Aang and Appa resting on ice
Wandering Thoughts
He couldn't forget those blue eyes.
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Humble Imaginations





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8-17-12 to 8-17-12


Humble Imaginations


After being deemed untrustworthy by the Southern Water Tribe, Aang lets his thoughts wander about the beautiful girl he had seen


Aang: The story centers around the character's mind as he thinks about his first crush

Appa: Minor role


She was the most beautiful girl the monk had ever seen.

He'd never seen eyes so blue, hair so pretty, and a voice so calm and soothing. The girls at the Air Temple were always away from the boys, thinking they had cooties. And besides, none of them were nice to Aang. Not like Katara had been.

What he would've give to stop himself from entering that stupid ship.

As he lay on the small hole of the ice, the bright midnight sun warming him, he begins to wonder what would've happened if she had gone with him. They would have gotten to know each other better. Travel the world and make new friends, maybe even get married...

No, that's stupid! The young boy thought, twiddling with his thumbs. It didn't make sense to think of the future with the girl he barely knew. But they had gone penguin-sledding! One of the best past-times in the entire world. Not even air scooters could compete with that.

Maybe there was a way to prove that he was good to the Southern Water Tribe. That it was all an accident and nothing else. It was probably because of the war that made them not trust anybody. Not even a boy with the master air-bender tattoos.

He heard Appa growl. He was probably tired or hungry. The sky bison would eat almost anything when it was hungry. He almost ate Aang's staff during their first day together.

Aang had wanted somebody to talk too. He wasn't used to being alone. He took Appa's growl as if he had been saying something the air-bender could understand. He pretended the bison said, "I liked that Water Tribe girl."

Aang sighed. "Yeah. I liked her too."

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