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Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Final Avatar.


|commanders2=Boli }} The War Against the Earth Kingdom is a war that took place during the time of Avatar Zaru. The war officially started in 490 AG when the Fire Nation declared war on the Earth Kingdom. The war starts around the same time the first chapter of The Final Avatar takes place.

Events Leading Up to the War

The path to the war started when Earth King Uli was assassinated. His younger brother Toro took his place. Uli's son Dou was still the heir to the throne, however. Toro took complete control over the Earth Kingdom. He dissolved all government forces other than the royal family. Toro had complete control over the kingdom. However, he was killed by angry protesters and rebels of Ba Sing Se a few months later.

Though Uli was generally considered a good Earth King, Toro was not. However, Toro was the only father young Dou had known. By the time Toro was killed, Dou was old enough to take the throne for himself, but he was a tyrant just like his uncle Toro. Earth King Dou granted himself even more power. He eventually blocked off the Water Tribes from the rest of the world, cutting them off from trade, including anything they could use to fight off the Earth Kingdom.

During a secret mission one night, several Northern Water Tribe aircraft broke past the blockade, and bombed Ba Sing Se. Earth King Dou was killed. His son Boli, who was in Omashu at the time, became the new Earth King. Earth King Boli was the worst of them all. He was not afraid to openly attack, and he conquered Republic City and all other nation-neutral lands. The Fire Nation declared war on the Earth Kingdom within days.


With the Water Tribes weakened, and Republic City part of the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation was the only force fighting the Earth Kingdom. Earth King Boli and Fire Lord Ajoke combated for several years. Around the same time, Avatar Zaru began his job as the Avatar. He became a major asset for the Fire Nation.

Once the war started, trade with the Earth Kingdom and the Fire Nation came to a halt. This hindered both economies severely, which was the opposite of what both needed in order to fight. Little attack power was produced from either side, and the war eventually came down to whoever could dish out larger attacks.

Slowly but surely, the Earth Kingdom began to gain the upper-hand. After a war of very small battles, the Earth Kingdom launches a massive attack on the Fire Nation. Much of the nation is destroyed. Shortly after this, Fire Lord Ajoke, considered the most powerful bender in the world, is assassinated. His brother Erus becomes Fire Lord, but his other brother Azap forms the Lightning Empire. The Lightning Empire aligns itself with the Earth Kingdom.

After several more attacks with super-weapons including an artificial solar eclipse, a cyborg-like monster made from Earth King Boli's daughter, and several new city-destroying bombs, the Fire Nation falls apart. With the Fire Nation considered destroyed, Earth King Boli has just about won the war.

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