A Blind Eye
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Two: The Oceans



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Book Two: The Oceans
Chapter Three

A Blind Eye


"Where are we?" Mokolo asked.

"My lab."

"Lab? You're a scientist."

"We need help. Those people out there are sick."


"They've got Pentapox!" Zyon shouted.

"What is Pentapox?" Mokolo asked. He glanced around the around the room. There were tables everywhere covered with glasses of different concoctions.

"We don't know how it started. One second we're fine. The next people start going down like flies. A couple minutes later and they're covered in concentric spots that are deteriorating their skin. We've tried everything in our capacity. Even the Green Spirit coulnd't help!"

"We have a healer. Wait did you say Green Spirit?" Mokolo responded.

"A healer? Perfect. I may have the solution. I've been testing some chemicals against the skin of some of the infected. Before they escaped. They took my brother."

"I'm sorry to hear that. But maybe we can help. We just have to search for the others."

"Right, well we'll have to wait until those things have cleared."

It was a while before the infected had cleared out. Zyon led him to the rooftop of his house. They were going to travel on the roofs. Zyon had made bridges in between the houses. This way he didn't have to interact with the infected at all.

"There they are!" Mokolo pointed out. He watched as Kyla enshrouded the group in ice. "They're trapped!"

"No, they're safe."

"Until those things melt their way through!"

"Build a tunnel to them. Just like in between the building, but with ice. There's water on the opposite side of this roof. Come on!"

Mokolo ran to the other side of the building. He streamed the water up from a rather large pond. He quickly made a pathway of ice with walls in the air leading to the igloo Kyla had created. Mokolo opened up part of the igloo. He signaled the group to hurry. They quickly scurried up the ice, trying not to slip, while dragging Shofini's body.

"Mokolo, you've got to do something. They got Shofini," Kyla cried.

Zyon ushered the group back to his lab across the rooftops.


The group began to rest in Zyon's lab. Mokolo found an apple and handed it to Kilo. He grabbed the apple and took a bite.


"You okay?" he asked Kilo. Kilo swung his head to the side.

"I let our group think we were safe. I asked to put up a shield of water and those things got us because they can still firebend. If I had just made us run we would never have been in the danger."

"Yeah, you're right. You know, Kilo, there's a reason I'm in charge."

"Because you led some small revolt that barely worked?"

"Because I know when to run."

"This wasn't exactly the pep talk I was hoping for," Kilo replied.

"We don't have time for lifting spirits. We need to figure a way out of here."

"You're the leader. You think of one."

"I have. We're going to travel the roofs. Then we build a bridge of ice over the river then head straight into the mountains."

"One problem," Kilo interrupted him.

"Shofini was infected. She's turning. We need to stay here until we find a cure."

"We don't have time for that."

"Won't we turn? He said we drank infected water."

"I think he was bluffing, Kilo. Spread the word. We're leaving as soon as possible."


"Are you the healer?" Zyon asked the girl.

"Yes, my name is Kyla."

"Kyla, I could use your help. Follow me?" Kyla complied and followed the man into a back room. It was filled with beakers of substances. Zyon went over to a green liquid and brought it Kyla.

"This is it. It has to be it."

"Has to be what?" Kyla asked.

"The cure. Whatever they're infected with, I think I've come up with a cure. My grandmother had this old potions book and I've thought it was a lot of rubbish but it described exactly what's going on here. I'm not saying I believe in the magic but perhaps the herbs in it were a medicine? So this is what I've come up with. I just don't know if it works yet."

"So why not just test it?"

"I was going to, but I think a healer could use it more effectively. All we have to do is try it out on your friend."

"Shofini? Do you know any effects of this? Could it kill her?"

"I hope not, but it's the best shot we have."

"How do you know it will work?"

"I've done test runs on small rodents. I've used some gerbilrats I've found in the basement. This one worked on them but it may not on humans."

"Fine, let's do it."

"Are you sure?"

"I can't just stand back and let her turn into one of those infected people," Kyla replied.

"Then let's try it," Zyon stated and handed her the medicine. Kyla slowly walked over to Shofini. She was resting on a table, unconscious.

Kyla bended the mixture out of the beaker and it surrounded her hands. The bright green liquid floated down on to Shofini's body. It seeped into her skin as Kyla began healing her. The light slowly faded away. Kyla kept moving her hands, despite feeling a loss of connection.

Shofini's eyes shot open.

"Stop. It hurts."

"Shofini?" Kyla gasped and quickly drew water to her hands. She began using it to heal Shofini, but she continued crying out in pain.

