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The Silver Mirror
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Three: The South



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Book Three: The South
Chapter Five

The Silver Mirror


"I see it!" Kyla shouted to Lily.

The Firebender jogged up to where Kyla was standing. She was pointing at the lake in the valley below, just at the edge of the forest. They were surrounded by mountains.

"Well let's go!" Lily stated, grabbed the map, and ran down to the water.

Kyla went after her, creating a slide of ice to go down. She passed Lily and landed at the shore of the lake. It looked like a huge mirror on the ground.

"So what now?" Lily asked.

"I saw Palokk on a lake like this. He was standing on the water but in the Spirit World. Maybe I can contact him again somehow."

Kyla bent down near the water and stared at her reflection. She could feel something puller her to the water. There was something calling her.

She placed her hands in the water and felt a slight tingle in her fingers. Suddenly the water glowed around her hands, and began to expand all the way through the lake.

"Kyla, look!"

Kyla looked up and saw what Lily was referencing. Water was slowly rising up, forming the shape of an old Avatar.

"Avatar Palokk," Kyla said under her breath.

"How did you do that?" Lily asked.

"I have no idea," Kyla declared, equally surprised.

Kyla took a few steps back and looked in awe with Lily. The Avatar was glowing and began to speak.

"Kyla, I am so glad to see you again," Palokk said.

"Avatar Palokk, we need your help."

"I know. I have known this day was going to arrive for some time. There are some things you should be aware of, Kyla. Some things about who you are."

Lily and Kyla exchanged looks, wondering exactly what he meant. Palokk began telling the story of his past in the South Pole.


"Years ago, near the end of my reign as Avatar, I was spending the majority of my days in the North Pole. There was no one great city as there is now. Instead eighteen separate tribes were scattered along the shoreline. I stayed with the smallest of the villages, wanting peace and quiet in my old age."

"The North was constantly in battle. Tribes waged wars for resources. There simply wasn't enough to go around. People were dying every day. I had to stop it."

"I scoured the world and found a realm just like the North Pole on the opposite end of the sea. I took four tribes to the South Pole. It took two years to get everyone there. Our first night we feasted in celebration of our newly formed tribe."

"On our second night we wept. Almost half our tribe was slaughtered by two spirits. One of which you are familiar with—Whatali."

"Shotarko was the other spirit. The untamable beast is what Okko, a former Avatar, called him. Okko's spirit is the guard of the guardian. But even the spirit of that Avatar was not enough for the two spirits. Eventually Whatali broke free with Shotarko's help and the Spirit Oasis was left unguarded in the North. The Spirits fled to the South."

"Whatali and her mate ruled the South Pole. They hunted whatever they pleased. When they found us—well we knew we had to fight back or we would all suffer the same fate as the rest of the tribe."

"It was a full moon when they attacked next. I studied them. I watched them as they crept up on our growing village in the mountains. I watched their form, the way they would manipulate the elements around them. When one of the guards tried attacking them—he was suddenly lifted into the air."

"It was then I discovered bloodbending. The spirits were bending the blood in the guard's body. From their form, I learned to do the exact same. I controlled the Spirits and kept them away from our tribe."

"In return, the tribe became devoted to me. They made me the leader, following my rules, coming to me to solve moral dilemmas. They even created books on my lessons. Eventually I taught bloodbending to them all—it was the only mean of protecting ourselves. Most could only do it during a full moon, but a small group was able to do it at any time. They became the Royal Guards of the Southern Tribe."

"I had to leave for the North Pole once I received message of the Spirit Oasis being in danger without Whatali to protect it. When I returned, the city was at war."

"It seems a revolution to overthrow me was brewing right under my nose. When I left, they attempted to take over the city. On the night of a full moon, when I came back, everyone was attacking each other. The amount of blood was unbearable."

"I didn't know what to do. Then I had a crazy thought. Perhaps the worst one I ever had. I found the spirits and led them to our city. I wanted to unite my tribe again. I did. But in uniting them against the spirits, I also united them against myself. Once they found out I was the one who led the Spirits to attack—well they attacked me."

"I entered the Avatar State, escaping from their massive bloodbending grip. I ran faster than I ever had before, taking the Spirits with me."

"The nearby lake to our city in the mountains was bright blue, reflecting perfectly as I sprinted across it. I formed an island of ice in the middle, and waited. When the spirits surrounded me, I made my move. My eyes glowed and I lulled Shotarko to sleep. I placed the spirit at the bottom of the lake, and covered it with ice. The glow of the spirit it what makes it look like a silver mirror now. I ordered Whatali to go back to protect the Oasis. She did not agree at first, but soon realized she was no match for me without her mate."

"I knew I couldn't return to the Southern Water Tribe, so I decided to return to the North Pole, to ensure Whatali would protect the Spirit Oasis. But as I was departing, the Royal Guards found me and executed me in an ambush."


"What happened to the Bloodbenders?" Lily asked.

"They are the tribe you know as the Red Lotus," Palokk answered, "and you, Kyla, must stop them."

"Me? I'm not an Avatar!" she protested.

"You don't need to be an avatar to do great things," Palokk replied. "You are a legend, Kyla."

"I'm no legend."

"Not yet."

"Palokk, you came to me in the Spirit World many years ago. What did you say?"

"I was trying to warn you of the Red Lotus, and the beast that slumbers underneath the lake. And I wanted to tell you of your heritage, but I see you did not hear that part."

"My heritage?"

"I had a daughter, Kyla. And she had a daughter. And she had a daughter. They called her Kyla."

Kyla's eyes opened wider than ever before. She was the descendant of an Avatar.

"My powers run in your blood. It's why you're so strong. You can bend without the moon, as I had done to the spirits many years ago. You will give birth to a legend, but first you must stop the Red Lotus. You must release the beast under the lake."

"What? We'll be killed! We can't bloodbend!" Lily shouted.

"There was something else, Kyla. All must beware the Clarity—"

Palokk disappeared as a man in red garments busted through the Avatar's projection. He brought Kyla down to her knees, and then lifted her into the air. He left Lily as he transported Kyla away. Lily couldn't move, she had been bloodbended to one spot. Tears rolled down her face as her friend was taken away.

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