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The Road that Never Ends





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October 1, 2011

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Setting: Northwest Earth Kingdom; forests and large villages

Time: 11:40 AM

Heading: None in particular

Mako woke up at 11:00 AM to see Lee asleep next to him. Yin was leaning on Lin, also asleep. He snuck off toward a riverbed not far from where he was. He was totally concealed by the tall grass surrounding it.

I wanna become as good at Firebending as those kids were at Earthbending, Mako thought, remembering the four children he had "played" with earlier yesterday. I wonder what happened to them after...

Mako hadn't really begun to think about yesterday's events, from riding a Flying Bison to seeing Lee nearly become burned alive to Yin kicking ass, to fully understand what had happened: Pohan Village was attacked.

For one split moment Mako thought what Lee thought, saw what Lee saw, but just as quickly erased the idea from his mind. But the Fire Nation wouldn't do that. That place was probably attacked because they deserved it. They obviously did something to make those soldiers angry. Mako then decided that he did not want to be like the mean Earthbender children, whom he'd realized hadn't been playing hide-and-seek, and instead decided on a new role model.

Mako raised his arm in front of him and started to create a fire like he never had before. It was larger than he was ever able to make it, about the size of a softball and just as round. It burned more intensely, as well, as he usually only made them as strong as candle fires.

The form was eerily familiar. That was because he learned it from someone else.

"Mako, where are you?" Lee yelled.

"I'm coming!" Mako yelled back. I hope I become a great Fire Nation soldier someday. Just like that amazing soldier.

They all decided to leave Lin behind while they hiked alone to the village a short time away. Yin knew that if she left the boys than Mako would be in danger, as Lee wasn't even able to defend himself the day before. "Do you have any kind of defense? Because I'm not leaving you two unless you do."

"I'm pretty good with swords, but I left them... at home."

"Well then, do you carry a lot of money? Because I can't buy you anything expensive."

Lee remembered the load of money that he'd left in his sleeping bag, which was left at the entrance gate, which was burned. "No, not anymore."

"Then there's only one thing to do. I'll get you some swords."

Mako became giddy. He had been trailing behind for a while because he didn't feel like listening to what he thought would only be adult-talk, but at the thought of seeing Lee get new swords was overwhelming. He sprinted to catch up and asked, "Are you gonna help yourself now instead of being saved by a girl?"

Yin giggled and answered Mako's question for Lee, who had began to walk faster toward to now fully visible village. "I think he will still need all the help he can get."

Mako remembered a question of his that had went unanswered, and chuckled "So, where did you get those arrows?"

Yin began her explanation and went on to ask if he liked fruit pies. Lee, however, was already in the town.

On each side of every street there were at least ten different booths selling cheap-looking knickknacks and burnt foods. The people in the booths wore shiny (and fake) looking jewelry, both male and female. They had elegant scarves and made ugly earrings by hand. Their hair was long and greasy.

"And this," Yin said as she reached the gate with Mako, "is Saimyo Village."

Lee, Mako, and Yin looked around the town for a while until they found a shop that actually looked like it sold quality merchandise. Despite this, the place was disgusting. It was easy to see that no one had cleaned it for a while. Elephant rats roamed beneath the floorboards and the place smelled of rotten meat and melted cheese.

In the far left corner of the room was a desk. Sitting behind it was an old man with a bald head and bony arms. His skin was gray, as though he hadn't stepped into the sunlight for years.

Mako hid behind Lee, afraid of the decrepit old man before him.

"Welcome to my humble store," the man croaked, grabbing a cane that was leaning against the wall. "What do you need to find today?"

Lee was ready to talk, but Yin beat him to the punch. "My friend here was looking for some weapons. What'cha got?"

"Oh, I see." The geezer led the way to a door on the far right side of the room. It was made of those weird bead-things that hippies have sometimes. "Right this way."

The four saw a room nothing like the other, with a recently mopped floor and display cases, flaunting extravagant swords and daggers. "When you find something you like, come to the desk and I'll ring you up." He proceeded to leave the room as slowly as he entered.

