Water's Fall is chapter ten of MightyBrit's fanon, Child of Destiny. It serves as the finale/epilogue for book one of the story and begins to set up the conflicts and situations of the rest of the series.

Water's Fall
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The Southern Water Tribe

Master Pakku lined up his students in front of him. They were all children; the oldest among them was about ten. He stood in the center of the Southern Water Tribe that had been rebuilt since the War. There were houses made of ice, wood and stone instead of the pelt tents they used to have and Pakku had constructed a simple ice wall with two ornate gates around the Tribe. Overall, the tribe had nowhere near the prosperity of its sister tribe, but Chief Hakoda was working hard and had restored the Southern Water Tribe to at least some of its former glory.

It was a full moon tonight and he hoped to show his students how much power they could gain during it. "Alright. Everyone will create a single water stream between his or her hands. Commence!"

His students stumbled, but all of them formed a perfect water stream between their hands.

"Good!" praised Master Pakku. "Now figure eights with the water streams!"

The students waved their arms and while some of them mastered it instantly, others struggled slightly. "Keep trying!" Pakku encouraged.

Kanna came out of a small house near the chieftain's and yelled at him. "Pakku! We're out of turtle-seal meat, can you get some from the storage?"

Pakku turned to her. "I'm teaching a class, Kanna."

"Well, fine, after your little class," she said, waving him off before returning inside. Pakku smiled – she was ninety years old and still hadn't learned patience, but his smile faded as he heard as a splash of water come from behind him. He turned back quickly. Not one, but all of his students had dropped their water streams and the water had splashed uselessly against the snowy ground.

"Students! What are you doing? It's a simple maneuver, you shouldn't have any problems during the full moon!"

One of his students spoke up as he waved his hands frantically. "We're trying, Master Pakku, but it's not working!"

"Nonsense," said Pakku, as he waved his hand to raise all the fallen water from the ground. None of it moved and his eyes went wide. He remembered that horrible night ten years ago, and he stared up into the sky in panic. Darkness plunged over the tribe. "No..." muttered Pakku under his breath.

The moon was gone.

Hakoda burst out of the chieftain's hut along with Bato and a couple other warriors who had candles in their hands to compensate for the lack of moonlight.

"Pakku?" yelled Hakoda. "Is it true?"

Pakku gestured once more, but again the water laid still. "Yes. The moon is gone; we can no longer bend." Behind him, his students gasped in shock and horror.

Hakoda nodded sternly. "Bato, increase patrols."

"You think someone will attack us now?"

"No. I know someone will. Get us prepared."

The Western Air Temple

Katara bid goodnight to Ran and Farsi and went to her room. She closed the door and sighed. The room seemed so empty without Aang and the mad energy he brought to every single place he went. She sat on her bed and despite the large amount of people who made up the New Nomads, she felt incredibly lonely. But, she was here for a reason. She was here to protect and care for this whole society and she wouldn't let them down.

There was an urgent bang at the door. Katara quickly got up and opened the door. There was an old woman there, tears in her eyes and utterly frantic. "Katara! Please... my son, he's hurt!"

"Lead the way," said Katara, not caring how tired she was.

She quickly arrived at the scene of the accident. The woman's teenage son had simply fallen off a ladder, but he'd hit his head and it was bleeding quite badly. Katara looked at it briefly. She'd been healing people for over ten years and she had gained a pretty extensive knowledge of medicine over that time. She could tell that the skull wasn't chipped so the boy probably just had a concussion and a bad scrape.

"Stay still," she said softly. The boy nodded his agreement. Katara used her bending to make the water from her waterskin and coat her hands. She laid her hands on the boy's head. Her hands glowed in an eerie blue light and she could see the gash on his head began to close as the energy from the water drained into the wound and healed it.

Then, all of a sudden, Katara felt the energy simply shut off. The water that coated her hands dropped, soaking the boy's hair and clothes as it ran down his back. He squirmed violently at the cold water.

"Katara?" asked the mother. "Is everything alright?"

Katara closed her eyes and tried not to cry. "Just wrap the wound with a bandage," she said quickly, heading to the door.

"If you'll excuse me..."

