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Washizu is a cowardly and tightfisted town official (his exact rank being a heated debate among historians). While his rank remains unknown, he is shown to have been the most powerful person in the Fire Nation, second only to the Fire Lord. He was the enemy of Team Trickster and had a disturbing affection for Asaji and an intense hatred for Taketoki.


Washizu's history is one of horror, mostly on the part of the ones reading about, he merely shrugged everything off. He was the son of a witch whom had kidnapped and murdered the real child of Washizu's predecessor and substituted her own child to put her bloodline on the throne. Washizu was a highly intelligent and tightfisted but also a coward. Washizu was known to have a fascination with the occult and has been documented of having tried to summon Koh the Face Stealer on many occasions.

Washizu's tightfisted nature was what brought him to Taketoki's attention. Their first meeting involved Washizu's Komodo Rhino running off, his best cloak being torn from his body by said rhino, as well as being trampled by the rhino. Above all, everything happened in in the town square in the middle of the day in front of the entire town's populace, humiliating the tightfisted official. Washizu swore that he would cut out Taketoki's heart out with a spoon after that. A few months later, he changed it from a spoon to an axe, and later to a sword. While Washizu never did kill Taketoki, he eventually lost his mind and ended up dying during an attempt to execute Asaji. He was forty-nine years old.

Washizu's portrayal on the stage has made him a bumbling buffoon, a stark contrast to the highly intelligent person he truly was. There was one portrayal done during the reign of Fire Lord Zuko that showed Washizu as an overweight slob while in reality, Washizu was a fit man.

Personal Life

Washizu had virtually no personal life besides a friendship with Fire Lord Yoshiteru. He was completely obsessed with brining Taketoki and his band to his twisted brand of justice.

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