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The Fallen Moon
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Two: The Oceans



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Book Two: The Oceans
Chapter Ten

The Fallen Moon


I am like the Ocean.

I can be calm and beautiful, but savage when the time calls for it. I can bring you to safety. I can betray you in an instant like the waves on a stormy night.

Sokka crouched down next to the broken staffs. He inspected them vigorously. They seemed to only have broken on impact, not while in the air. It didn't explain the rest of the scene.

"What happened here?" Lily asked. Sokka jerked his head up at the unexpected visitor. He rose to greet her when he recognized exactly who she was. "Don't I know you?"

"You may," Sokka replied.

"What happened?" Lily asked and pointed to the staffs.

"That's what I'm trying to figure out."

"Well their staffs didn't malfunction. They only broke on impact. Most of them are still intact, only the ones near the rocks are broken."

"Exactly, so how did this happen?" Sokka asked. Lily shrugged her shoulders.

"I'm more curious as to how the bodies got like that," Lily said and pointed to the pile of bodies. They were stacked almost 30 feet high on top of each other. They were all bruised and broken, dead from the injuries of the fall.

"You were the maintenance person in my room at the Tower of the Sun. What are you doing here?" Lily suddenly interrogated him upon recalling his identity.

"Look, I'm actually a member of the Northern Water Tribe. I know you're traveling with them. Can you take me to Mokolo?"

"How do you know Chief Mokolo?" Lily asked. Sokka smiled. He was happy that Mokolo was going to be the chief.

"He's an old friend. Well more than that. Well not anymore. It's complicated."

"Do you love him?" Lily asked.


"Say it. Say it before it's too late. If I've learned anything, it's that you should always stop to tell the people you love that you love them before they're gone forever."

"Right. Well, we'll see. Can you just take me there?" Sokka asked. Lily and Sokka headed towards the ships at the bay. They didn't look back at the bodies once.

Lily led Sokka onboard of the ship. They had landed, but had yet to set up any houses. Mokolo was shuffling through the plans, trying to find the first stage of their village.

"Chief, I have someone you might love to see," Lily said, winking at Sokka.

"I'm really busy, trying to find these plans," Mokolo replied without looking up from his desk.

"Are you sure you don't want to see?" Sokka asked. Mokolo dropped the papers he was holding. He slowly looked up to see if it was true. His long lost lover was in the South Pole.

"How did you get here?"

"By boat, of course."

"No, I mean—"

"Lily, can you give us some privacy?" Sokka interrupted. Lily nodded and left, closing the door behind her. Mokolo raced over to Sokka and kissed him.

Sokka began explaining what he had done since they departed from the North. The city was in decline, what with half the population disappearing. They weren't pulling in enough food and the construction on the expansion to the city was at a complete halt. When news of Jong-Mu's death reached the North, Sokka decided to leave his wife and find Mokolo.

He reached Senlin Village not long after Mokolo had left. He found the villagers grieving. Among them, he ran into Melora. She was pregnant and alone, masquerading as the Green Spirit to keep her identity hidden from anyone who might connect her with Yinlo. She had told Sokka that she left Yinlo because of his plans. She had told him that she didn't believe they were right; that he was right.

He followed her to the Fire Nation, gathering intelligence for her along the way. Sokka discovered that Yinlo was plotting to kill the new Avatar at the Tower of the New Sun. Melora gave him a knife that would stop Yinlo from killing the Avatar forever. He followed Lily around, waiting for her to lead him to her room. Once he discovered it, he stole a maintenance uniform from the tower. He stole a row boat and rowed to the small island off shore where Melora was staying.

The following day they rowed to Tower of the Sun. Melora raced off, having given Sokka the order to switch the knife that Yinlo had planted the night before. Sokka sneaked into the tower and was able to switch the knives. It wasn't until after the eclipse was over that he discovered Melora back on their private island giving birth.

Once the baby was born, Melora told Sokka she was attacked by Yinlo. They found the Water Tribe ships and decided to stow aboard them. Sokka didn't want to reveal himself until the time was right. It was from Melora that he found out Shofini was actually Yinlo's daughter. Sokka made sure to inform Mokolo, but still wasn't ready to meet him.