She ran out the door, tears streaming from her eyes. She ran to the courtyard of the great air temple to a balcony near the edge where she could see the night sky. Sure enough, only the stars illuminated it. The moon was completely gone.

Katara broke down, crying over the edge of the balcony and sending her tears down into the distant valley below.

"Where are you Aang?" she whispered.

"He is there," came Guru Pathik's voice from nearby. She turned to see him sitting in a meditation pose beyond the balcony, on a jutting rock formation, inches away from the edge. "He is witnessing the first casualty of this new war."

"Yue's dead then?" Katara asked, her voice breaking.

"Yes," answered Pathik. His eyes were closed as if he was seeing something that wasn't there. "She came to our world to prevent the destruction of both worlds and she has paid the ultimate sacrifice. The other elementals are moving; they are trying to save the worlds as well, some have already moved." Pathik's expression changed, it twisted in fear and shock. "Something has awoken in the darker realms... It is coming... It's coming... for Aang... and for you."

Pathik snapped his eyes open like he suddenly awoke from a trance as Katara buried her face in her hands. They sat in stunned silence for a short while, but Katara dried her eyes and spoke quickly and bravely.

"Can you take care of things here?" she asked Pathik.

"Yes, but why?"

"Aang asked me to stay here to protect these people, but I can't anymore."

"That isn't true, Katara."

"Yes, it is. Without my bending, I can't protect anyone. Ty Lee proved that. I'm the one that needs protecting now."

"I do not know where Aang is, Katara. I cannot guide you to him."

"I know. I'm going to the other person who has always tried to protect me. I'm going home."

The City of Ba Sing Se

Iroh stood outside his teashop and stared into the night sky.

"Your heart is beating like crazy, gramps. What's up?" asked Toph, ignorant of the goings on.

"The moon is gone," said Iroh, hanging his head.

"What? Like the whole moon?"

"Yes," Iroh confirmed sadly.

"What do we do?"

"We can do nothing. Neutral jing, as you earthbenders say." Iroh looked into the sky and saw a tiny, red bird flying towards him. Iroh smiled and let the little bird jump into his outstretched hand. He stroked its head gently.

"It's okay, my friend. I will look after you now," Iroh said to the bird as he stared again into the moonless night.

The Open Ocean

Captain Hydros' ship rocked in the mad current. "Benders! Control the current!" he screamed over the pouring rain as he angrily spun the wheel this way and that in an attempt to control his boat.

The boat shook madly, shaking every piece of wood in the hull. His lead bender yelled back. "We can't! Bending's gone!"

"There's a rock formation, Captain! The current's dragging us in!" yelled his first mate from the crow's nest.

Han Dre, returning from his sister's funeral, erupted from below deck. "Hydros, what's going on?"

Voices screamed from all over the boat. Hydros didn't understand – all of his benders had been trained in the waterbending needed to sail through heavy currents and storms. Everything had been going smoothly until about halfway through the current, but now, his boat was creaking and heading towards a sharp bunch of rocks – they looked like needles reaching out of the water.

"Take the wheel," he yelled to one of his crewmen and then he started barking out more orders. "Pin those sails! Dump some weight from one side! Get us out of this damn current!"

He grabbed Han Dre by the arm. "Get below deck, Dre. Seasoned sailors only up here."

"They're getting closer!" Han Dre screamed, ignoring his friend completely and pointing at the oncoming rocks.

Hydros urgently ran to the bow of the ship and raised his arms. He closed his eyes, concentrating intensely on the water that surrounded him. He could feel the rain batter his skin, hear the ocean rushing underneath his feet, and smell the salt in the air. With every fiber of his being, he willed the water to surge up and sweep his precious boat away from the rocks and towards home. He could see the waterbending in front of him in his mind's eye and he relished the sight of the water floating and swerving to his will.

Then he opened his eyes and nothing had changed. The rain still poured, the crash was still coming – they were meters away from impact.

He got out a simple "Oh..." before the ship collided with the rock. The bow burst into a thousand splinters of wood, but Hydros leaped at the last moment and hung from a jutting piece of rock by his fingertips.

On the ship, the crew was screaming as the ship barreled into the heavy stone and burst it apart like a toothpick. Some were hit by flying pieces of debris, which pierced through their clothes and killed them instantly. Others dived overboard only to be swept under the water by the merciless current.

