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The First Lesson



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February 8, 2014

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The Last Lesson

Another day, another opportunity for practicing. She had been practicing all day for the past week. She practiced at night when her parents went to bed. She practiced at the dinner table, bending the steam from her food and turning it into liquid water--then ice. She practiced outside, move after move. She can't believe that it only took her a couple months total to master waterbending. She knew she could do it; she's the Avatar and water is her birth element, but the timespan is just mindblowing to a four-year-old.

The Waterbending Test. Her Waterbending Test. The test that determines if she can move on to earthbending. The hugest test she's even taken so far. It's tomorrow. Is she nervous? Of course not! She's the Avatar and nothing scares her! She has full confidence that she'll pass.

All she can hear in her head is the sound of what her mother said before she tucked her in bed; "Tomorrow's the big day."

That very morning, she woke from the best sleep she's had in days. Today's the day, she thought to herself.

"TODAY'S THE DAY!" Korra screamed she ran through the hall. "TODAY'S THE DAY I PASS MY WATERBENDING TEST!" Korra continued racing down the hall, but was stunned by her father, who grabbed a hold of her from his and Senna's room.

"Slow down, Korra," Tonraq said in a serious manner. "I know you're excited for your waterbending test, but there's no need to scream around the house. You could hurt yourself before you even show up."

Korra, still excited for her test, just laughed at her dad and replied, "So what if I hurt myself? I can just heal myself back up! I have healing adilities!"

"Abilities," Tonraq corrected. "And I know you can, but just for the sake of the event, can you please behave and listen to me?"

Korra nodded, but pouted, displeased. This event was such a huge deal for her; she didn't want to hold it in. She wanted to run and scream, let out her emotions until she couldn't do it anymore.

But Korra did as she was told. She behaved while indoors. She sat at the table and ate her meal using her best manners. She even controlled herself to not bend the steam from her food. When her mother put her hair up, she didn't yelp once when she pulled it back or called it an accessory.

Hours passed before the family received a knock at the door. "It's time for Korra to perform her waterbending test," the White Lotus leader said.

The Order of the White Lotus walked with Korra and her parents to the area where her test was held. It was a very symmetrical place where they could grade her based on her efforts. Right in the center of the testing area was a big, carpet-like material with the waterbending symbol in the middle. In front was a nice, little building so The White Lotus could watch her.

The Order of the White Lotus and Korra's parents went inside the little building while Korra did some final practice moves. Korra was warned by The White Lotus that she'd actually be fighting against three other members that she has not met yet. Korra was excited by this news, she's always wanted to fight someone.

Finally, Master Katara arrived to the compound with her daughter, Kya. The two walked over to Korra, wishing her good luck.

A minute went by and all the sudden, three White Lotus members came from nowhere, all running towards her. Without warning, Korra's waterbending test began. At first, Korra didn't know where to start; she was so surprised that she wasn't prepared. One of the White Lotus members waterbended an icicle at her. Without even having to think about it, Korra turned it into water and bent it into a disc, bending it back to him. The White Lotus member couldn't respond in time, and was hit right in the arm with the disc.

Another member bent the snow from under Korra, making her lose her balance. She started to fall, but instead created a snowy waterspout, which in time turned to liquid water. Before the third member could bend anything at her, she let the snow swallow herself inside the ground, not being seen by anyone. The White Lotus members were confused at first, looking at the ground from where Korra was taken under, but then out of the blue, one of the members was hit by an ice dagger. He fell flat on his butt as Korra bent herself back up onto the surface.

A White Lotus member started to run towards Korra, but Korra made him trip and fall flat on his face by creating an ice ramp right beneath his feet. Korra looked up at the sky. She noticed that the clouds were super dark, as if it was about to rain. Korra used this knowledge and bent the water from the clouds, turning the raindrops into little balls of hail before they fell. She watched as the hail hit the White Lotus members while turning the hail around her to rain. Then she got one idea that could defeat all three guys at once.

Korra bent some of the snow in front of her, turning in into thinner, more slippery ice. She stood on the ice, skating her way down the line she created. "If you want beat me, you're going to have to try harder!" Korra teased. The three White Lotus members exchanged looks before running after her all at once. Korra smirked largely; her plan was working perfectly.

Korra bent the water around the three members, trapping them inside an ice dome. Before any of them could make a move, Korra froze the water even more drastically, freezing them inside. They couldn't move. Korra had once the fight. "YES!" Korra screamed, jumping in excitement.

Korra ran up to the little building, facing all the people in her life she couldn't have done this without. "How do you like me now?" Korra asked arrogantly.