"Once I discovered Yinlo was coming from Shofini, I knew I had to reveal myself. I was just about to come find you when Lily and I discovered something else," Sokka told Mokolo.

"What did you find?"

"I think it'd be easier to show you."

Mokolo followed Sokka to the wreckage site. On the way there they walked in silence, unsure of what to say to each other. Then Sokka could only think of one thing that Lily had told him and so he spurted out:

"I love you."

Mokolo was taken aback by this. He wasn't expecting it. He was just covered in Sokka's word vomit. Before he could finally muster the courage to say something, he was distracted by the horrifying scene in front of him.

The dead bodies had moved around and now spelled a message:



I am the Avatar Slayer.

I have killed two Avatars in my lifetime and tonight I kill the third.

Yinlo watched the man standing outside, peering at maps. He was looking at the plans for the igloo they were about to construct. It was to be their main communal building, and would house many for their first night in the south.

He only had to wait for the right moment to strike Mokolo and take him to his base. He wanted to find out where he was keeping Melora and Akuji.

The group of Waterbenders surrounding Mokolo went inside the igloo, leaving him alone. Yinlo was about to strike when one came back out. He pointed in the other direction to a woman and her child coming towards the two. He was showing Mokolo his family.

Yinlo stared at the child and pondered his own kid. Akuji was somewhere nearby, an upcoming Avatar.

What a strange fate. The one person I must kill is the one person I never thought would be my son. My son. I haven't said that before. My son. The Avatar. Is killing him the right thing to do? Killing the Avatar is. But killing my son? No. Killing my son who is the Avatar? The answer must be yes. I can have another son. I don't want another Avatar.

The family departed, leaving Mokolo alone. Yinlo quickly took his chance. He pounced on the Waterbender, knocking him out from behind. He dragged him up over a hill, blowing on the snow to hide his trail.

He finally reached the cave he was staying in. It smelled like a rotting corpse inside. Yinlo lit a fire after tying up Mokolo. Mokolo came to and found Yinlo staring right at him.


"Yinlo! How did you—Where am I?"


"You are surrounded by snow. You really think I can't attack you with the turn of my head?" Mokolo asked.

"Because if you do, I'll kill the remaining member of your tribe I've captured," YInlo replied and pointed to the dead body in the back of the cave, next to another man who was tied up and bleeding.

I am evil. Or am I doing evil in the name of good?

"I don't know where she is."

"How do you know who I'm even looking for?" Yinlo inquired.

Mokolo said nothing.

"Tell me how you know or I kill him," Yinlo ordered. Yinlo grabbed a knife and walked over to the man tied up.

"Don't!" the man murmured amidst the pain.

"Yinlo!" Mokolo screamed at him. Yinlo marched over to Mokolo and put the knife at his throat.

"Tell me how you know."

"Sokka! My friend Sokka knows. He's been traveling with her!" Mokolo pleaded.

"Thank you," Yinlo stated and walked over to the other Waterbender in the cave. He promptly stabbed him in the heart, killing him. Yinlo walked over to Mokolo and smiled once again. "Your fate will be the same."


I am a man with a vision.

Since having traveled to the Spirit World while in the North, I was given a vision from Palokk of a tribe in the south. Since then, I've devoted my time to making plans for developing our city based on that vision. I will lead this tribe into our future.

Kilo knocked on the door to Dakko's old room. He was looking for Kyla. He hadn't seen her since they arrived in the South Pole. He knocked again and then entered when there was no answer.

"Hey! Hi Kilo!" Kyla said nervously. She was holding a blanket over a box.

"What's going on?" Kilo asked. Kyla stood motionless for a few seconds, and then decided to reveal it to him having no other choice.

"Dakko was keeping a huge secret," Kyla answered and uncovered the two koi fish swimming around in a small circle in the box of ice. Kilo's jaw dropped at the sight of them. He couldn't think of what to say. "What do we do, Kilo?"

Kilo was stuck in his head. His extreme shock led him to stop blinking and almost drool.

"Kilo!" she yelled to get his attention. He shook his head and blinked rapidly.