Hydros watched the carnage from above as he desperately clawed his way for a better grip on the rock. "Dre!" he screamed, trying to get his friend to run to safety as he saw his first mate get impaled through the chest by a large, jagged piece of the mast.

Han Dre, the lowly ambassador, kicked it into high gear and ran towards the rock formation, up the ship as it exploded around him. He leaped at the last moment and tried to cling to the rock, but he couldn't and began to fall. At the last moment, Hydros brought his arm and caught his friend by the wrist.

Below them, the last of the ship broke on the rocks. The last of the crewmen fell into the water and managed one final gasp of air before the vicious current swept them away to their deaths.

Hydros grunted with effort. His grip on the rocks was slipping slowly and the weight of Han Dre was slowly dragging him down to the depths below. He tried to pull his friend up, so he too could grab on, but the rain bashed down on the two of them and Han Dre's wrist slipped from Hydros' grasp.

"No!" Hydros shouted, but the ambassador fell, screaming as he went. His head slammed into a shaft of rock, making him abruptly fall silent and leave a dark red stain on the stone. He plunged into the ocean below and floated lifelessly for a moment before being dragged ruthlessly underneath the waves, leaving a swirl of red as blood mixed with water.

Hydros clung to the rock, tears and rain streaming down his face. With one last surge of his strength, he pulled himself up and onto the rock that was jutting out. He looked at the rocks below, there was hardly any evidence of his ship, his crew, his friends, his life; it had all been washed away.

All Hydros could do was scream at the sky in rage.

Above the Northern Water Tribe

Sokka continued to sob into Yue's burned corpse. Aang was wide-eyed in shock and staggered back against one of the walls. Only Wuoyan kept his composure as he silently and respectfully crossed the room and retrieved his knife from Zhao's skull.

Suki and Liang came running into the room. Suki saw Aang, but ignored him and went to comfort her husband. "Sokka? Sweetheart?"

"I failed her, Suki," said Sokka, trying to compose himself. "Again."

"No, you haven't," Suki said softly. "You did more than she ever expected you to do. She delivered her message and we're going to follow through on the task she gave you - you and me. You have not failed."

She put her hands either side of his face and laid her forehead on his. They stayed still and quiet for a moment, and when they parted, Sokka had calmed and he lay Yue down on the floor. Sokka hugged Suki tightly, but they separated when he realized that Yue's body was slowly and gently turning into a golden dust, which soon disappeared in the air.

"The death of a spirit..." whispered Liang, as the last of the golden specks disappeared and Yue was gone forever. Wuoyan bowed his head in respect. Sokka simply stared as the last part of the woman he'd lost twice fade to nothing. The room slipped into silence.

"They were spirits," whispered Aang to himself, breaking the quiet.

"What?" asked Suki.

"They were spirits!" Aang said loudly, as if he'd suddenly had a major revelation. "I thought someone was bending smoke, but those things that took Diyi were spirits!"

"Excuse me, uh, sir," Liang said, not quite sure how to address the Avatar. "But, Yue said Zhao was the only person who came through. They couldn't be all be spirits because there's only one in the Cult."

Aang's eyes widened. "So, it wasn't the Cult... It must be someone, something in the Spirit World. Diyi's in the Spirit World!" Then, he ran as fast as he could out of the room to the main deck of the ship. Sokka and Suki looked at each and followed.

Zuko and Appa were waiting on the deck. Appa roared affectionately as Aang used his airbending to leap onto his head and take the reins.

"Was Zhao there?" Zuko asked Aang.

"It doesn't matter, I know where Diyi is. We're going to the Spirit Oasis."

"Fond memories there," said Zuko, not holding back the sarcasm.

"Aang!" yelled Sokka, running up to Appa.

"Sokka, I've got to go. I'm sorry," said Aang urgently.

Sokka was getting angry with his old friend. "My entire nation just became a thousand times weaker; my sister, your girlfriend, just lost the thing that defined her since we were kids; and, oh yeah, the end of the world is coming and an innocent woman just died trying to save it! You are the Avatar! You've got to fix this!"

