We Don't Need No Education
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Corruption and Redemption





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May 31, 2011

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We Don't Need No Education is the ninth chapter in the series Corruption and Redemption, written by Kilo99.


Multiple Sources

Azula knew she was very close now to her destination. The area wasn't at all rocky, but now the land was flat and much hotter, as well as the soil being more sandy and the only vegetation in sight was tall, rough-looking grass plains. There wasn't much water here, and Azula's canteen was almost empty, plus she hadn't eaten in two days. By the looks of the surrounding abandoned farms, she assumed that there would be a village about ten miles away from where she was.

Too exhausted to go any further for a while, Azula found the coolest spot of tan grass and decided to rest there for a while. Laying there, she soon fell into a deep sleep. She began to think about Ozai, how he is the reason she is in this situation, he warped and manipulated her, making her into the monster that she was and thinks that she still is. But while thinking of this, she started to realize that Ozai wasn't the only one who warped and twisted her into what she was now. There was Ursa, she abandoned her and left her for dead with Ozai, there was also Zuko, who defeated and drove her insane. Then she remembered one person who screwed her up almost as much as her father, her old teacher, Mr. Azol.

Back in school, Azula thought, He and other teachers would hunt us any way they could. He loved to mentally torture us, expecting nothing less then perfect from us, and he favored the ones who got good grades and left all of the other students in his class in the dust, including me.

Thinking of him, Azula could almost hear him commanding, yelling, and hunting the other students like a wolf. Letting all of the other students fall like rocks while he privately tutored the smart-asses. He punished anybody who did anything wrong by either using his switch, or by telling them that they had no chances of being successful, despite the fact that their families were nobility. She remembered everything about him.

Power Abuse


Mr. Azol about to scold Azula.

Azula was now ten years old, in the Royal Fire Academy for Girls, awaiting the bell to ring for her next class, Mr. Azol's arithmetic class. Barely making it in time, she quietly sat in her assigned seat and two minutes later, the bell rung and Azol stopped reading his book and stood up. He tapped an empty bin with his long ruler, signaling the class to turn in their homework into the bin.

After the all female class turned in their papers into the bin, Azol turned around and started to write some algebraic equations on the blackboard. "Today's lesson shall be focusing on graphing equations onto the linear graphs," Azol said, "might I remind that (if you were undoubtedly not listening yesterday) that in order to write a line on a graph, you need the equation's y coordinates. Might anybody write the line that goes onto this graph with my supplied equation, anybody? How about you, Miss Azula?"

Azula stood up and grabbed a piece of chalk, after examining the equation over, she drew the line on the graph. After looking at it for about two seconds, Azol said, "Well, it seems that Miss Azula lacks the mental intelligence to answer the problem correctly. Please take a seat, Miss Azula."

They both hated each other, and they both knew that about each other. She hated the way he always called her up first, knowing that she wouldn't likely get the question right. She also hated the way he incorrectly addressed her, for she was royalty and he didn't seem to care about it. But, what she did next would have been very unwise to say to Mr. Azol.

With clenched teeth, Azula angrily spoke back, "That's Princess Azula, to you."

"Excuse me, Miss Azula?" said Azol.

"Name me with respect, have you forgotten that I am royalty?"

"No, I have not, it does not matter if you are royalty or a bum off the street, or even the Avatar, if you are being taught in my class, you will be taught like everybody else!"

Azol then grabbed Azula by her arm and made her lean on a table. He then got out his wooden paddle, and started to show his definition of discipline. He started to paddle her rear with much more force than he usually does. After repeatedly smacking her he finally let go and told her to take her seat. After wincing in pain and finally taking her seat, Azol continued his lesson as if nothing happened.

Multiple Targets

As Azula started to recover from the punishment, Azol continued the lesson with no other interruptions. When he was speaking to the class, he walked over to one of the other student's desks and looked onto her desk.

"Miss Kiu," Azol said to the student, "what might you be doing that doesn't haven to do about the lesson?"

"Nothing," Kiu answered, covering her paper.

"Nothing, eh?" Azol answered while snatching Kiu's paper from her.

"Ha! She was writing haikus! It seems that we have a poet in the class," Azol announced to the class sarcastically. "Wind bending the trees, Waving toward the sun, Showing mighty winds."

While Azol was humiliating Kiu and encouraging the other students to laugh at her, she began to become red and cry a few tears in humiliation. Azula didn't laugh, knowing that Azol would have done the same to her if she was writing something like that.

"Rubbish," Azol said, ripping up Kiu's paper, "complete rubbish. Now get back to work, I want no more distractions."

Throughout the rest of the class time, Azol paddled two other students and tried to humiliate another. Azol always seemed to feed off of all of their humiliation and punishment, like and enormous, old elbow-leech, once it gets a hold of you, it never lets go and continues to sap your energy. After continuing to teach and humiliate students, the bell finally rung and they were excused to their next class.

The Resistance

The next day, Azula continued the same schedule she had every school day. When Azol started the attendance, Azula's mind started to wander off, she started to daydream. She saw the academy, only it was much larger and the inside of it looked like a prison.

When she was sent inside of the building, she saw many students strapped down into chairs and being forced to watch hateful and disturbing lessons. All of the students were being warped by Azol and his his fellow teachers, who were feeding the students false information and putting them down and saying that they were worthless and wastes of time.

All of the students were being led into a dark room where, when they exited, wore masks that had only blank and empty expressions. All of the lessons were depriving them of their uniqueness, and they sucked them dry of feelings and freedom. Azula saw all of the students emotionless and useless, and she saw that undoubtedly, Azol was in charge.

When Azol continued to herd the students into their changing rooms like sheep, all of the students suddenly banned together and seemed to overlook Azol.

When all of the students got together, they all chanted, "We don't need no education! We don't need no thought control! No dark sarcasm, in the classroom! Hey, teacher leave those kids alone!"

All of the students then tore off their masks and started an all out riot against the totalitarian academy. They all tore the academy apart with any tools found, with their Firebending, with their bare hands. They started to tear it brick by brick, and once all of the students were out, all of the Firebender students began to burn the academy to the ground, and they dragged Azol out and forcefully threw him into one of the bonfires.

Then Azula regained consciousness and found herself back in her classroom, further being lectured by Azol and going on with his lesson.


  • If you say Azol's name out load, you can guess what it sounds like.
  • This chapter was highly reminiscent of the songs The Happiest Days of Our Lives and Another Brick in the Wall pt. 2 from the album Pink Floyd: The Wall

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