"They... They can't survive long there."

"So what do we do?"

"Let's find a safe place for them and create a pond. Then we can tell Mokolo and maybe get them back to the North Pole to their real Oasis."

"Right. Okay that makes sense," Kyla agreed.

Kyla and Kilo covered up the koi fish and went out to find a place to hide them. Along the way Kilo began thinking about how he got to this point. It didn't seem like too long ago that he was in the North Pole dealing with the Spirits.

Our entire trip has been a disaster. It started with the death of the Avatar. Jong-Mu died so they could get to the South. And then we found that horrible village. And I got Shofini in trouble. Am I a horrible leader? I've been hanging around Mokolo for what? It's obvious I want to be next Chief after him. Once his time comes though, would I even be good at leading these people?

"You look like you're in some deep thought. What's on your mind?" Kyla asked.

"I was just thinking about some of the decisions I've made recently. I don't think I'm a good leader."

"Are you hoping to be the chief one day?"

"Maybe," Kilo replied, a bit embarrassed.

"I think you'd be a great chief," Kyla told him. "You made mistakes. All great leaders do. It's how they become great leaders."

"Thanks, Kyla."

"But it doesn't matter. There's someone far better at being chief than you."


"Me!" Kyla exclaimed and let out a giggle which led to a snort. Now it was Kyla who was embarrassed.

And with a quick chuckle, his mouth suddenly opened releasing three words he could never take back.

"I love you," Kilo smiled with a titled head. His head instantly straightened up upon realization of what he had just told her. He waited in silence as Kyla looked off into the distance. It became clear to him that she was nothing going to answer. "Over there, that looks good." Kilo pointed to a rocky area near the sea. Kyla nodded and headed that way without him.

Why did I just say that? I don't actually love her—do I? At least I was able to stop her from having to come up with a response.

"Coming?" Kyla shouted. Kilo rushed ahead, moving the box of Spirit fish by using his bending.


I am a mother.

My duty is to my child. I will do anything so that he can live. He is my life. He is the future. I will do anything for him.

Melora watched her son who was sleeping peacefully in his makeshift crib. Melora had stayed behind on the ship in her room, not wanting to reveal herself to the rest of the tribe. The ships that had split from Mokolo and his crew met up with them at the last point of the Galapagos where the new Air Temple was being built. Melora hid herself among one of these ships, staying away from those who knew her identity because of what happened at the Serpent's Pass.

Sokka knocked on the door four times, Melora responded with two knocks, and Sokka answered with one more before entering. He closed and locked the door behind him. He sat down across from Melora. He had learned a long time ago to let Melora begin speaking and never interrupt her thoughts.

"What news do you have?" she asked after a minute of silence sat in the room.

"Nothing as of yet. No sign of Yinlo. It has been reported that five members of our tribe are missing."

"Do you know who they are?" Melora questioned. Sokka waited a few seconds to answer, pondering something.

"No, I don't believe I do."

"It's Yinlo. He's kidnapping people, trying to find out if they know where I am."

"How can you be so sure?"

"Because nothing else makes sense. We're the only ones on this hunk of ice!" Melora shouted. Sokka didn't reply.

Melora walked away from her child, realizing her yelling could have woken him up. There was a soft knock suddenly. She nearly snapped her neck when she jerked her head to the direction of the door.

"Hide!" Sokka urged, trying to whisper.

Sokka helped Melora hide behind a dresser. She crouched behind it, wondering who it could possibly be.

Just don't be Yinlo. Don't be Yinlo. Please keep my baby safe, Sokka.

She listened as Sokka walked away from the dresser and headed slowly to the door. He opened it up and then closed it. From there, Melora was lost. She couldn't decide if it was safe to come out. After nearly ten minutes of silence she stepped out from her hiding place.

She walked over to Akuji's crib and began hyperventilating. He was gone. It wasn't Yinlo. It was Yinlo forcing Sokka to. She was sure of it. Melora ran out of the room, racing to stop Sokka from letting Yinlo kill her son.


I am a slayer of men and women alike.

Death does not discriminate, and neither shall I. Today, I kill my own blood and flesh for the good of mankind.

