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By Waterkai and Vaznock Part of the Kyoshi Revolts continuity.
This article is about the Water Tribe Rebellion that appears in Kyoshi Revolts; you may be looking for the Earth Kingdom Rebellion.
Water Tribe Rebellion
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The Water Tribe Rebellion was an uprising formed by remaining waterbenders of the Southern Water Tribe after the Destruction of the Water Tribes. It was ended by General Yi, by killing everybody possible, including women and children.


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When Phoenix King Ozai destroyed the Northern and Southern Water Tribes, some Southern Waterbenders escaped. Ozai thought that this small group of warriors and benders couldn't cause any problems, so he let them go. Soon, ships arrived and guarded the two poles. Ozai returned to the Fire Nation and when his daughter Azula conquered Kyoshi Island, the Fire Nation had finally achieved world domination.


Masked Hakoda

The rebels hijacking the Fire Nation Ship

After two years, the small group of escaped warriors and benders had grown to a much bigger group. The few escapees roamed the South Pole and collected as much free Water Tribe civilians as they could. They set up a camp, deep in the South Pole, which was almost impossible for non-waterbenders to reach. One night, they decided to rebel against the Fire Nation and hijacked a Fire Nation ship. Disguised as Fire Nation soldiers, they entered the camp and began to attack the stationed troops. The rebellion succeeded and a big feast was thrown to celebrate the great victory. The Water Tribe civilians who weren't discovered by the rebellion, journeyed to the camp and began to rebuild the Southern Water Tribe like it was before the War.


When Ozai heard about this, he was furious. He knew that this had to be handled quickly, or else it became to powerful. But because his daughter, Azula was besieging Kyoshi Island, and because he was too busy with political issues, he hired a respected, well-known general named Yi, who used a very special way of Firebending. Yi didn't care about strategical movements or tactics, and just directly attacked the front of the Water Tribe warriors. For any other general, this would have proven unsuccessful, but due to Yi's unique Firebending ability, the lines of rebels was easily broken. After conquering the main city of the rebels, General Yi spent weeks scouring the South Pole, destroying any sign of life. At every town he passed, he let Fire Nation soldiers behind to make sure nobody escaped. A few weeks later, no Water Tribe civilian was left on the South Pole, and Yi returned to the Fire Nation Capital with his troops, victorious.

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