"Come on," Kyla begged.

"Kyla," Zyon interrupted.

"Please, come on!" Kyla shouted as she began to cry.

"It's done, Kyla."


"She's gone. She's gone!" he yelled. Kyla lifted up the water and flicked it off to the side with her bending. "The medicine didn't work and the water will do nothing." Kyla stared at Shofini as she writhed in agony.


"So what's the word?"

"It didn't work," Zyon replied. "She's going to die."

"How's Kyla?"

"She's not handling it well. You seem like you're in a rush."

"I have an escape plan," Mokolo replied. "We're leaving. You're welcome to come along, but we're going now."

"What about Shofini?" Kyla asked, still kneeling on the floor beside the Earthbender.

"What about me?" Shofini whispered, each exhale filled with pain.

"They're here!" Kilo shouted from the window. He watched as a group of the infected began slamming their bodies against the house.

"She can come," Mokolo declared, "now let's go."

"They have the ladder, we can't get on the roof," Kilo replied.

"I know another way. There's a hole in the ceiling of my back room. You can just make a ladder of ice and we'll be on our way," Zyon said.

"Magnificent," Mokolo replied, "Now let's go!"

The group quickly made a ladder of ice. Mokolo ordered who was to go first. They traveled up to the roof one at a time. Kyla looked down into the room. She saw Mokolo coming up. She knew what was about to happen next.

"No!" she screamed. Mokolo got onto the roof and then melted the ladder.

"Go on, Kyla!" Mokolo shouted and pushed her away from the hole. Mokolo covered it with ice and turned away.

"We can't just leave her! Please!" Kyla begged.

"Kyla, we must go!"

"No, we can't just leave her! She's all alone! She's the Avatar's daughter! We can't just leave her!"

"Dakko and Kilo, grab her!" Mokolo shouted. They came over, grabbed her by the arms, and pulled her away from the hole. "Let's move on!"


"You just left her there?" Zyon asked Mokolo.

"She couldn't come. You knew that. She was going to die and we couldn't have the danger of her infecting one of us."

"The girl, the healer is upset."

"She'll get over it," Mokolo responded. "But answer my Zyon. Why did you bring us here?"

"I needed help. I saw you had a healer. I was hoping you could fix our city. You only get infected by touch so I had to lie and say it was in the water. My whole family has been infected. I needed a healer to just try—"

"I thought as much."

"I need your help still though. The rest of this country has no idea about our town. If they get beyond the walls this could wipe out our entire nation."

"What can we do?"

"Escort me to the Fire Lord." Mokolo looked the Firebender up and down. He wanted to get out of this Nation as fast as possible.

"I'll need to tell the rest of my ships. Then I can assemble a team to go with you."

"Thank you!" Zyon exclaimed and continued along the roofs to their escape. The found their way to a roof within close distance to a river. The waterbenders made a bridge completely out of ice, with rails of ice on the side to keep balance. The ice was covered with a thin layer of snow so help from slipping. They group quickly crossed over. They walked into a cave in the mountain. Lily helped create some torches to guide them.

Kilo and Mokolo walked together behind the rest of the group. They bended water to the front of the cave, sealing it off.

"So we're going to postpone our journey to help this man?" Kilo asked.

"No. I only told him so he would lead us out of here. As soon as we get to the ships we leave. I've had enough of this Fire Nation. I'm eager to get to the South."

"So, we're really leaving Shofini behind. Are we doing the right thing? First we leave the Avatar's daughter behind and now we're leaving the entire town?"

"Zyon can travel there himself. He doesn't need an escort. He'll be fine. Now hurry up, we're almost out of here."

Kilo and Mokolo exited the cave and to their surprise found a civilization at their feet. It was a small city just below the small cliff they stood on. They continued along the edge looking for a path down to the city.

"Wouldn't it be nice if we had an Earthbender to make a path?" Kyla quipped. Mokolo didn't reply, he kept walking along. Kilo stared at Mokolo, but didn't say anything either.

When they finally found a path, they were interrupted by a group of Firebenders with paintings on their bodies the color of red. They surrounded the group quickly. The tallest of the group took a step forward and introduced himself.

"Hello. My name is Tu Kon. Welcome to the city of Helios. "

"Helios? That was mentioned in the Legend of the Sun Warriors. It's just a myth," Mokolo replied.

"We are their descendants. We are their brothers and sisters under the same sky. You shall be sacrificed in the name of the Sun and the Dragons."

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