"Thank you, Sokka," Yinlo stated as he handed over the baby.

"I assure you, you're not welcome," Sokka replied angrily. He only did it for one reason. He glanced over at Mokolo, who was tied up and bruised. He was next to the two dead bodies in the back of the cave. "Please, let us go now. You have the Avatar. You win. You get to rule the world or whatever it is you want to do. You get to throw the world out of balance all for your own greed."

"Oh, it's not my greed," Yinlo said. "You'd be a fool to think this is all my doing. I was hired to do this."

"What do you mean?" Sokka asked.

"Oh, it's not much of your concern. Come on now, take your boyfriend and leave. Before I change my mind."

"Not before you release the others."

"There are no others."

"We have five people missing. There are two unaccounted for. Where are they?" Sokka inquired.

"I took three people. Those two unlucky souls and the Chief. That was it. You have two missing villagers? Well it looks like you have a bigger mystery on your hands," Yinlo contended and walked away with the baby Avatar.

Yinlo headed to the West with Akuji, ready to finally end the cycle once and for all.

All my life, I have been looking for a purpose. When they came along, and showed me the path—it was a blessing. Finally, I will change the world. I will be immortal.


I am the girl who will give birth to a legend.

Or so I am told. I've been called a legend. But why? Because sometimes I have an amazing ability to bend water? That doesn't make me a legend. That makes me a coward. I have all this potential and I don't use it. Why? What am I afraid of? Even now, all I have to do is make a pond but I won't. Instead, I'm letting Kilo do it. How come?

Kilo looked up and gave a slight smile to Kyla. She was thinking deeply though, causing her to miss his smile. He took it as a sign that she was still not okay with what he told her. Kilo looked back down and continued cutting away at the rocks with whips of water to make a pond.

"This isn't very effective," Kilo stated. "It may take some time."

"That's fine," Kyla replied, barely listening.

Legends speak of the time when a moon will fall. The moon will rise. The moon will fall. Underneath there lies, one who will answer the call. What did it mean? I'm not sure. It had been passed down generation after generation as a warning of a future coming. Some thought it meant the moon falling each night, and the sun was the one who came to call in the morning. Others believed it meant something much darker, the actual fall of the mortal form of the Moon.

Am I like a fallen moon? I could have risen. My powers certainly were very powerful. But I don't use them. Then someone else comes along, like the sun. Like Kilo. It's so easy for him. He just bends. He never got to as a child and now it's all he wants to do. I've had them my whole life and I just never used them because of the rules. Why did I just follow them so blindly?

"Kyla!" Kilo shouted, snapping Kyla back to reality.


"Yeah," Kyla said. "Let me do it."

Kyla bended the water around the fish, floating them towards the pond Kilo had created. Kilo began melting the snow and flowing the water into the hole. He heated it, so the fish wouldn't freeze. Kyla placed them into the pond and they began swimming around each other in larger and larger circles.

"They seem content," Kyla observed.

"Happy," Kilo suggested.

The air around them began to grow warm. The snow on the ground near the pond melted. Grass quickly took its place.

"The spirits. They must be making it habitable for the Ocean and the Moon."

"That's amazing!" Kyla gasped.

The moment of serenity evaporated instantaneously. Whatali emerged from the pond, blasting spouts of water and ice at Kyla and Kilo. They each took cover behind the rocks that surrounded the pond. The spikes of ice were all piling around the pond, creating a shield from the sky.

"Where are you going?" Kilo asked just as Kyla began running towards the falling icicles.

"Come on!" Kyla shouted and continued on. She created a shield of ice above her head. She made it thick, hoping it could withstand any icicles. She made her way to the pond, weaving in and out of the giant icicles. She just managed to fit through the last opening to the pond. She was inside the giant teepee of ice with Whatali. The spirit released a loud shriek.

Kyla looked around. She had nowhere to go. There was no way she could get into the Spirit World. She faced Whatali and began taking steps backwards.

What do I do? What do I do? What I do?

Kyla closed her eyes and threw up her arms and then slammed them down to the ground. Shards of the icicles came falling from the roof, hitting Whatali. Whatali fell into the pond, but not before grabbing Kyla pulling her into the Spirit World.