Aang looked back. He was deadly serious. "I will, Sokka. I will not let you or Katara down, I promise." He paused for a moment. "Why don't you come with us?"

"Sorry, Aang, but I've got a mission too."

"Okay. Good luck," he said quickly. With a 'yip-yip!'Appa took off into the sky with his passengers sitting comfortably on his back.

"What do we do now, boss?" asked Wuoyan.

"Yue was right. Aang's distracted and I'm not going to let her down, so it looks like it's up to us to save the world," said Sokka. He squeezed Suki's hand affectionately. "You and me." Suki smiled right back at him.

"And me and the kid," added Wuoyan, not wanting to be left out of the adventure.

"So, where are we going?" asked Suki.

"Zhao's a strategist and he's made the first move. He's going to take advantage of our weaknesses. My guess is he'll be attacking the Water Tribes as soon as he finds another host."

"So, we get to go see your dad," said Suki.

"Yeah, looks like."

"One problem, guys," said Liang. "Shaoshang sort of stole our boat."

"That's alright," said Sokka, smiling. "We're going to steal his."

Wuoyan smiled and punched the air with excitement. "Oh yeah! Team Wuoyan's got themselves a blimp!"

"What are you talking about?" said Sokka. "This is definitely the Sokka Squad."

"Hey!" complained Suki.

"Sorry, the Sokka and Suki Squad," Sokka corrected. Suki nodded her approval.

"Oh, so yer'll include yer wife, but not yer student?"

"Um, yeah. That's kind of the way it works," said Sokka as master and student walked off to the bowels of the ship, looking for where the steering wheel was and arguing about the team name along the way.

The Spirit Oasis

Zuko and Aang ran into the Spirit Oasis, where Aang sat near the pond in his meditation pond. The fish no longer swam about in the little pond, so the water was calm and still.

"You're sure about this?" asked Zuko.

"If the Cult didn't take Diyi, someone or something else did. There were seven spirits that night she was taken, so she must be in the Spirit World, Zuko! She must be!" Aang said, full of enthusiasm; he was excited to get Diyi back.

He focused and he felt the energy within him begin to shift. Zuko watch as his tattoos began to glow and bathe the surrounding area in bright light. Aang opened his eyes, and while Zuko saw light spill out of his eyes, Aang felt his energy snap into place and the whole of the Spirit World unfolded before him.

But, something was wrong. Where lively trees that were at least a mile high once stood, now there lay the ruined stumps of trees with piles of rotting dead leaves gathering around them. The littered corpses of giant spirit animals lay strewn across the marshy floor. Aang fell to his knees and splashed into the filthy black mud that now lined the ground.

In the far distance, he saw a shadowy human figure glaring at him from between two large dead trees.

"Hello?" Aang yelled at the figure. It didn't answer. "What happened here?"

The figure ignored him again and ran into the distance, disappearing from view.

"No! Please! Tell me! What happened?"

"You did," came a deep, dark voice from behind him. The sound of it grated against his eardrums. Aang recognized it instantly and froze in his place, fearful for his life.

"What do you mean?" he asked, not turning around and just blankly staring forward.

There was a deep dark laugh that sent a shiver down Aang's spine and a horrid clicking noise kept coming closer like a giant insect was creeping up behind.

"You did this, your inaction. You made this beautiful destruction and I'm here to thank you for it," came the voice again. Aang could feel the thing behind him coming closer and closer.

He stood up, breathed out to calm himself down and turned around to look blankly into one of the many faces that he had wished he'd never see again, that was now merely an inch away.

"I did say we'd meet again, Avatar Aang," said Koh.

End of Book One.


This chapter is intended to show the disastrous effect of Yue's death on the rest of the world and establishes a world without Waterbending, which will last until the end of the series. (Don't think it's coming back straight away. It's not.) In this way, it acts more as an epilogue to Sokka's duel with Zhao than as a proper finale. MightyBrit ended the book here as he wanted there to be a sense of despair since the world was now inevitably at war. Book 1 established the conflict and the players on either side, Books 2 & 3 will show the ongoing conflict and its conclusion.

Many Thanks from the Writer

So, you just finished the first ten chapters of a thirty chapter fanon. Thank you so much for reading this far and I so hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please review and thanks again! Book 2 will be out soon!

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