By LucindasAccount Part of the Child of the East and West continuity.
Water Republic
Political information
Type of government




Head of State
  • Queen Isla (Norendal)
  • Queen Adela (Norendal)
  • King Kai and Queen Gerda (Norendal)
Societal information



Gold, silver and copper

The Water Republic is the waterbending society within the Western World. It is the first part of the Western World to be discovered by Avatar Aang at the age of 15. It is also the home of Princess Isla, later the Snow Queen.


Avatar Aang went on an expedition at the age of 15 with Firelord Zuko, Sokka and Katara. Toph did not join the journey until the discovery of the Earth Union. On the boat, they are caught in a storm and shipwrecked. The four washed up on the shores of Norendal, where they were met by fishers who were bringing their catch to the market. They, clearly being outsiders, were brought to Queen Adela. The Queen asked the four of them who they were. Zuko did so with a demeanour of respect which the Queen liked, Katara did so in her usual wide-eyed happy attitude eliciting the Queen to be slightly annoyed and say "You remind me of my sister" which Katara takes as a compliment, Sokka tried to make the Queen laugh while introducing himself which was met with blank stares, and when it came time for Aang to introduce himself, the Queen just about died from laughter. This is how they discovered that in the Western World, the Avatar was thought to be nothing more than a myth. Aang quickly proved he was the Avatar, shocking the Queen.

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