I am not the moon. I am the Girl from the Spirit World. I take down spirits. I am that powerful. I am a legend.

LILY & MELORA I am the fire that didn't die.

When all other flames were extinguished, I remained behind. I survived. Why? I'm not sure. But if I'm all there is, then I will spread like wildfire. I will conquer my enemies and burn their life to the ground.

Lily could only think about the revenge she wished to seek out. After hearing of Omu's revenge on Shofini, Lily was positive that her only action could be revenge on Yinlo for killing her family.

She wandered the surroundings of their settlement after discovering Sokka near the dead bodies of the Airbenders. She was looking for clues. She figured it must've been Yinlo's work, and wanted to find a trail. She found none, though.

It wasn't until she saw a woman running in the snow that she found her lead. It was Melora, and she was heading West. Lily sprinted to catch up with her.

"Where are you going?" Lily asked, trying to get her to stop. She didn't.

"I'm going to get you, Yinlo!" Melora shouted, talking to herself more than Lily.

"Yinlo? You know where he is?"

Melora stopped running and looked at the firebender. "Why do you want to know?"

"Because I want to kill him," Lily said upfront. Melora smiled. The two exchanged a few more details before heading west on two different paths.

Lily was traveling through some valleys of snow when she discovered another man walking in the distance. He was holding something, what looked like a baby to Lily. She darted after him.

"YINLO!" she bellowed. Yinlo turned around in shock, and then continued on his way. Lily ran up to his side and put her body in front of him to stop his walking. Yinlo tried going around but she wouldn't let him.

"You're the girl from the Tower. Yes, I remember you. What would you like? A fate similar to your mother and sister?" Yinlo cackled.

Lily exhaled, releasing flames from her nostrils out of pure anger. The flames practically protruded from her own eyes. Lily swept her hands from left to right, creating a ring of fire around Yinlo. She snuck behind him and walked through the flames unharmed. A knife was sticking out of Yinlo's backpack. It was the same one he used to kill Zola. She grabbed the knife and rose it over Yinlo.

The flames were extinguished with one swift blast of air. Yinlo grabbed Lily's wrist and took the knife from her gloved hands.

"You think it would be that easy?" Yinlo inquired. "Now, watch as I kill the last Avatar."

"You're not going to kill him and we both know it," Melora interrupted. She walked over to Yinlo and shook her baby's tiny hand, and then kissed Akuji on the forehead.

"Melora, so nice of you to come."

"I wouldn't miss a reunion between father and son."

"This thing is not my son," Yinlo retorted.

"You're right. He's my son. Now give him to me."

"You know I can't do that."

"Do not take him to them," Melora urged. Lily looked at her in confusion. Yinlo caught her change in visual expression.

"Oh, little Firebender. You are just a pawn in Melora's game."

"What is he talking about?" Lily asked.

"Go on Melora. Why don't you tell her? No? Well let me. See, Melora and I are not working alone. In fact, we work for the others that live here in the South Pole."


"A danger beyond anything you've ever seen. They know true power. After the destruction of the Air Colony, Melora and I spent our time traveling the southern hemisphere. We were kidnapped by a ship of bodies and eventually found ourselves in the South Pole. We were taken in by them. I wasn't good enough to join, however. But once they heard of what happened between the Avatar and the Air Colony, I was suddenly worthy of a mission. They tasked me with ending the Avatar Cycle. Melora joined my cause once I told her of it."

"Who are you working for?" Lily asked, assuming a fighting stance directed at Yinlo. She then directed it at Melora. "Why am I your pawn?"

"You're not," Melora replied. "Yinlo is."

"What?" Yinlo questioned, shocked. "Of course she is. You're just being used so she can get her child back!"

"She's aware of that. She's not my pawn. She's my accomplice. That's right. See, when you came to me that day with their knowledge—with their sick mission for you...well that's when I came up with my own plan."

"You're lying!"

"Am I? I got you to kill two Avatars, and at what a convenient time—right when I was pregnant. There were plenty of times to kill Jong-Mu. But I stopped you, claiming the timing wasn't right. You were so hard on yourself, so worried you'd fail them, that you let me get into your head. I got you to hold off because you were so afraid of failing."

