By SSJ-Trunks Part of the The Black Shadow continuity.

Waku is a main villain in the fanon The Black Shadow by SSJ-Trunks.

Biographical information

Fire Nation





Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Dark blue

Personal information
Weapon of choice

Fists, Firebending, Cooling Blaster

Bending style(s)


Chronological and political information

Zaibatsu Leader




General Iroh, Piandao ,Jeong Jeong




1,000,000 in Fire Nation coins

First appearance
Voiced by

SSJ Trunks


Waku is the head of a secret Fire Nation special operations division created by Fire Lord Ozai during the last few months of the war. The groups' objective is the continuation of the war until Fire Nation victory is assured.

Waku was born in 78 AG to a poor Fire Nation peasant family and enlisted in the military at 16 and quickly rose in the ranks for the last 4 years of the war he was still enlisted but all his operations and missions were sealed even the Fire Lord denied access he recruited Akuma after the failed invasion of the Northern Water Tribe and his current motives are unknown and impossible to predict by his erratic actions.

The Black Shadow

Waku is the leader of Zaibatsu a secret Fire Nation military group and after the failed attack on the Southern Water Tribe lead by Akuma, Waku attacks the Fire Nation capital and after supposedly killing Fire Lord Zuko he makes off with an orb after transforming into a devil. He then returns to HQ with the orb absorbed and Zuko's crown and is shown not even caring for the dead. Waku is later betrayed by Shinzo(The Black Shadow) before somehow regaining his demon powers and Igniting the Duel of the Demons. He fought alongside Aang and managed to kill Shinzo but his spirit remained and possessed Zhao. Waku and Akuma journeyed to the North Pole to investigate and were barely rescued by Aang however Akuma was captured and Waku was forced to leave him behind. They later returned to rescue him and succeeded and managed to escape the north. He later returned to the Fire Nation with Aang and Zuko where he helped push past the Neo Zaibatsu's defenses.

Half Devil Form

The equivalent of the Avatar State The Black Shadow's user can become half devil increasing their bending and fighting capabilities significantly to initiate the state a user must first find a dark orb (e.g. the one in the palace) and absorb it then a user will enter the state whenever he/she is enraged after sometime it can be enter at the command of a user.


Heavily Trained in all forms of Martial Arts- Waku trained under great masters like Piandao to master the sword and several leading martial arts schools and Fire Nation Academies.

Master Level Firebending- Waku trained heavily in his Firebending even training under General Iroh and Jeong Jeong at some point during his Zaibatsu training.

High Level Agilty- Waku's fighting style incorporates an Airbender's non bending agility.

Built Up for harsh conditions- Waku can survive harsh conditions longer than most people with high resistances to nearly every type of bending.

When in Half Devil Form

Black Flames- When in devil form Waku's flames turn Black.

Flight- With his wings he can cover long distances at speeds that surpass Appa.

Third Eye- When Waku enters devil form he gains a third eye enhancing vision and also allowing him the use Combustion.

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