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War Flower
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August 8, 2013

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Love can be born from many trials...

Chapter 11: War Flower

Tiros hiked through the mountains while carrying Melasa. She insisted on walking herself, but even now she clutched at her chest as the wound was still sore, though it had healed well between Tiros' stitching and her magic.

The storms had subsided a day or so after the half witch awoke. Without a steed, he couldn't track back to Teira, not that it would be wise to anyways. Making their way to Michyu was of the utmost importance after survival.

As they finally reached the foot of the mountains in which she had hid for so far, Melasa spoke, "Tiro- master," she interrupted herself, "I can walk myself now. This terrain isn't too hard to traverse."

"That doesn't mean take it for granted and push yourself, Melasa. We have a long way to go before we get back to Michyu."

After hours of walking and now being a considerable distance from the mountain, Tiros put down his injured companion, "Making it straight to Michyu is dangerous and nearly impossible. We'll need to stop at one of the abandoned outlying villages at least once."

Rolling out a map provided by Kyo, Tiros determined where they were, "We are about a day's ride from Michyu. On foot, through the hard terrain, make it two or three."

"Is there a village in the general direction we're taking?"

"Yes, here." The Avatar pointed out an area on the map southwest of them, "Its the closest village to Michyu from where we are now. From there, we can make our way bak in a quick run through the fields."

"We should make our way there immediately."

"We will head for the village first. Get rest and make sure you are fully healed. The terrain past will be too tough for you to be less than in full strength."

She grunted her displeasure. He stood up and walked over to her, picking her up to continue on the trek. "Melasa?"

"Yes, master?" She responded in an annoyed fashion.

"Will you teach me your tongue?"

She looked at him with interest. He continued, "I wish to learn your magic. I have seen you do things that no human could do."

Melasa looked away momentarily, "The Nifrin arts are not for the faint of heart. Nor are they as simple as knowing our words. You need the gift for it, and that is special in humans."

"Can I learn?"



Tiros walked through the entrance of the abandoned village while he carried the half-witch in his arms. Having spent hours remembering and using the Nifrin language. Tiros exhaustedly enter one of the intact buildings and found one to have a large bed. He rested her down on it and breathed in, "I'll find another room, but this should do so you won't be cramped."

"I told you, Tiros, I'm fine," she reddened as she caught herself.

He chuckled, "Well, a house this nice will have some extra rooms, I'm not too far if you need me."

Melasa walked carefully as her chest hurt from every breath and step. She wore looser clothes that did not rub against her bandages so much. Her loose white shirt and red skirt flowed in a different beauty. Tiros stood up as he waited for her and set her down carefully.


"If you keep acting like this, I'll never recover."


"I was not well enough to heal my wound completely with a spell before. I have recovered enough though."


Melasa creates a seal.

She sat down on her knees, closing her eyes as she held a hand to her face and whispered a chant quietly. A glow rose from around her. She continued the chant as the aura around her faded.

She then placed a red hot glowing hand onto her arm, where it seemed to burn a symbol on her skin.

"What are you doing?"

"I cannot heal the wound soon enough, even with my skill. I instead placed a ward that will heal and maintain the wound as if it wasn't there at all. It will heal naturally in the meantime, but I will still be able to function without impairment."


She nodded, "The scar won't even show tomorrow."

"I still worry for your health, Melasa. The human body doesn't do well with being pushed beyond its limit."

"I'll be fine."

Tiros slept somewhat unsoundly as his failure repeated through his mind over and over again. His concentration broke when something from beyond his mind interrupted his dreams.

He heard a disturbance down the hallway. Following it, he heard something like a whimper or crying and traced it back to Melasa, was something wrong? He entered slowly ensuring that if anyone was there, they wouldn't notice him.

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Remembering what happened so long ago.

However, the half-witch was the only one in the room. Still something was wrong. Melasa rarely slept, he learned that in his months with her. Yet she was asleep, though not soundly. She was in a fetal position and crying quietly as she whispered in Nifrin to herself. This was not the same woman that attacked him so many months ago.

He touched her shoulder quietly, but she just shook her head and muttered again as she cried. It pained him to see her like this. There appeared to be no end for her sorrow. He recalled that this happened at the height of her fever.

He laid down next to her, hugging her firmly as he brushed her cheek, "I'm here for you, Melasa."

Borne from the Ashes


Food waiting for the recovered.

Melasa opened her eyes. She dreamed again, her eyes red from the tears of the dark. She opened the door to the main house, seeing something at the foot of the door, it was food readied and prepared.

Melasa leaned down to pick up the plate and noticed that the pain in her chest and shoulder were gone. The seal had done its work. She ate quickly and quietly as she was voraciously hungry.

Finished and sure she did not make a mess, she returned to her previous activity, heading to the main room. Tiros was by a table sipping on hot tea as she entered.

He smiled as she entered, "Ah, you're awake. How are you feeling?"

"I am well, master. I am ready to begin traveling again."

He crooked an eyebrow, "Are you sure about that? That crossbow bolt was pretty close to your heart, you may want to give it a few days."

