Waterbending emblem
Maxnascie By Len Poles Part of the Xiaons continuity.
Film - Katara waterbending



Alexandra Scheaffer


Avatar Jakub Toporski

See also: Fanon:Waterbending, Waterbending

Waterbending (pol. Magia Wody) is the opposite of Firebending. Most ably Waterbending is Aang. Waterbenders control the water, and the powerful can ice and steam. Waterbenders have bodies pozwające breathing under water. On neck there are two or three thin tab, which with respiratory overlooks the water.

Control levels

  1. Can control water
  2. Can be frozen
  3. Stronger than 2
  4. It can extract water from the air
  5. Can be combined with water, to control blood


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