Yinlo was stunned, unable to close his mouth or blink. He tried to contemplate what Melora was telling him. Was it true? Had she been pulling strings this whole time.

"Why?" Yinlo asked.

"Because I wanted an Avatar to be my way to power. I wanted to raise my own Avatar and conquer the world. Why waste a power when you can gain it?

"It doesn't matter," he finally said. "You lost. I am almost at their doorstep. The end of the Avatar is here."

"Wrong," Lily stated.

"Not wrong," Yinlo responsed and began creating a tornado. The tornado grew weaker though, and eventually disappeared. "What's going on?"

"You're dying," Melora informed him. Yinlo gazed at Melora in disbelief.

"The handle of that knife seems strange, huh?" Lily asked, showing her gloves. Yinlo looked down at his hands. They were covered in a fine white powder. He had been poisoned.

Yinlo fell down to his knees. He tossed Akuji into the snow and tried cleaning his hands with the snow.

"It's too late. Your skin has already absorbed the poison," Lily stated with a slight smile.

Yinlo looked up and reached out for help. Melora and Lily both took a step back. His hand was grasping the air to no avail. Finally he fell forward with one final breath.

Melora picked up her child, making sure he was okay. She held him close to her chest, happy he was safe once again.

"Melora, we need to talk," Lily blurted out.

"I must go now."

"You can't take the Avatar. Not with your plans. He is not a weapon. He is a human being. He is your son. You can't train him to be your pet that does your every command!" Lily started shouting out of anger.

"What I do with my child is for me to decide."

"How are you any different from him? You lied to get power. You may not be doing it the same way, and maybe the idea of keeping life stops you from realizing you are delusional because you are. You are going to ruin your child. He will grow up exactly like Yinlo!" Lily pleaded.

Melora didn't say anything though. She left without another word. Lily was left alone in the silence of the setting sun.

I am the fire that cannot be stopped.

She looked at the dead body near her. There was no heartbeat or breath. He was gone. And she played a part in his death.

How is it over already? It was just a moment ago he was alive and now... Am I murderer? Can you kill for the right reasons? I didn't even apply the poison to the knife technically. The gloves did and Melora was the one who put the powder on the outside. But I helped. And now she could very well be turning the Avatar into a weapon.

Lily looked around her. Snow in every direction. Not a sign of life. She had no clue where to go or what to do next.


I am a mother.

But do I stay one? Do I raise him under my plans so he becomes just like his father?

"I will always be your mother, Akuji."

Melora left her child in a thick patch of grass with a note on top. She kissed Akuji on his forehead with her eyes closed. She kept them closed as she got up and turned around. She didn't want to look back at him, as it would be a long time before they saw each other again.

Before she took another step, she let a few tears roll down her cheek.

"I'll be back for you one day, Akuji. I promise."

Melora gripped her grinder and began sprinting away from her child. She took to the air and crossed the sea to the Earth Kingdom.

She remained a nomad for about a month before coming across a large swamp on the west coast. Something was calling her to it. She wandered the forest in the swamp for two days before she came in contact with anyone.

"Melora?" the woman said.

"How do you know me?" she asked.

"Because your husband killed the Avatar," the woman answered. "But according to someone else in my tribe, you died."

"You're part of the Water Tribe?" Melora asked.

"We were. Now we're the Foggy Swamp Tribe. When we departed from the Fire Nation, we decided to split from the rest of the group. We didn't want to be led under Mokolo's rule. So we found this place. Some Earthbenders travel through, and a lot stay. We're mixing our cultures and creating our own."

"I suppose you wouldn't have room for an airbender who has nothing to do with her dead husband?" Melora pleaded.

The woman smiled and nodded her head. "Of course we do. Time is an illusion after all."

"I'm sorry, I don't follow," Melora replied.

"I'm still working on it. Come with me. We can set you up with a hut," the woman offered and led her to their village. Melora looked at her battered hands as they continued on.

Traveling the globe didn't make me forget my son. Perhaps getting a new family would. No. Who am I kidding? I could never forget Akuji.

