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Holiday Challenged

A confused Aang walked the streets of Ba Sing Se trying to make sense of what's been going on today. When he woke up today both Katara and his daughter Sora were acting strangely. For one thing Sora was awake before he was, and she usually harder to wake up than Appa after a big meal, and the two of them kept snickering as Sokka, Zuko and the others arrived at their house in the city. Then when they decided to go to the Jasmine Dragon to see Iroh, Katara literally told Aang to "get lost for a while and meet them there later." Now as he walked the streets Aang noticed that the citizens were hanging strange red and green strings from their homes.

"What is going on around here?" Aang asked as he turned to the Ba Sing Se Zoo. His jaw literally dropped as he entered the main entrance. The entire zoo was wrapped up with those strange strings and the whole place was lit up with candles that somehow burned with red and green flames. Aang was so awestruck that he barely noticed the small child that bumped into him.

"Sorry about that sir!" the kid yelled as he ran along, "and Merry Christmas!" he called before disappearing from view.

"Merry Whatmis?" Aang said scratching his baldhead. As Aang continued to walk through the zoo more of the people told Aang to have a "Merry Christmas". Finally Aang walked up to Kenji, the zookeeper, and said, "What's Merry Christmas?"

Decorative Tea Shop

While Aang was traveling the city, the rest of Team Avatar was busy at the Jasmine Dragon. Katara was busy telling everyone else where to put everything, Zuko was being wrapped up in wires and other things by Sokka and the Mechanist, while Suki and Sora were busy placing strange devices brought by the Mechanist all over the roof of the tea shop. Lu Ten, Ursa II, and Mai were busy hanging things inside the teahouse while Toph, Bumi, and Riku were erecting stone pillars in the shape of trees, while Iroh provided tea for everyone.

"How's it going up there?" Katara called to Sora and Suki.

"Almost done, Mommy," Sora said, poking her head over the edge. "Just about ten more."

"Great," Katara said heading back inside where Lu Ten was struggling to hang a piece of tinsel. "Need some help, Lu Ten?"

"No, I got it," Lu Ten said as he turned to his twin sister. "Ready, Sis?"

Ursa II nodded and Lu Ten tossed the tinsel in the air. Ursa threw several small knives that pinned the tinsel to the ceiling, letting it hang delicately.

"Hey, what did I tell you about throwing knives indoors?" Mai asked crossing the room.

"Don't..." Ursa said before she tossed a mistletoe in the air followed by a dart that pinned it to the door frame. "...unless I'm sure I won't miss."

"Finished!" Sora yelled as she and Suki entered the shop.

"Great, Sokka, Mechanist, how's Zuko doing?" Katara said turning to the three.

"Moon-Peachy." Zuko said sarcastically while Sokka hooked the last wire to him.

"Just shut up and make some lightning." Sokka said backing away from the Fire Lord before he could attack. With a sigh Zuko moved his hands in circular motions as electric sparks flew from his fingertips. As Zuko touched his fingers together sparks of lighting traveled through the wires into the devices on the roof. There was a loud bang and a light began to glow from outside. Everyone, except Zuko, rushed outside.

Aang's First Christmas

Aang made his way to the Jasmine Dragon as he pondered what Kenji told him about Christmas. A holiday created to honor the birth of an Avatar by the name of Jesus Christ. This Avatar had fought and died to erase the sins of the earth, and starting a few years after Aang was frozen the people of the Earth Kingdom and Water Tribes started celebrating the birth of Jesus in hopes that an Avatar like him would come to save them. At the end of the war the Fire Nation also began celebrating the holiday.

"I wonder if I fit the bill they were expecting?" Aang wondered as he noticed a strange glow coming from the Jasmine Dragon. "What the..." The entire roof of the teahouse was covered in weird flameless candles that glowed red, green and several other colors. When Aang walked into the teahouse the first thing he noticed were the decorations everywhere, the red and green strings Aang now knew as tinsel, the strange plant known as mistletoe, the stone trees shaped like Christmas trees. He then saw his friends sitting around a table all drinking tea. Except for Zuko who was standing in a corner with sparks flying across his body.

"Merry Christmas Twinkle Toes." Toph called causing everyone to turn to him.

Before long everyone had ushered Aang to the table where they all practically force fed him a bunch of different sweets and treats and introduced him to a drink called eggnog. Once they had finished eating talked about how in the world Aang had missed the last thirteen or so Christmases.

"Well we were a bit busy getting to the Northern Water Tribe the first year." Aang explained. "After that I always just happened to be traveling on the day.

"Well that's some rotten luck." Sokka said.

"Kinda like me being turned into your generator." Zuko called from his corner. While the group laughed at Zuko's expense a group of shadowed figures appeared out side the teahouse.

Christmas Peace

The group's merriment was cut short however as Lu Ming led his assassins into the teashop. Among them were Lady Sa, Des, Lian, Gao, and Lee. They each stared off against a member of Team Avatar for a full minute before Lu Ming smiled.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" Lu Ming exclaimed with a wild grin. Every member of Team Avatar instantly fell to the floor in confusion.

"What are you guys doing here?!?" The whole group yelled in unison.

"What, a group of vicious assassins can't celebrate Christmas with their mortal enemies?" Lu Ming said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"Look we just wanted to have a nice Christmas without any fighting." Katara said as Sora hid behind her leg.

