Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to Warring Planet in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Warring Planet

Warring Planet takes place after Aang. It's about the an Avatar named Takoshi after Aang. The reason it's called Warring Planet is because the planet is really in war! The New Dai Le assassinated the Earth King and took control of Ba Sing Se. They formed an alliance of the greatly recovered Southern Water Tribe and they both declared war on the Northern Water Tribe. While a large army of Firebenders who worship the past war Sozin created wage war against all of humanity, they successfully assassinated Aang. They also have already captured Goaling. So the planet is at war. This all happened ten years after peace was restored.

Avatar Takoshi must liberate Ba Sing Se. Bring peace betweent the two Water Tribes, and kill the Fire Militia. Luckily all White Lotus Members are alive, Zuko's alive, and Toph's alive. Katara sadly was assassinated to.

Guru Pathik's Giant Role

Guru Pathik has a big role in this series. He was the mentor and energybending teacher to Takoshi. He offers Takoshi wisdom and guidance throughout the series. Through the series you will see how he guided Takoshi through all of his problems. Guru Pathik was I have to say had the largest role in the series next to Takoshi.

The New Dai Li

The New Dai Li is made of former Dai Li agents. After they were disbanded by the Earth King they formed a secret Dai Li called the New Dai Li. They're leader is a former student of King Bumi. He knows all the secrets of Earthbending and created the New Dai Li. He's named Kano, General Kano to be precise. They are the largest villanous group. They could easily defeat the Fire Militia. They later assassinate the Earth King and take control of Ba Sing Se.

Fire Militia

The Fire Militia is an army of firebenders who worship Sozen like a god and believe that the Fire Nation deserves to rule the world. They are very big threat to Fire Nation security. They have been setting off blasting jelly all over the Fire Nation. Their biggest succes was killing Aang. They successfully assassinated Aang. Their leader is the spirit Koh.


Team Avatar

Takoshi- Next Avatar, main character.

Guru Pathik- Takoshi's mentor and energybending teacher.

Onko- Takoshi's Fire Bending Trainer.

Jeriya- Takoshi's Waterbending Trainer.

Abigail- Daughter of Ty Lee and an unknown man, knows all pressure points like Ty Lee.


Koh- Leader of the Fire Militia.

Kano- Leader of the New Dai Le.

Yasib- Advisor of the Chief of The Southern Water Tribe and the cause of the war between the two Water Tribes.

Admiral Chinchok- Corrupt Admiral in the Fire Militia


King Bumi- Large helper in the war for peace.

Chief Kint- Chief of the Northern Water Tribe.

Yonas- A double agent who pretends to be part of the New Dai Le when he leaks information to the only peaceful country, the Fire Nation.

Princess Ida- Princess of the Southern Water Tribe, hates the war hr father wages, and Takoshi's crush.

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