"So, what kind of swords do you use?" Yin asked Lee.

"Dual dao swords," Mako answered, leaving his hiding place and beginning to look around the room.

"Why is no one letting me talk today?" Lee asked jokingly, starting to look around as well.

A few minutes later Yin asked, "These ones?"

On the wall were two mounted swords. They had golden hilts and were shined to perfection.

Before Lee could even tell if they were the right ones he answered, "It's not like we could afford them."

"But are they the swords?"

"Yeah, they are. But we still can't-"

Lee spoke no more when he saw Yin take the swords from the wall and call to Mako, "We're leaving, Mako. Take my hand."

Lee was taken aback by Yin's actions. What the... This girl is more hardcore than I give her credit for.

Yin held Mako's hand tightly and dashed at super speed through the weird door and out of the shop. Lee followed as fast as he could as the shopkeeper yelled, "Thieves! Thieves! Police!"

Lee found Yin and Mako in an alley, waiting for him. "What took you so long?" Mako asked, staring at the shiny swords on Yin's lap.

"It's because you two ran away faster than I ever could! But that doesn't matter, the police are probably after us right now. We need to go!"

Just then a policeman appeared in front of them. He wore a sleeveless blue shirt and fluffy-looking pants. It was an odd combination to see in the summertime.

"Where did you get those swords?" he asked in gruff tone, changing to a Waterbending stance.

"And who are you?" Yin asked smartly, standing up and giving the swords to Lee.

"Kato of the Southern Water Tribe. I am the chief-of-police here in Saimyo Village. Would you care to answer my question now?"

"No." Yin put one foot forward as though she were lunging and pushed her two hands into Kato. The man blew back with tremendous force.

"Both of you, take my hands."

Lee grabbed Yin's right hand and Mako grabbed the left. She jumped up and was just able to propel the three to a high rooftop. Then they started to run.

Kato didn't give up as easily as Yin thought he would. He jumped onto one of the many booths lining the streets and bounced onto the same rooftop as the people he was chasing. He Waterbent water from a pouch on his left hip and turned it into ice. He shot it at Yin, whom he'd come to think was the leader. They were about to come into her back when Lee shattered them with one of the swords. He stopped running and let the others escape.

"Are you gonna try to beat me?" Kato asked, levitating more water at his side.

"I guess I am," Lee answered, holding the swords together in front of him.

"Very well. Let us begin." Kato made a massive bubble of water in front of him. It grew as tall as Kato was when it was shot ahead. Its motive was to drown Lee.

Lee sidestepped swiftly an ran forward. He slid one sword under Kato's feet, succeeding in tripping him. He was now on his back, the air knocked out of him. He tried to turn over, but his strength was gone.

"I win." Lee picked Kato up and threw him on top of a booth below. He continued to run on top of the buildings, out of the village, and back the way Yin and Mako went.

Well, I guess I can defend Mako now, he thought as he sprinted toward Lin. Then he yelled out loud, "And I won't have to be saved by a girl again, either!"

About and hour later, after Kato had returned to full health, a few travelers entered the village. They began to put up posters on every wall they could find. One of them came up to Kato and asked, "Have any of these two people come by this village?"

The people on the poster were Lee and Mako. "Yes. They have."


  • This chapter was added on the same day TRTNE's first fanon review was posted. That made it that this chapter was not part of the review.
  • The name of the village, Saimyo, was inspired by Naraku's poison insects (the saimyosho) of the anime "InuYasha".
  • Mako's comment about wanting to become a Fire Nation soldier someday and his whole first section-type part of the chapter was partly inspired by Bahjy1's comment in the previous chapter: "Will Mako become a Fire Nation soldier when he grows up ? (don't tell me)". This one comment has given me a few ideas for some interesting plot twists...
  • Did you wonder why a Waterbender was the chief-of-police in an Earth Kingdom town? You should. You really should.
  • Although it was still pretty short, this is the longest chapter as of 10/1/11.

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