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Those who serve in close attendance to nobility.
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


In this world, samurai train and protect the nobility. However, now that the non benders are challenging those who discipline in an element, no bender is safe. Sokka, a non bending samurai, is on a search for the best master samurai that disciplines in the element of earth and he had just gotten word on the very best in Ba Sing Se. His mission is to bring her back to his master, a samurai that disciplines in all four elements: the Avatar. The Avatar must master all four elements before the revolutionists wipe out all the benders.

The mission is a difficult one, only because the person Sokka finds is the definition of the word. He doesn't know if he'll be able to bring her back or even get her to cooperate. The only thing Sokka knows is that the Avatar needs her now, before it's too late.


Sokka: Son of the Chief of the Water Tribe of the South. Samurai under Avatar Aang. A non bending samurai that fights against the revolutionists. He is sent on a mission to retrieve the best earth bending samurai that will train his master. He tries to stay professional at most times, but he can easily revert into the sarcastic and brilliant man that he really is.

Toph Beifong: Daughter to Poppy and Lao of the Beifong Clan of Gaoling. Former samurai under her parents. Presently, samurai under the Phan family. Teacher to Hiro Phan. A skilled samurai that serves under the Phan family, teaching their only son the ways of the samurai. She served under her parents in the past, but left them for unknown reasons. She wears white bandages over her eyes.

Hiro Phan: Only son to the Phan family. Student under Toph Beifong. Nine year old boy born to the wealthy Phan family in Ba Sing Se. He is taught by Toph Beifong, who had been employed by his parents to teach him the ways of the samurai. Bright and energetic, he contrasts his master interestingly.

Avatar Aang: Samurai disciplining in all four elements. Master to Sokka and Katara. The only being in the world to bend four elements. Although they serve under him, Sokka and Katara are nothing but equals to him.

Katara: Daughter of the Chief of the Water Tribe of the South. Brother to Sokka. Samurai under Avatar Aang. A samurai that serves with her brother under the Avatar. Deemed the mother of the group, she provides the comfort of a home cooked meal and care. But don't let this fool you, she has developed into a skilled samurai.


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