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Spirit Emblem
By D-Stroy and ChaosUltra Part of the Avatar: Past& Future continuity.
Wan Shi Tong
Wan Shi Tong
Biographical information


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Black & White

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Humans ( Primarily those who seek to use his library' s knowledge for war )

Chronological and political information

Knowledge Spirit



Wan Shi Tong is the most ancient, wise & powerful being who still exist in the World. He's more knowledgeable than any other things, even the Avatars can't compare their knowledge to him.

Before Past & Future Events

After he returned his Library to the Spirit World, he take one of Koh' s face of a woman from the Water Tribe ( presumably Ummi ), and gave it to the Spirit Oasis, giving the Tui & La a vast amount of power to reinforce the Waterbender in the Dai Li Genocide events ( eventually returning Ummi' s face to her body, it's unknown if she was still alive ).

~ ~ ~ ~

Past & Future

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