"I'll be a killer, if that's what it takes. Watch me."
— Todd Hewitt
Watch Me
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Watch Me is the second chapter of the fanon series Avatar: Choices.


I do not own anything from TKoNLG! All rights go to Patrick Ness and Candlewick Press!

Author's Note

Ok, it's out. Please reveiw on the talk page if you read this, so I know who's reading. Thanks! And please don't edit the misspellings, because most of them are on purpose.


After having a slight breakdown, Viola tells the others parts of her story. Meanwhile, Todd is stuck in the Spirit World.


Inside Todd's Head

And I turn back round and in the center of it stands Aaron.

His face is back to the way it was when the crocs tore it open, peeled half away, his tongue lolling out of the side of the gash in his cheek.

And he's still smiling.

"Join us, young Todd," he says. "The church is always open."

"I'll kill you," I say, the wind stealing my words but I know he can hear me cuz I can hear every last thing he's saying.

"You won't. Cuz I says you ain't a real killer, Todd Hewitt." He says with his fists clenched at his sides.

"Try me," I say, my voice sounding strange and metallic.

He smiles again, his teeth poking out the side of his face, and in a wash of shimmer he's right in front of me.

"Here's yer chance Todd Hewitt, to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. Kill me."

I clench my teeth.

I'm probably dying.

But he's going first.

I reach behind me, ignoring the pain twixt my shoulders and I grab the knife out of the sheath. I hold it in front of me. It's shiny with fresh blood and glinting in the sunlight, even tho I'm standing in shadow.

Aaron pulls his smile wider than his face can actually go and he pushes his chest out towards me.

I raise the knife.

"Todd?" Manchee barks. "Knife, Todd?"

"Go ahead, Todd," Aaron says. "Cross over from innocence to sin. If you can."

"I've done it," I say. "I've already killed."

"Killing a Spackle ain't killing a man," he says, grinning away at how stupid I am. "Spackles are devils put here to test us. Killing one's like killing a turtle." He widens his eyes. "'Cept you can't do that neither now, can you?"

I grip the knife hard and I make a snarling sound and the world wavers.

But the knife ain't falling.

I realize he's laughing.

"It took a long, long time for her to die," he whispers.

And I call out from the pain-

And I raise the knife higher-

And I aim it at his heart-

And he's still smiling-

And I bring the knife down-

And stab it right into Viola's chest.

"No!" I say in the second that it's too late.

She looks up from the knife and right at me. Her face is filled with pain and confused Noise spills from her just like the Spackle that I-

(That I killed.)

And she looks at me with tears in her eyes and she opens her mouth and says-


And I as I reach out for her, she's gone in a shimmer.

Physical World

"Are you okay? You have this weird look on your face." I looked up and Katara was staring at me with concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just thinking." I shook my head as she looked away.

I could have sworn that I saw-

I'm not sure what I saw. I'm exhausted, and I'm not even sure if I'm asleep right now.

But I could have sworn that I saw me-

I didn't see it. I shook my head again.

"Do you have something in your ear?" Toph said from across the campsite. She and Aang seemed to be trying to keep their distance from me and Todd. Katara doesn't seem too fazed, but she keeps looking at me every couple minutes, as if to check that I'm still here. But so far, out of the three, Katara seemed to be the friendliest. She healed Todd's back... sort of. She said that she needed herbs to fight the infection, and the wound couldn't be closed for that. So Katara half healed it, and then wrapped up his back. After that we put him on Appa, which I learned was a sky bison.

I get that, except I've never seen a bison, let alone one with six legs that can FLY.

Now we're just sitting on the ground, with Aang and Toph just talking quietly to each other (I know they're talking about me and Todd, because they look back about every ten minutes. I've been counting, and I'm really tempted to wave at them next time), Katara and I sitting alone, and Todd on the bison, probably dying.


Aang turned around and looked at me, then moved his gaze over to Katara. He quickly beckoned for her to come over. Katara looked over at me, got up, and moved over to where the others were sitting. They started murmuring quietly as I drifted away on my thoughts.

There was one time when I thought Todd was dead.

Well, there've been lots of times, but this one was the worst.

We had been on the boat for hours, and Todd's Noise just stopped. It was only for a couple seconds, but it was gone. It started up again, but it kept doing that, over and over, until it stopped, and then didn't start up again.

