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Wax On, Wax Off
Mako goes to learn Firebending from Zuko, what will happen?
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May 30th 2013




Legend of Korra

Mako set out to Ember Island, in an effort to learn firebending from Ambassador Zuko, who had learnt from the great dragons themselves. When he arrived, he was more than happy to get off the smelly, stinky boat. In a flurry, he quickly walked and ran to Zuko's home so that he could learn. Once he got there, Zuko gave him his first task.

"Welcome Mako. Your first task is to do the dishes," he commanded him.

"But, I'm supposed to learn firebending, what does doing the dishes have to do with firebending?" Mako said.

"I SAID DO THE DISHES! Or else you shall lose your honor!"

"Okay, okay, jeez. I'll help you out with the dishes. Whatever," he said sarcastically. Mockingly he then proceeded to roll his eyes.

"NO! Rolling your eyes can never make people seem macho, Mako!"

Grudgingly, Mako went and did the dishes. Although he was tired, he went back, with a macho look on his face. "I'm done Zuko. Now can you teach me?"

"First, wax my car. Let me show you how." Zuko took him to his car. There he picked up two cloths and then, carefully and slowly, he rubbed wax onto one of the cloths. "First, put wax on the car. Then rub it like this." Zuko then made a circular motion. "Then, do it again with the other hand. Wax on. Wax off. Wax on. Wax off."


"If you do half, I will allow you to receive some help."

"All right, I'll do it." Feeling as disgusted as Daniel-san was in The Karate Kid with this extra work that seemed nonsensical to him. It seemed to him that Zuko had a heart of stone. Finished with half the car we went and asked Zuko for help. Zuko said, the help he would provide would be in the form of his servant, Nip. Nip, he said, would clean the car.

"Thank you for your help, mister macho Mako. I bet that car was being stubborn. Through having you do wax on, wax off on my car, you have learnt, a high level technique – the Fire Shield. Be clever and decisive when using this technique. Remember, wax on, wax off."

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