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Water Spirit
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Avatar Book 3: The Host





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Korra, Tonraq, Bolin, Raiko, Otsuka, Desna, Eska.

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Farewell Fire Fountain City

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Family Issues

Avatar Korra

Early in the morning I was already in the deck practicing my bending, the saltiness of the ocean filled my lungs, Naga was sitting behind me, the sun was rising and I was gasping and sweating while I was bending. What did Raava mean about the Elemental Spirits waking up from their slumber? And how Iroh is going to help me to heal my spirit? I sat next to Naga trying to get a rest from the practice, the heat of the morning made me sweat a little bit more.

"Here," the voice from my father came behind me as I turned my head around and saw him.

He was smiling at me as he handed me a glass of water. I smiled back and chilled the water a little bit before I could drink it.

"Asami says that we will arrive to Republic City in 3 hours, and we are going to visit the President to sign the alliances with your Aunt Otsuka that now she has become the chief of the Northern Water Tribe, days of peace are coming in the world and I'm proud of you." After my father said those words, he hugged me.

I didn't know what to say, I didn't want him to be worried about this new darkness and I don't know where to search for this threat to put an end to it. After we hugged, I went to the bathroom to take a bath and change my clothes for the occasion. After I finished dressing me, I looked at my reflection on a pretty molded mirror; my hair was pretty messy and my eyes looked tired. I started to comb my hair in a lazy way when someone was calling at the door.

"Korra are you done?, I want to take a bath too," Bolin said in a desperate way.

"Just a minute!" I finished a little details and went to the door to open it. Bolin was in front of the door, being confident like always.

"Hey Korra," he said in that usual way.

"Hey Bolin, Do you have any plans for today?" I said as I waved at him.

"Well, I'm going to search for Ginger and have a date with her, and well, let's see...," he said as he touched his chin.

"Ummm Mako is going to report with Chief Beifong and Asami is going to her company and see how her actions are running, and I guess that's all. Are you going to be in the Air Temple or something?" he finished saying and entered in the bathroom.

"Yes, we are going to stay there after the meeting, hope it doesn't take too long, I mean, it's just papers, right?" I said as I shrugged.

"Yeah, it's just sign this thing and 'tada' alliance," Bolin said, opening his arms and waving them into the air.

We both laughed at his joke.

"Well take care Bolin, see ya soon," I said walking away through the hall.

"TAKE CARE, KORRA!" I heard him as he closed the iron door.

Several hours later, my Father and I were in the City Hall to have the meeting with the President and my Aunt Otsuka, ex-wife from my Uncle Unalaq. We were in a room waiting for the President to receive us. We were dressed in formal suits from our tribe and we were sitting on a couch and in front of us there was an oak-table and a fruiterer.

"Why is he taking too long?" my father said as he stood up and started to walk around the room.

I took an apple and chewed on it.

"Relax, father," I said it with my mouth full. "Maybe he is having a back massage or something." I closed my eyes and heard the door open.

"I guess I'm not having a back massage Korra," the President said as he entered in the room.

I choked a little bit and coughed before I could say a word, my father was smiling because of that scene.

"Nice to meet you Tonraq," the president said firmly as they shook hands.

"Nice to meet you too, President Raiko," my father answered.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting, but we got a message from the Fire Nation, they were asking for help," he said as he approached to the couch.

"What happened?" I interrupted him before he continued.

The president closed his eyes and sighed, he turned towards me.

"One of their radio communications was sabotaged from Equalist members and they escaped from the scene," he said, looking at the east window.

I couldn't believe it.

"That's weird Raiko, we haven't heard from them since we stopped Amon, and that was almost a year ago, why would they attack a Fire Nation Radio?" I said, trying to get a logical answer.

"There is something more," the President said and took time before he could speak again.

"One of the members was a Firebender, and he helped them out."

I felt goosebumps after hearing the news, someone from the Fire Nation was helping the Equalist? And why they have returned? I asked to myself.

"Now, follow me, Otsuka may be in my office right now," Raiko said as he walked towards the door.

My Father and the President left the room before me, I was walking slightly behind them, trying to think what's going on in the Fire Nation as we reached to his office. When we got in, Desna and Eska were aside to their mother, she was on a luxurious wooden chair. My Aunt Otsuka was wearing the same creepy robes as her children, they looked like evil dolls.

"They're here," Desna said as my aunt looked at us.

"Tonraq, Korra, it's nice to see you both," my aunt said.

"It's nice to see you too Otsuka and I'm sorry for your loss," my father said as he lowered his head.

I did a little reverence. My aunt didn't said a thing about Unalaq's death, the silence in the room became awkward.

"Well, here are the papers for the agreement of the alliance of both tribes," President Raiko said, breaking the silence.

My father and my aunt walked towards the president to read the paperwork, while Desna and Eska looked at me. Something was happening to them, they were kinda anxious.

"There is something to talk about Korra," Eska started the conversation.

"There is a spirit wandering in our land, she says that she is the Elemental Spirit of Water, but she looks like one of our tribe, nothing like the other spirits we saw in their realm. She explained herself that she was Princess Yue in Avatar Aang's time and she needs us to stop the other Elemental Spirits because they are going after you for being a bad example as an Avatar," Eska said as Desna looked away in concern.

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