The Order of the White Lotus and Katara stopped facing Korra, having a side conversation of her test. "I think she did a great job out there," Katara stated. "She used the moves she performed correctly, she used critical thinking to beat them,--"

"She also showed strength and physical capability, which is good, but lacked completely in anything spiritually," the White Lotus leader interrupted.

Katara was stunned by what he had to say. As true as it was, she was shocked he'd give her rash about her current well-being as the Avatar. "What do you expect?" Katara asked. "She's only four. I wasn't even spiritual at that age. Learning and being passionate about spiritual knowledge takes time with age. I think she's ready the learn earthbending."

The White Lotus leader sighed, and turned around, everyone now facing the young Avatar. "Avatar Korra, it is my pleasure to announce that you have passed your waterbending test and will be moving onto earthbending as soon as possible."

Korra's smile got wider and wider with every word he said. All she could do after the news was jump around in excitement. "YES! I DID IT! I DID IT! I PASSED!" Tonraq and Senna walked up to their daughter, sharing a warm family hug. The hug was cut off short by the sound of a loud, slow clap. Around the corner of the little building came an elderly man. It was Sokka.

"Bravo, Avatar Korra. Bravo," he said while continuing to clap. Korra got even happier. "Sokka! You came to see me!" Korra shouted as she ran over to him, hugging him tightly. "Good to see you again," he replied. "Anyway, I brought someone else along for Korra to meet."

Sokka walked away from Korra, backing up and pointing his finger towards the little building. "Avatar Korra, it is my honor to introduce you to someone that will be very helpful to you someday! Please welcome, Master Tenzin!"

Around the corner he came. Korra had never seen anyone like him before; he was in an original airbending attire; dressed from head to toe. He had noticeable arrow tattoos on his forehead and hands. Korra stood before him, he was like a giant in comparison. Tenzin walked over to Korra, kneeling down to her size and shook her hand. "Avatar Korra, may I say it is an honor to finally meet you. I'm Tenzin, and I'll be your airbending teacher someday."

"Nice to meet you too," Korra replied shyly.

Katara and Kya walked up to Tenzin and Korra. Katara hugged her son tightly, telling him how happy she was to see him. Kya also hugged her brother, but shortly after gave him a light punch in the upper arm. "Glad to see you again. How's Republic City?"

"Same old," he replied. "Things are going peacefully like they should be. Oh also, I talked to Chief Beifong, I'm sorry to say this, but she's unable to teach Korra earthbending. Even though things are getting better in the city, there are still other things that she needs to take care of."

Katara's face saddened. "Well that's a shame, what about Lin?"

The sound of hearing Lin's name made Tenzin's face flush. "Oh, uh-um, Lin?" He asked stuttering. "Oh, um, she is uh, busy as well. She is uh, second in command with the police force after all. Plus she probably doesn't even want to talk to me about anything right now."

"I understand," Katara replied. "We can just find a different person for Korra to learn earthbending from."

After that, everyone went inside and celebrated. Senna had cooked a huge meal, full of Water Tribe foods, including sea prunes, sea squid, seaweed soup, sea crabs, and blubbered seal jerky.

"Mmmm....I need to start coming over here to eat more often!" Sokka stated happily.

"Well I don't usually make this much food for one sitting, but I figured that there'd be a lot of people over after today and it's all for the celebration of Korra officially mastering waterbending," Senna replied.

"Let's make a toast," Tonraq demanded, raising his cup in the air. "To Korra for passing her waterbending test and taking the next step in her journey and era of being the Avatar."

Everyone, now raising their cups up, simultaneously replied to the toast, saying 'here-here'.

Eventually, everyone left the house, Katara being the last one to leave.

"Well Korra, it was an honor to teach you everything I know," Katara stated.

"And it was an honor to have someone like you teach me," Korra replied.

"There may be some waterbending techniques out there that only an Avatar can do, but just know you'd never get as far as you got today or in the future with what you accomplished in the past. I wish you the best of luck with earthbending, and I know you'll do great." Katara smiled at Korra, with tears of joy in her eyes as the hugged and as she left.

Korra laid in bed that night, thinking of how the last time she laid in the same bed, she laid a waterbender, but now she is considered a master. Master Korra, she thought to herself. It has such a nice ring to it.

That night, Korra dreamed. She dreamt of herself mastering the other elements. She dreamt of being the best Avatar in the world. She dreamt of all the fights she'd get into, and obviously win.

And like the dreams she had at night, she wanted the ones she had in real life to come true too.

She just needs to go far into her future knowing what she accomplished in the past.

The End

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