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By Airbender17 Part of the The Legend of Worlds continuity.

The interest rate of water is located at the end of the world, one at the North Pole, and a South Pole, initially only at the North Pole, and the people of the Northern Water Tribe partially move out and find a new place and build a new Water Tribe, who named Southern Water Tribe.

There is also a group of people who can not stand the cold and move into the bay near the South Pole but in the land of the kingdom, a misty swamp region, tribe called foggy swamp.

the people in the tribal region of water is generally a waterbender, mostly in the Arctic, because there is a source of moon spirits and ocean spirits together, and made ​​two pair of koi fish, La and Tui (Ying and Yang).


There are two people who are each waterbender, they married and had offspring at the North Pole, and established a tribe called the Northern Water Tribe, they and four other countries to live in peace, and they look for the animals not to hunt, but to be as a typical animal they maintained there.

they have four children who are taught waterbending, the first child is a girl, the second child of boy, and the third and the fourth are twins.

The first and second child learn waterbending from his father, and gain control of the snow and create a new generation to his tribe.

Waterbending trainning

Water duel

the two children in north pole, learn waterbending together.

Waterbending is the opposing bending art to firebending, though it is similar in its need for inner discipline and strong connection to external forces. Firebenders use quick strong punches and kicks to shoot fire, while waterbenders use slow movements and elegant turns and spins to return the momentum of the opponents' attacks with blasts of water. Firebenders attack first, while waterbenders wait and turn their target's attacks against them.

The journey to the South Pole

Southern Water Tribe village

the first village "Southern village".

Some people from the Northern Water Tribe wants to find new areas for their stay, and they will go to the South Pole to find a new life and make a descent there, and made ​​the first village which they named "southern village".

Water Tribe camp

Resting in the bay in the Earth Kingdom, half way to the South Pole

before heading to the South Pole, they took preparation, and other supplies to live there, and at half way, they rest in the bay Laogai on Earth Kingdom. They eat, drink and prepare to head South Pole, where they train themselves to her waterbending.

After preparing lunch, they left the ship, to continue the journey to the south kutb, after establishing a village, they refer to making a major city like in the North Pole.

Build a city

Southern Water Tribe

The Former city.

The new Toward, the village, positioned on a northern shoreline, was surrounded by a low, roughly circular snow wall, broken up by a snow watchtower, which was built by a waterbenders, to the north and a non-gated entrance to the south. Inside were eight residential tents, arranged semi circularly around a communal fire pit. A giant igloo hugged the east wall, while a handful of smaller units clustered the north wall. Outside, to the right of the entrance, was a small igloo structure that served as the village outhouse. The remaining population stood at less than two dozen, with ten older women, ten young children and one domesticated polar dog.

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