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A Family Reborn



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Rats ran across the scummy floor looking for what food they could find and nibbled and chewed on it. Water droplets fell to the ground from the ceiling creating a pit, pat sound. The walls stained with a brownish tint. The place was worse than a sewer and there were puddles of water everywhere with vermin crawling through it. A rat ran over Azula's feet and she burned it to a crisp spreading the fire by the other rats and insects making them quickly scurry away.

Azula sarcastically questioned her new found partner " Can't you just bend all this away with your great water bending skills?"

"Look, if I do that I wouldn't get the pleasure of hearing you quarrel about it ever again!" Hama stated with more sarcasm.

Azula didn't take the witch on for a second she simply kept on walking along the trail until she arrived at a door, made out of earth, with the earth symbol almost broken off and insects trailing all over it. Azula did not waist time knocking, she blasted the door with a dangerous blow sending the door flying off it's hinges hitting the wall behind it, killing any living specimen within range. Azula then shed light on the room she was in. The room had a chair in the center crooked lights hanging and the walls were cracked with termites eating through the wooden desk in the corner, the only unbendable item in the room. Slowly someone appeared in the corner of the room and quickly shot two earth bricks at Hama and Azula. Hama took water out of the thin air and shielded Azula and herself. Azula laughed while rapidly sending fire blasts at the person in the corner knocking the person down, then she stepped closer and said, "We meet again ......"

"Guys what are we going to do about Azula!" Katara questioned in anger at the sight of seeing the rest of the group relaxing.

Zuko agreed and stated "Katara has a point, Azula is not the type to sit around and wait for her destiny."

Aang then went on to say "How are we going to find her, it will be just like Zuko chasing us again!"

Toph walked up and began to speak" Well I guess we have no choice."

Sokka got an idea that was really all about seeing Suki again, but he still said it,

"Why don't we ask someone who worked with Azula ! Mai and Ty Lee on Kyoshi Island!" The group could tell Sokka only wanted to visit Suki but he did make a very good point, so with everyone's agreement they headed for Kyoshi Island. Everyone got on Appa and they took off for Kyoshi Island. Everyone began to fall asleep because of the long trip. Aang saw Zuko up and went and spoke to him.

"How come you're still up?" Aang questioned.

Zuko said, "I can't wait to see Mai again, I missed her so much." Aang looked down and had a sad appearance much to Zuko's confusion.

"What's wrong" Zuko asked with a concerned look.

Aang said, "Katara..... she and I well..... we... kissed. I like her, but I don't know if she feels the same way, ever since we saw the Ember Island movie."

Zuko got up and said, "Aang, if you like Katara, then you should tell her how you feel." Aang stated, "I did, but she was not sure about it."

Zuko wondered what his uncle would say and he then began" If you love something set it free, if it comes back to you, then it is yours." Aang thanked Zuko for his inspirational words then the two dozed off.

"Mai I missed you so much" Zuko said passionately. Believe it or not Mai agreed to go to Kyoshi Island with the Kyoshi Warriors. Ty Lee ran up behind Sokka and started teasing him while Aang, Toph and Katara presented Mai with the issue. Suki saw Ty Lee and Sokka and jumped right into the conversation, kissing him then saying" Nice to see you again" giving Sokka a cold stare. Sokka immediately new what she was trying to say so, he took her away from Ty lee and walked towards the others. Mai said,

"Azula would probably be assembling a team of people to help regain her throne like she gathered Ty Lee and I." The team pondered on it and the Kyoshi Warriors agreed to assist them with their search for Azula......

Azula smiled and continued her sentence (we meet again) "Long Feng!" He made two pillars of Earth shoot out of the wall, pining Azula to the ground, then he got up and positioned himself. Hama did not care to watch them fight so she bloodbended Long feng and aided her accomplish. Long Feng had a scared look on his face and asked Azula what she was planning. Azula gave him the offer of joining her.

"Are you out of your mind, you double crossed me! I would never help you and I would never serve Ozai!" Long Feng attacked.

"Ozai is out of the picture, he lost his bending, he is weak and can't rule, I am going to rule as Fire Lord.. or better yet PHOENIX QUEEN AZULA!!!!!" Azula roared to the disbelief of Long Feng. Long Fend considered the offer and decided to join the team only for his benefit of course.

What is Team Avatar's next move?..........

Dragon Royalty Ozai-sprite Flame

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