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Wan Shi Tong
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"(A:TR) Ep.20: Burning Snow PT2"

Wan Shi Tong is a giant owl spirit who has earned the reputation for being the spirit of knowledge. Wan Shi Tong is the owner of the Spirit Library and keeps his knowledge from getting into the wrong hands.


Wan Shi Tong is a very smart spirit due to his studies. He cares dearly for his library and will not have anyone, or anything, use it for personal gain. It doesn't matter much to him who is there or why, he's not going to give up information to just anybody. He will only get by if new information is brought to him, information the Knowledge Seekers didn't manage to give to him already.


Wan Shi Tong had built the library many years ago to help with his own studies in both the Spirit World and the real world. He, with the help of the Knowledge Seekers, had gained knowledge worldwide and Wan Shi Tong opened his library to the public of mortals. However, he had concluded that humans mainly arrived in his library to overpower each other and, as such, had banned humans from his library so it wouldn't be abused again.

Book 1: Water

Wan Shi Tong first appeared when Aang went to the Spirit World and ended up in his library. It didn't take very long before the owl spirit confronted him, asking why he was there. Aang explained to Wan Shi Tong the reason he was there, but Wan Shi Tong refused to help Aang, seeing his excuse as being just as bad as the others who had been in the library. Wan Shi Tong kept acting stubborn and refused to help Aang out, telling stories of some of the past human visitors of his library and how they had only went to his library to find information on how to beat each other. This went on until Aang told him about the spirits being involved in the Hundred Year War, which surprised the owl spirit. After finding that out, Wan Shi Tong told him about Tui and La and he sent Aang's spirit back to the North Pole.

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