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The Rescue

Last time on Survivors

Ken stayed at Ashley's house and ate some particularly delicious pancakes.

Meanwhile Cheng was abducted by Energizers. Ashley and Ken payed a visit to Cong's house to find him already waiting outside. He explains his theory on were Ken's village fled to, and how there going to get there. They find a mess in Cheng's house and a ransom note telling them to surrender the information they have collected and also turn in Ken! They decide to wait and hope for the best.

Cheng's House

"So if they're watching us, should we be discussing our plan and stuff?" asked Cong.

"Well, depends on how sure we are that they're watching us," answered Ken.

"What do you mean?" asked Cong quite confused.

"Well, they can't be watching us 24/7. For example, if we're in a basement with nowhere to hide and no windows, how could they watch us?" answered Ashley.

"Yeah, exactly," reassured Ken.

"Well, where should we discuss the Cheng issue?" asked Cong.

"At my house?" offered Ashley.

"Well? got any secret rooms?" asked Ken expecting a no.

"I don't think... wait, yeah? Follow me," said Ashley.

Ashley's House

"Okay, we're here," said Ashley, entering her dad's study gesturing towards the fireplace.

"Ashley, why do you even have a fireplace if it never gets that cold anyway?" asked Ken.

"Oh, you'll see," said Ashley while doing a quick firebending move to extinguish the fire.

"There," said Ashley.

"In there?" asked Ken, pointing towards the small fireplace.

"Don't worry, it's bigger than it looks," reassured Cong, entering the small opening to reveal a door; he quickly went through it.

"Yeah, my dad made it for me when I was little; it was my secret place were I could do anything," said Ashley, following Cong.

"Anything?" asked Ken in a teasing tone while entering the room.

"I said I was little!" said Ashley, defending herself in a not so serious tone.

"Hmm, pretty small," said Ken, expecting the room to multiply in size.

"Well, it was pretty big for me at the time, and we don't need much room to talk," said Ashley while closing the entrance.

"Okay, well, what do you guys think we should do about the Cheng thing?" asked Cong.

"I say we find one of the spies and follow him to the headquarters," said Ashley.

"I doubt they have their headquarters anywhere near here," stated Cong.

"Why do you think that?" asked Ashley.

"Because of the number of guards. if they were close they would send some reinforcements in less than thirty minutes to remove all that rubble. So they have to be keeping him in a camp or something," stated Cong.

How about we look for clues at Cheng's house to see if we can find out anything on were they're keeping him," said Ken.

"Sure, let's go after we make sure we're not being watched out there," said Cong.

"Okay, let's go!" said Ashley.

Cheng's house

"Sure, we weren't followed?" asked Cong.

"Yeah, I'm sure," stated Ken.

"Well, look around, tell me if you find anything out of the ordinary," said Cong.

"Can do," said Ashley in a positive attitude.


"Found something!" said Ashley.

"Like what?" asked Cong.

"I don't know, like some kind of map on a piece of paper," said Ashley not so sure of herself.

"We'll keep it, who knows what it could be," said Ken.

"Maybe it's a treasure map?" said Cong obviously sarcastic.

"Well, how about we check the village next?" asked Ashley.

"Okay," said the others almost in sinc.

The Caves

"So, Ken, I'm curious why is it forbidden to exit the caves even in disguise?" asked Ashley.

"Don't know, maybe because we might be tempted to learn other elements," said Ken.

"Like Cheng?" Asked Ashley.

"Yeah, exactly" stated Ken.

"How do you do that anyway?" asked Ashley.

"What?" asked Ken.

"Change elements. Is it some ancient ritual or special relic?" asked Ashley.

"It's hard to explain, mostly because I don't know it all myself, never payed much attention in school," said Ken.

"Oh," said Ashley disappointed by the answer.

"But I do know it has something to do with a pool or a spring or... something?" stated Ken.

"Okay, we're here," said Cong.

"This place is a disaster area!" said Ashley.

"Well, what did you expect with all those rocks crushing it?" asked Cong.

"Well, nothing like this," said Ashley.

"Hope you brought your ninja stars, Ashley, cause here come some Energizers!" said Cong, pointing downhill.


Hehe, cut it of at the most interesting part :p

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