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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
Northern Water Tribe Special Task Force
Water Tribe rebels
General information


Notable members

Ex-General Senlin


Camps scattered across the Earth Kingdom


Water Tribe rebels

  • Plunge the Earth Kingdom back into war.
  • Overthrow Earth King and King of Omashu.
  • Search and assassinate the Avatar.
  • Conquer the entire Earth Kingdom.

Water Tribe rebels are a group of Water Tribe troops, who were outraged about the ending of the war coming to a peace treaty. They're minor antagonists in the fanon Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan.


Thirty Year War

It all started back in the Thirty Year War, when Chief Aput, of the Southern Water Tribe and Chief Arjalinerk, of the Northern Water Tribe had gladly agree to end the war of peaceful terms, with 41st Earth King Ta Po.

The Water Tribe chiefs, had ratted out General Senlin, that he betrayed the Earth Kingdom by giving the Water Tribes war plans.

They told the Earth King, that they never used the war plans as they thought that it would be a trap, and would leave a great weakness in the army if they followed the plans.

Water Tribe soldiers had returned home to their families, and some had gone home as well but were outraged about the decision that was made. Those that were outraged had left their families and traveled to the Earth Kingdom in secret.

They all agreed upon having one final battle, Avatar Ku Tei and 3,000 Earth Kingdom troops versus General Senlin and 900 Water Tribe rebels. They all fought ten miles outside of Ba Sing Se. Where Avatar Ku Tei, and his troops emerged victorious. Fifteen percent of those 900 rebels had fled and hid for years somewhere within the Earth Kingdom.

General Senlin was captured and imprisoned, and had sent most of his young life in prison.

Avatar Rong Yan's Life

Word went out to different rebel camps scattered across the Earth Kingdom, when General Senlin had escaped from prison and when he assassinated the Earth King. When General Senlin, stayed at the hill village where he met a woman and her daughter that had taken her in.

First Encounter of the rebels

The rebels that invaded the village were there to escort him to his old squad of rebels. Seeing as how the woman had given him hospitality, he defended her and the village from the rebels.

Attack on Taku

The Water Tribe rebels made their attack on the trade city of Taku, when it was celebrating its Thirty Year War celebration. Palartok was sent by General Senlin, to find the location of the Avatar.

Once he found that Rong Yan was in Taku. He had left to his camp and await General Senlin's arrival. The others stayed to attack the city, and end the festival.

Luckily, the Avatar, and some Earth Kingdom troops were there to stop the invasion. The waterbenders of the raid group had almost drowned the Avatar, when the Avatar State triggered, the Avatar impaled all the raiders with giant icicles.

Attack on Xi Tong Village

When Avatar Rong Yan and his airbending teacher visited the village of Xi Tong, they were attacked by the rebels.

The rebels invaded the village, and the Avatar and his teacher along with the guards protecting the village defended it. A soldier who had handed Yong Ten a scroll from the Council of Elders at the Southern Air Temple had also helped to fight off the rebels.

The soldier had told Rong Yan and Yong Ten to flee from the village and head towards the temple. The soldier stayed behind to fight the rebels along with the guards.

As later on they get a report from Xi Tong Village, that they had defeated the rebels, and the village has gone back to its peaceful state.

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