"And we respect that." Lian said, "So we decided to cut you some slack and celebrate with you."

Lu Ming stepped forward and extended his hand. "So what do you say, truce for today?"

Aang stepped forward and hesitated a moment, having a short vision of Lu Ming stabbing him as they shook hands, before accepting Lu Ming's hand. No knife plunged into Aang's body.

"Now let's get this party started!" Gao yelled before accidentally blasting the ceiling with a fire blast. "Whoops," he said as Katara and Lian put the fire out.

As the party continued Aang conversed with Lu Ming and the two airbenders discussed old pranks they would play on their old friends back in the day with Sora listening in on them. Katara and Lian argued on how to serve the drinks, while Gao joined Sokka and Bumi in laughing at Zuko the generator as the mechanist came over with a strange box.

"Zuko my boy, I just finished my portable generator so I can unhook you now." The Mechanist said while taking the wires off of Zuko, who is grinning like a mad man.

"It's payback time." Zuko said as the last wire was taken off. As Zuko chased the three around the teashop, Lee slowly made his way over to Toph, who just happened to be standing under the mistletoe.

"Hey, you know you're standing under the mistletoe right?" Lee said slyly, "You know what that means."

"So what's your point?" Toph asked. "Oh yeah, that means you need to kiss me right?"

"Yeah." Lee answered with a grin.

"Well pucker up." Toph said while stealthily pulling a rock to her hand from the ground. As Lee closed his eyes and puckered his lips he couldn't believe this was actually working. Only instead of feeling Toph's lips press against his he felt something much harder as Toph slammed the rock she grabbed into his face. Well I Guess I deserved that, Lee thought as he flew back over the counter, right past Des and Iroh who were sipping tea.

"Well that could've gone smoother kid." Des said pulling Lee to his feet.

Snow Fall

The rest of the party went rather well as Aang, Lu Ming and Bumi decided to play some pranks on the others while Iroh got out his famous tsungi horn and started playing some Christmas songs. Lee tried several other times to kiss Toph and they all worked about as well as the first one. After one of the attempts sent Lee flying out the door, Lee noticed a girl in a black coat staring at the teahouse, as if trying to decide to go in or not.

"Hey are you okay?" Lee asked the girl as she was turning away.

"Oh uh yeah I was just going," she said turning back to Lee who was lying on the ground.

"You wanna come in?" Lee asked.

"No I 'd better get going," she answered nervously.

"Oh come on it'll be fun." Lee said practically rushing over to the girl, She was about 15 or so and had short black hair. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Nikki." She answered as Lee led her through the door. When they entered everyone turned to the new girl.

While Team Avatar and most of the assassin introduced themselves, Lian and Lu Ten both just stared at the new girl, although Lu Ten's mouth was hanging open. Ursa II kindly pushed it shut as she walked past.

"He- he- hey, I'm Lu Ten." He began nervously. "Prince of the Fire Nation." he added trying to make him sound cool, as Ursa II rolled her eyes and Sora giggled.

"You look familiar." Lian said shaking Nikki's hand.

"Really?" Nikki asked, "I don't think we've met before."

"Me neither, but you look like someone I knew." Lian clarified.

Once the introductions were threw the party goers heard the pitter, patter of rain outside. Both Katara and Lian smiled as the same idea crawled into their heads. The two water benders both went out side and raised their hands and slowly lowered them. The group watched as the rain froze in the air and floated down to the earth as snow.

"Snow in Ba Sing Se, never thought I'd see the day." Bumi said as everyone rushed outside to see the snowfall. Once there was a reasonable amount on the ground everybody started throwing snowballs at each other. While it painfully obvious that Lian and Katara had the advantage throughout the "war", the others fought valiantly. Lee tried to sneak up on Toph so he could peg her in the head with his snowball. However once he poked his around the small snow fort he found himself face to face with his target.

Crap, he thought as he instantly froze in place, Hope she didn't hear me.

Toph said nothing as she leaned forward and gave Lee a small kiss on the cheek. As Lee stood there stunned Toph took the opportunity to smash a snow-covered rock against his head.

"Why are you always hitting me?" he asked as he dropped to his knees.

"That's how I show affection." Toph said before giving him another peck on the cheek.

"I can live with that." Lee said rubbing where Toph hit him.

While they were having fun Lian was still thinking why Nikki looked so familiar. She watched as the young girl played with the others. She even moves in a familiar way, Lian noticed as Nikki dodged a snowball. As she thought her eye caught sight of someone on a roof a few houses down. While not close enough for a positive ID Lian knew the silhouette. Lian blinked in surprise and the person was gone when she refocused.

"Why does she remind so much of you, Nero?" she asked herself.

Meanwhile, several houses down on a rooftop Nero dropped to the street before beginning to walk away.

As he walked Nero looked back at the group as they played and felt a twinge of regret that he couldn't spend some time with them, one in particular.

"Oh well," he muttered as his spirit departed to the Spirit World, "Hope they like the surprise."


Once the group was done with the snow they headed back inside, and saw a number of gifts for each of them. There was no sign of who left them just a note that said From an Old Friend.


I attempted to make mention of the story of Jesus and give it an Avatar spin

While nothing wriiten is techniqually "canon" to the Wanted universe this does hint at several things that will happen in the series

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