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Weatherbending is the art of controlling the weather. Because of the elements of weather, Weatherbending can be done by Airbenders, Waterbenders and Firebenders.

It is the new bending art introduced in The Weatherbenders.


Before the War

The art of Weatherbending began three thousand years before the War. Initially, it was only manipulated by a select few who were designated. The first Weatherbender was a Waterbender by the name of Pokai. He mastered Waterbending's Weatherbending art of precipitation. The first Firebending Weatherbender was the time's Fire Avatar, Zentai, who could control temperature and lightning. The first Airbending Weatherbender was Algaion, who mastered Airbending's weather art of the jet stream and wind patterns.

2,500 years before the War, Weatherbending spread, but it became mis-used, including the Northern Water Tribe using precipitation control to dry out the Earth Kingdom, where a Weatherbending art lacked, because weather does not play into Earthbending. The Spirits stripped the weather-capable benders of their Weatherbending knowledge, hiding it within Wan Shi Tong's Library.


In 102 AG, just short of two years after the War ended, a group of bandits named the Meteorologists broke into Wan Shi Tong's library, despite the fact that it was buried. There they found all the history and knowledge of Weatherbending, and spread it among themselves. They intended to control weather patterns to weaken the three remaining nations, and seize the world for themselves.

Later that summer, strange weather patterns began occurring in the Fire Nation, much to Fire Lord Zuko's dismay. Excessive heat would rule on some days, while other days turned extremely cold compared to average climate. Zuko summoned Avatar Aang to the Fire Nation to see if he could find an explanation. Unable to find answers, Aang entered the Spirit World during his sleep one night, being called in by Avatar Roku. Roku called in the original Weatherbenders who then explained Weatherbending to him.

As a result, it was discovered that Aang, Katara and Zuko all were Weatherbenders. Aang led them to the Spirit World where the original Weatherbenders enlightened them all with the knowledge of Weatherbending, so they could bring the Meteorologists down.

Within the bending arts

As mentioned earlier, Airbenders, Waterbenders and Firebenders are all capable of Weatherbending.


Airbenders carry one of the strongest influences on the weather. They are able to change the flow in the upper levels, including the jet stream. By weakening or strengthening the jet stream, Airbenders can slow or speed up the flow of storms through the world. Further, they can cause the jet stream to change locations. Dictation of the upper level flow makes the difference in temperature and precipitation.


Firebenders already have mastered control of lightning, which can be constituted as Weatherbending, according to Avatar Zentai. However, most Firebenders hadn't caught on to one of the key elements of Weatherbending in Fire: Temperature control, also known as heat manipulation. Firebenders can induce or reduce heat, and cause significant fluctuations in temperature, as much as 20°F in a matter of moments. Significant temperature changes by Weatherbending Firebenders, such as >40°F, usually take a day to take effect.


Waterbenders are able to take control of the flow of precipitation, and can also effectively combine with Airbending and Firebending Weatherbenders to increase their effects on the weather. As Waterbenders can pull water out of thin air, they are capable of decreasing relative humidity and dew points very fast. They can also increase moisture by bending water into the atmopshere, whether by using acquired water or their own moisture within their body. This requires the assistance an Airbender helps to manipulate clouds to allow for further moisture increase, only if the relative humidity is below 35%. By combining with a Firebender, Waterbenders trained in Weatherbending can manipulate precipitation types, from rain to snow or vice versa, for example. Cloudbending is also considered a form of Weatherbending, as clearing away or increasing clouds can change temperatures. In general, Waterbenders can make storms happen faster.


Weatherbending, if overused, can possibly cause irreversible effects on climate. Some uses take days or weeks to wear off as it is, depending on the severity of the move performed. It can cause new norms to be set, which could in turn cause other reverberations, such as in food growth. A dramatic change in precipitation and temperature can destroy food supplies and cause harmful health effects. Further, because of a lack of preparation, alterations in storms and upper-air patterns can have disastrous effects, such as loss of life and damage of homes and other structures.

The person performing Weatherbending is also at risk. With temperaure control, the bender is required to take in or release heat. Although heat is energy, too much intake or release at once could exhaust the bender, and altering the chi flow in the middle of the move could cause the body to overheat or overcool. In moisture control, the bender absorbs or releases the moisture. This can cause dehydration or water intoxication. Thus, it is recommended that if one releases moisture to the air, they consume an amount of water. Conversly, if they take moisture from the atmosphere, they should refrain from consuming fluids for at least four to six hours, depending on the moisture intake.

Notable Weatherbenders

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