"Todd?" I got down on my knees and started to shake his shoulders. His head rolled back on his neck. "Todd?! Wake up!"

His Noise stayed quiet for a couple more minutes while I shook him and yelled at him. But finally (finally), it started again. But this wasn't his normal Noise. It was full of colors and gibberish that made no sense to me.

It wouldn't make sense to anyone.

I sat back and took a deep breath.

Todd Hewitt will die unless I find help.

"Viola?" I looked up and Katara was calling me over. I walked over and sat down.

"What? Is something wrong?"

"The thing is, we know almost nothing about you, or were you come from. So, we can't be sure you can... you know..."

"You don't know if you can trust me." I said flatly.

"Exactly," Toph said as she pointed at me. "You come here not knowing anything about where you are, with a boy who's about to die. We sort of want to know about where you're from, and what you're doing here." Her voice had a small hint of fear. I sighed.

"I already told you, I don't know how I got here. Todd's Noise was weird, and I thought he was dead, and Manchee died, and my parents are dead, and Todd's Ben and Sillian are dead, and everything's all wrong. It was supposed to be peaceful and happy, but it's all just a bunch of SHIT!" I pounded my fist on the ground and surprised everyone, including myself, by bursting into tears.

(shut up)

And as I cry I start to rock and they're staring at me with these bewildered expressions and I can't stop-


And I'm just completely losing it in front of complete strangers that are from a completely different world, and holy crap I'm on a different world-

(sorry sorry, I'm so so sorry)

After a couple minutes, the sobs die down into hiccups and I slowly (slowly) stop rocking.

"Okay then..." Aang said as he rubbed his head.

"Well, this is awkward." Toph said in a very matter-of-fact tone.

"Sorry," I said as a flush crept up my cheeks.

"It's not your fault," Katara said as she put a hand on my shoulder. She shot the other two a withering glare. "It sounds like you've been through a lot lately. But I have a question."


"What's Noise? You mentioned it in your little rant."

"Noise is like all of your thoughts projected out of your head. Everyone can hear every thought that anything has. It's really annoying, because it never stops. I heard every thought Todd had, every single emotion. All the animals have Noise, and they talk too. It pretty much sucks. I haven't gotten a good night of sleep in about a week-" I cut myself off when I realized I was rambling. I was glad it was dark, because I blushed even more if possible.

"Didn't you have Noise?" Katara asked.

"No. Girls are immune to Noise."

"Why?" Aang asked with a mixture of curiosity and confusion fighting for control of his face.

"You know, I don't know. I wasn't there for long and didn't learn much."

Back Inside Todd's Head

And it's when the light hits us full that the world starts to shimmer.

"Todd?" Manchee barks, worry there, no doubt from seeing who knows what in my Noise.

"The fever," I say, coughing again. "I shouldn't have thrown away that filthy rag."

Ain't nothing for it.

We get to the top of the hill and for a minute all the other hills in front of us and the river and the road down below rumble up and down like they're on a blanket someone's shaking and I do my best to blink it away until it calms down enough for me to keep walking.

I think again of the knife that was at my back, of the blood that was on it when it was in my body and my blood mixing with the Spackle's and who knows what's spinning round my insides now since Aaron stabbed me.

"I wonder if he knew," I say to Manchee, to myself, to no one, as I lean against a tree to make the world stop moving. "I wonder if he killed me slow."

"'Course I did,"Aaron says, leaning out from behind the tree.

I yell out and fall back away from him and fling my arms in front of me trying to slap him away and I hit the ground on my butt and start scampering back before I look up-

And he's gone.

Physical World

I bit my lip.

I raised the stick and looked at him carefully.

I know not all people are bad, but he came after me with a knife. I have no choice.

I took a deep breath-

And brought the club down on his head.

He gave out a yelp of surprise and brings the knife up-

It catches me in the arm-

I fall on my butt, holding my arm as it bleeds-

And just as he turns around, I remember to make my face blank-

Feeling nothing, taking nothing in-

His face is red with anger and he's holding his head in his hands. As he takes his hands away, I see blood on his hands.

I didn't mean to hurt him THAT much.

"WHAT THE HELL'D YOU DO THAT FOR!?"He yells. The dog comes back, and the boy yells at him too. "And where were you?"

