Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Ways of the Water in the last hundred years.

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Eyes of Katara; chapter 30


N/A, Eyes of Katara; chapter 31


This came to mind shortly into writing Eyes of Katara as I was planning ahead to what would occur at the Northern Water Tribe. It took forever and a day to reach it, but finally, I'm able to put up this main page and begin writing out some of Katara's journeys off-screen at the Northern Water Tribe.

One factor that was encouraging to this decision was the ability to write purely 100% fanon content within the Eyes of Katara series. Another, key factor in reaching this point in my writing is all the undying interest in this series I have been given - even so far as to when I did not put out a chapter for months. So with that, I wish to thank all of my most dedicated readers, and those of you who are quiet - reading without ever saying a word - and those of you who are new to the series.

With that, I bring to you a series, within a series. Or rather a mini-series.


WARNING: If you have not read Fanon:Eyes of Katara up to the point of chapter 30, strongly consider doing so. No, it is not a requirement. If you've seen the series it is indeed enough to go on to understand what's happening here. However, the plot-line and events in Eyes of Katara add numerous back-story and continuation that the series doesn't have. That said; there may be some occurrences or things said that may not jive with what you would expect otherwise. You've been warned.

The plot is set at the Northern Water Tribe, during the time off-screen that Katara spends continuing her healing lessons, accompanies Aang with waterbending training, and her brother attends warrior training. During this; she discovers the hard way that not everybody is in agreement with her choices and actions.

She receives a first-hand dose that the world does not change simply because she shouts at it. She sees the heartache love can bring especially in a strongly sexist society, trust broken, and friendships formed in the most unlikely of people. Learning to cope with all these nuances, she must continue to practice her bending and rise to the challenge.


The goal for this mini-series is to provide a roller-coaster of intriguing twists and turns, introduce numerous new Water Tribe cultures and customs via the form of actually living them in day-to-day life, and showing the reality that in life; nothing comes easy. Hopefully this will give a believable journey, a struggle, that Katara could face and overcome on her way to becoming a waterbender worthy of performing as Aang's waterbending sifu.

But primarily, the goal is to introduce new fanon content, drama, and exploration of the Northern Water Tribe and its cultural hurdles.


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