fine, Suki is with him!" Zuko said softly.

"Fine? You seriously think he'll be fine just because he has Suki with him, what if Ozai and Azula show up? They captured all of us, and it's just them they wouln't stand a chance!" Mai said. "And plus, the wedding can be pushed back. Zuko why are you being like this?"

"Mai, you're right, I'm just...I'm angry and I don't know why, I need to go see Uncle, do you think you could handle this without me?" Zuko said holding his head.

"Absolutely not!" said Toph butting into the situation.

"We can take an airship to Ba Sing Sae to see Uncle, then head straight to the Southern Water Tribe," said Mai stately.

"Okay, everyone, get packing, we'll need to leave as soon as possible!" Zuko Stated.

It only took everyone a matter of minutes to gather up their belongings.

"General Wang!, I need the Royal Airship ready for departure to Ba Sing Se in ten minutes," Zuko stated.

"Zuko, dear, I hate to intrude on your, uh, Fire Lordness, But don't you think Azula and Ozai would notice the Royal Airship." Mai said calmly.

"You're right, dear. General Wang!" Zuko yelled while running of to fetch General Wang.
Warden Poon

General Wang

"What's with that lovey dovey, stuff, Mai, I never you and Zuko were like that!" Toph said disgusted. " It's just I've never seen you guys like this before. Aang and Katara are like that all the time. I guess I should be used to it by now"

"It's just were getting married soon Toph, we're going to be that way for a while." Mai said contently.

"Mai, don't tell anyone this but, I feel so left out of this, you all have someone and I have no one." Toph said a bit embarrassed. Toph and Mai, both sat there in the courtyard, speechless.

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