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The Polybender Saga has a rich history behind it. The Hellenes were involved in many wars and battles.

Air Nomad Genocide

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Air Nomad Genocide

A year before Sozin's Comet, Avatar Roku's spirit warned the Air Nomads of the impending attack. Knowing they would not be able to defeat the attack, they contacted the Water Tribes and Earth Kingdom for help, but could only receive small, localised support. In desperation, they turned to the Evropian Plain for aid. So together, the Council of Elders and Prime Academic Panagiotis, leader of the Republic of Hellas, devised a plan.

Panagiotis granted asylum to Air Nomad women and children and sent a division of Hellenic air and waterbenders to protect the temples. To fool the Fire Nation, Hellenic soldiers dressed as Air Nomad monks. It was in this battle that Philip Hellene and Nikkolas saw their first combat experience, and where Monk Gyatso saw his last.

The Hellenic defence of the temples was obliterated and only a few pockets of resistance remained. The survivors returned to Hellas, being unable to carry on the war and the senate being unwilling.

While the defence was a failure, it was very costly on the Fire Nation and delayed the war effort by 15 years. It also dashed any prospects of a quick victory.


Despite saving the Air Nomads, public opinion condemned Panagiotis as an incompetent failure. In 17 AG, he was ostracised from the senate and his parliament dissolved. Following this, a dictator known as Ignus took power and attempted to enter the war on the side of the Fire Nation. He failed numerous times until 99 AG, when he was able to make gains in the Earth Kingdom. However, on the day of Black Sun, Philip and Nikkolas orchestrated a coup d'état and toppled his government.

Fire Nation Civil War

Main article: Fire Nation Civil War
Fire Navy attacks

After the Fire Nation's defeat in the Hundred Year War, Zuko ascended the throne. Not everyone was happy, many Fire Nation citizens and members if the armed forces felt they were betrayed - they were winning the war, they captured Ba Sing Se, then all of a sudden, they were pulled out and forced to accept responsibility for their actions. Many citizens, ministers and other military leaders backed Azula's claim to the throne and created the Blue Flame army. Hellenic traitor, Malus Ignus, pledged his support and army to Azula's cause.

Starting a civil war, they attempted to topple Zuko and reignite the Hundred Year War. They outnumbered Zuko's loyalists, but Sokka's foreign volunteers and Philip's Hellenic Army tipped the scales in Zuko's favour.


After Malus Ignus was killed, Philip Hellene abolished the senate and installed the House of Academics and the House of Lords, proclaiming himself King. The Kingdom of Hellas and the Fire Nation established a close relationship and became allies. Sokka's foreign volunteers later came together to form the United Forces.

Great War

Main article: Great War
After Kuvira's defeat, the Earth Empire remained intact. Ephialtes, an old enemy of Philip, took control of the Earth Empire and attempted to expand into Zaofu by intimidating Suyin. His plan failed, however, when Philip Hellene (now President of Republic City) moved in the United Forces to protect Zaofu. This triggered a great war between the Earth Empire and the United Republic.

At the beginning of the war, the Earth Empire made rapid gains into United Republic territory and even reached Republic City. However, a counterattack and some new technology forced both sides to dig in at the border, engaging in a bitter trench war. Both sides made many attempts to break the stalemate, with the United Republic and Kingdom of Hellas dropping troops into Omashu with airships, capturing islands with a naval force and breaking through enemy trenches. The final battle ended with the death of Ephialtes.


After the Great War, the United Republic gained land from the continent and took one of the three Southern Islands. The Southern Water Tribe gained an island for its support. The southern part of the continent was formed into the Earth Union, with the capital being Zaofu, and Suyin as the leader. The northern part became the Earth Kingdom, a constitutional monarchy under King Wu.

A major impact was the transformation of the United Republic into the United Kingdom, a nation that shared its king with Hellas. It was the first union between an Asiatic and an Evropian power.

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