She frowned momentarily as she stood up and loosened a half of her robe. Letting it fall to the side, she revealed her upper body. Tiros blushed momentarily until he realized that she pushed her arm forward. On her skin, stood a mark, as if ingrained with fire.

"The seal will glow so long as the spell remains."


The seal was strong.

She was right in that the seal glowed strongly, he noticed also that the scar from her wound was gone too. She pulled her sleeve up, a little annoyed. As she sat across from Tiros, he served her a cup of tea.

She sipped it and felt the warmth and aroma of the jasmine. She warmed up, "Thank you for your concern, Tiros."

"I know we were not brought together by ordinary or even fair events, but I still care for you."

The memory stung a little. Regardless of whether she liked or hated Tiros, she was bound to serve him, "Things could have gone better. I could have not tried to kill you," she chuckled.

"Yeah, that certainly puts a dapper on things." He laughed with her on that. As they finished their tea, he stood up, "Come on, let's go for a walk."

He reached his hand out for her. She took it and followed him outside. Walking beyond the village, they discovered a beautiful forest on the north of it.

Walking through and breathing the fresh air, it cleaned the smell of fire from her nose. Tiros sighed deeply, "Its been too long since I walked through a forest and enjoyed it."

"The Northern Forests by the Temple were beautiful."

As they passed by a large tree, a clearing opened before them. The entire floor of the clearing was covered by gorgeous flowers. They were white with black lining, Melasa spoke in surprise, "This is amazing. Panda Lilies grow in volcanoes, not on clear fields like this."

"A volcano must had erupted in the recent past before this village was built."

As she leaned down and looked over the flowers that represented love and beauty in the Earth Kingdom, she commented on them, "It is odd. The Panda Lily requires the most fertile soil to grow, which is usually in the caldera of a volcano. Such destruction can bring such magnificent beauty, odd isn't it?."

Tiros leaned down and joined her as he passed down his hand over a Panda Lily, "It is not surprising, for I have seen this before. After the mutiny, I was not so well. I visited the site where I buried those I killed using my Wrath of Fire." The sun began setting as they sat in the clearing of flowers.

"What I found was beyond description," Tiros pulled out of his robes a tight box and opened it. What was inside made Melasa gasp. It was a flower, beautiful beyond words. The white petals inside bled with red while the outside was red and bled with white veins.

Tiros pulled the flower out from its place, "I found these on the graves of those I slaughtered. They are called the War Flower. A War Flower is a flower that only grows for a few things no matter the seasons. That is death. It grows from the death of others and gives beauty beyond what the tongue can describe."

"It helped me then," he lightly blew into the petals as the flower bloomed to life in his cupped hands, "It taught me that from great trials and suffering, beauty can be born and grow. It replaces the ugliness and evil of the past with grace and love for the future. A new young world is born from the strife of the darkness. And from it, beautiful light comes forth."

He then placed the elegant flower in the folds of her hair, "The things the Avatars did was wrong. I could not justify wiping out an entire race even for the worst reasons, and yet my predecessors did so. Despite this great sin, something so beautiful came from it, you. You are the product of this crusade."


"I owe you my heart."

"Melasa, if it wasn't for you, I would have been consumed by my own hatred and loneliness in that battle. I would have been lost and dead in more ways than one. I owe you my life."

He grabbed her hand gently, "But more importantly, I owe you my heart. Your presence has been like a mountain guarding me against the storms beyond. A shield against the dark clouds of the evil nights."

"If I were to lose you, a part of me would be lost with you."

Moon Blossoms

Mountain near Hama's village

Moon rising over the flowers of beauty.

Melasa sat there stunned as the moon rose over the lone mountain that stood ahead while they were surround by flowers. Tiros had just placed a blossom that made Melasa gasp at its grace.

He now had just about declared feelings that mirrored her own. How had it come to this? She had attempted to murder him, and now, she was in love with him?

Was it the spell? Was it so strong that it compelled her not only to serve but to love? No, Uzusim said no such thing when he cast the spell. Why did she care so much for him? He was the enemy. They wiped out her race, eradicated an entire species.

Still, she felt that she couldn't deny her feelings for him. That she would have taken the arrow for him regardless of the spell. She had protected Tiros enough times to notice the effort in her protection. She had fought a Spirit and Huam to save Tiros and it didn't affect her emotions. But when that bolt sped for the Avatar, she cried out for him, praying she could save him.

What could she say? Did he really feel the same way? Or was it just him showing his appreciation for her? How could she really know?

"Tiros, I-" she didn't get to finish as she was thrown into his embrace and his lips to hers. Stunned but excited, she returned with her own passion. Separating and breathing heavily, she whispered, "I love you, Tiros."

"And I you, Melasa," They embraced tighter as they kissed again with love and passion ever present as they sat in the light of a full moon. The Panda Lilies bloomed in full under the pale blue light.


  • Melasa has fallen in love, something that she has never had before.
  • Tiros had kept the War Flower with him as a reminder and to calm himself over the trauma of that battle in his youth.

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