"Poo, Todd."

"Gah," the boy, or Todd, I guess, kicks some dirt at the dog, but I can hear that he doesn't really mean it.

I can hear a bunch of stuff spilling out of his head, surprise at being hit, mad at being attacked, sad about his guardians and a fire-

But mostly it's a bunch of confusion, about me, about my silence, about why he had to leave-

And while I hear this, I just keep my face still, and say nothing.

"So what happened after you went to Farbranch?" Toph asked.

"We didn't try to go into any other towns again. We basically led the army to Farbranch, so we just stayed on the road and tried to avoid other travelers. We were trying to make our way to Haven, so we could warn the other settlers about the army, and hope that they had a large enough population to withstand it." I said. By the looks on their faces, I could tell that they were interested, maybe even believing me.

"But why didn't you try to get more help from settlers and warn them too?" Katara asked.

"We did manage to warn a man from another town. His name was Wilf, and I still don't know if he convinced his people to stay or go. But people don't trust Todd because he's from Prentisstown."

"Why wouldn't you trust someone because- Oh." Katara bit her lip.

"What is it?"

"Nothing. There was a war here for a really long time, and people from the other Nations stopped trusting each other. Sort of like what happened on your world"

"It's not really my world. I was born on the ship, and the dream that my family could live peacefully on New World died with my parents."

Back Inside Todd's Head

I'm running-

And I'm running-

And I don't know why, or from who, but I know that if I stop I die, and if I die, I lose her-

I can't screw this up.

The branch above me explodes and as I cry out, I flinch down on instinct-

And I'm coming towards the edge of the forest and close to a lake where I know she is-

And as I look over my shoulder, a bullet comes whizzing over my shoulder, and I swear it passes right past my eyes-

I fall to the ground in shock and I'm almost to the pond where she's waiting for me-

And as I look down into the pond, I see the worst thing I've ever seen.

Viola's staring up at me from under the water.

(too late)

Her hairs just swirling around her as her eyes stare at nothing and everything at the same time.

(you failed)

She's dead.

(sorry, sorry, I'm so so sorry)

I find I can do nothing but stare at the shell that was Viola. I slowly reach into the water and pull her out. She's cold and stiff.


All of my rage and grief and pain explodes out of me in Noise, and when I look back at her, her eyes are closed.


And as I'm watching Viola, she groans and opens her eyes again. She coughs and then throws up a bunch of water. Then she notices me, and smiles.

And she says the thing that makes everything okay.

"You came for me."

And then everything, including Viola, explodes in a huge burst of color and sound.

Spirit World

I land on my ass on a huge puddle of water. It splashes all over me and as I wipe it off my face, I freeze as I realize that there's no pain twixt my shoulder blades.

Am I dead?

At the same time as I think this, I realize that everything around me including myself is absolutely silent.

Maybe I am dead, and this is heaven. Because heaven sure as hell don't have Noise or pain from what I'm told.

Course when it comes down to it, is there really a difference between Noise and pain?

I stand up and my feet start to sink in the water. As I look around, I see nothing but swamp and swamp for miles and miles. It sorta looks like the swamp back in Prentisstown, except it's huge. A wolf walks around in the distance and even from far away, I can tell that it's effing humongous.

Where the hell am I?


  • Yes, Viola does rock when she gets upset. I'm not making that part up.
  • When Viola says "Sillian", it's actually said "Cillian" with a K sound. It's a reference to how she mispronounces it earlier in the book.
  • The parts that say 'In Todd's Head' are actual scenes from the book except for the last one. The other parts in italics are also scenes from the book, but in Viola's point of veiw (It's different, because TKoNLG is entirely in Todd's point of veiw). So if you've already read the book, it's different.
  • This is the first chapter that utilizes TKoNLG's unique writing style, with broken sentences, misspelled words, and other thoughts in parentheses. The author hopes almost every chapter will be written this way.
  • The author purposefully kept it so not all of the book would be revealed. If ouy're looking for a more complete synopsis, click here and ALL WILL BE REVEALED! Well, not really.

Production Notes and Other Notes

  • This chapter was delayed due to procrastination and writer's block.
  • This is the first chapter in Todd and Viola's points of veiw.
  • This is the first chapter that changes points of veiw and location.\

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