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The Forgotten

PLEASE READ: AS WITH MY SISTERS PAGE, THIS PAGE WAS CREATED BEFORE WANGJI WAS FULLY DEVELOPED. INFO MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Wangji is a malicious shapeshifter who takes pride in his ability to frighten, confuse, and turn people against each other.


There used to be other shapeshifters besides Wangji, but they all eventually died out until there were just two left: Wangji and a female named Neela. One day, Neela was brutally murdered by a human. Wangji was enraged by this, and he went to the Sisters to either help him take revenge on the human who did it, or bring Neela back to life. They refused, saying that they had to remain neutral. Wangji became angrier and angrier until he desired nothing more than revenge on the humans who had taken Neela away from him and the Sisters who destroyed his chances of ever seeing her again. He hatched a plan to weaken the Sisters by picking them off one by one. He killed the Elementals first, and then started killing the Emotions one by one until only Melinoe (Kekka) remained. Melinoe used to be his friend, so Wangji considered her willingness to do nothing to be the greatest betrayal. He spared her, only to continue to mercilessly taunt her and leave Melinoe with her grief. He doesn't know too much about the spreading influence of (NO SPOILER ZONE), but he is noticing a change in a lot of spirit's behavior, and he's determined to not be left out of the loop.


Wangji's natural shape is a huge black snake. Being a shape shifter, he is rarely in this form. However, he changes into this form when he's angry or excited.


Wangji used to have a good side, but this was destroyed along with Neela. Now he is a wicked being who loves nothing more than to annoy or scare others around him. He doesn't have friends, and he'll do anything he needs to get revenge on someone. Wangji has a nasty sense of humor that includes driving human visitors insane, pissing off more powerful spirits, and basically screwing everything up. Wangji finds all these things hilarious.


The Sisters

Wangji and the Sisters have a deep hatred for each other. Wangji still believes that the Sisters refused to help him and so are partly responsible for Neela's death, and Kekka despises Wangji for murdering her sisters. Sen used to just hate Wangji because Kekka did, but now she's mad that Wangji has been impersonating her and tricked her into beliving that Kekka was dead.

All Humans

Wangji hatred for the human that killed Neela has spiraled out of control to a full-fledged loathing for the entire human race. He loves to drive humans insane by taking their or a loved one's shape. He will also lead them astray so more powerful spirits can kill them.


Koh and Wangji have a deal that keeps Wangji alive and gives Koh more faces. A couple centuries back, Wangji took Koh's shape to scare some humans who had wandered into the Spirit World by mistake. Koh found out about this and was extremely angry. He tried to take Wangji's face as revenge, but it was impossible, as Wangji could just shift his face back to normal once it had been stolen. Koh threatened to just kill him instead, but Wangji made a proposition: He lead visitors to the Spirit World to Koh and he would get their face to make up for Wangji's. Koh agreed, and they made the deal. Now Wangji gets to make others miserable, and Koh gets more faces. Everyone's happy, except for the people who get their faces stolen.


Wangji can change his appearance to look like anyone or anything. He can't really fight, but he uses his powers to confuse, mislead, and scare others, which makes him a dangerous enemy to have. He has no conscience, no regrets, and the only agenda he has spun wildly out of control.

Known Forms:

  • Sen
  • Kekka
  • Jia
  • * Note: Jia is romanized Chinese for "false".
  • Bird
  • Spiderfly
  • Snake (original form)


  • Wangji's name means "forgotten" in romanised Chinese

Chapters in (or with) Wangji's POV:

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