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Count Kibbles N Bits

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August 12, 2015

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"My Lady"

She sat quietly amidst a bright blue sea, mingling amongst white blankets and pillows as the radiant father looked down upon thee.

The streets bustled with people and chatter, smells dancing and flirting amongst the on goers. Some odors inviting to a bowl of good food, others the putrid result of a poor man's relief. Colors everywhere: from dull browns, formal blacks and blue, to striking flourishes akin to birds in spring.

A young man, late teens early twenties, snakes his way through the crowds of people and spirits, carrying a bag of groceries. He walks briskly, allowing his long legs to extend fully whenever possible. The people ignore him, some if them catch his eye, they quickly exchange a small nod and glance at the scars that adorn his face. Many of the spirits he passes, stop and stare, while others merely look, then move on. A few spirits follow him, there are some so bold as to ride atop his hat and shoulders, bobbing up and down with each step.

He smiles at the little hitchhikers, sometimes patting them on their head. He turns the corner and heads down a smaller, more down trodden street. Children in worn clothes and bare feet play, young men and girls talk on the porches of townhouses and apartment complexes, pieces of newspaper and trash dance around the block, while old men smoke from their porches and mothers call out to their kids below or water plants.

Many of the kids run and greet him with smiles and hugs, some, like the spirits, follow him down the road. A large red brick building with two large garage doors framing the bottom half and several large multi paned glass windows marking the top half. A small yard with a low brick wall lies in front, an old tree overhanging the yard and buckling the brick wall.

The man and the children reach the building and climb up a small metal stairway that hangs off the side into the second story.

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