I am his mother. That's why I had to leave him behind. I love him. He will do better without me for now. But I will always be his mother.


I am a rock.

I stick to my plans. I never sway or falter off course. I am a rock. I am dependent. I am... not alone.

"Hello?" Omu called out. He was taking his morning walk when he heard a cry from the distance. He made his way towards it and found a baby in the tall grass with a note.

The note read: Raise him to be good. Never anything else.

Look at this little fellow. I wonder how far from home he is. Probably as far as me. This isn't home. I've tried to make myself a home here but with most of the temple complete I've become useless again.

Omu looked at the child and picked him up.

"You must feel like I do. No family. No home. Well then... what should we do?"

I am a rock, staying stone still. Only problem is, I'm stuck somewhere that isn't home.


I am Ruler of the North.

They left our Nation in ruins, attacked by the Guardian Spirit after stealing the Moon and Ocean spirits. They will not be the greater nation. We will come for them. Now that Jong-Mu is dead, and his spies have confirmed Dakko stole the Spirits—there was no better time for revenge.

His blood slowly leaked out of his body. It ran like a river down his leg, flowing to the floorboards of the ship. Her fingers rose next to the injury. The blood on his arm came to a halt. It began traveling up his leg to where the deep cut was. The blood flowed over the wound and began solidifying. Water was then placed over the cut and began to glow.

"Thank you."

"Welcome, Sir," the Pincher replied to Toko.

"Are the rest of the ships ready?"

"I believe so. Most everyone is coming. Those who aren't have opted to stay in Taku for the time being."

"Good. We will need the numbers if we are to save our Nation."

"It won't be that easy," the Pincher responded, focusing still on his cut.

"Mokolo isn't that strong. We can hold him until we get the Spirits back."

"Mokolo is not the hardship I speak of."

"Then what is?"

"A great danger lies in the South. "The ones at night, that move your legs, they take your heart to bed. And in the morning, before you wake, you surely will be dead."

"I assure you. No one makes Toko run. They shall not be making me run. Nor will they take my heart. I promise you, come morning they will be the dead ones," Toko responded, trying to show confidence and hide the fear that she instilled in him.

"Perhaps. Or perhaps red is a beautiful color on you," the Pincher retorted.

Toko pulled away from her healing session and headed to the stern of the ship. He watched as the North Pole began to disappear. His home, his land. Now he was setting sail for more of his land. He smiled, shaking off all thoughts of the danger the Pincher warned him about.

I am Ruler of the North. Soon I will be Ruler of the South too.


I am the thief in the night.

For so long, I have tried being good. I have ridden down paths that others have ordered me to, claiming it was right. Well no more. From here on out, I am on my own path. I decide what's good and what's bad. I choose where we go. I am my own leader.

Not far from a peninsula of the South Pole, Dakko was wandering with about a dozen other Waterbenders. A woman was holding on to his arm.

"Let's continue West of here."

"No!" the woman protested.

"Why not?" Dakko asked.

"That is the place. The great danger lies there."

"The great danger? You mean where I was—"

"Yes!" the woman interrupted, not wanting to hear the words. "Evil is there."

"And what's wrong with evil?" Dakko grinned. The woman looked down, just barely understanding what he had meant.

If people want to call me evil, then so be it. I know my intentions are good at heart.

Koko and Tu Kon's faces flashed in his mind for a second. He clenched his fists.

I was doing what I thought I should. How was I to know what would have happened? They call my acts evil. Fine! I'm evil. Their evil is my good. Let's see who is right. It will only be a matter of time until the rest of the tribe arrived in the South Pole.


I am the moon.

I guide the night. I bring life to our fallen tribe. I will lead us to greatness. After having my authority questioned, I have proved myself to be a leader. I am the moon, and everyone will follow me.

Mokolo began lighting a fire underneath the Full Moon. He was waiting for Sokka to arrive. It was their first night in the South Pole together. After Sokka's surprising re-entry into his life, Mokolo had finally gotten over the shock and wanted to make it clear that he still did love Sokka. He felt the necklace in his pocket. It was a Northern Tradition that he didn't like that much, but it was the significance of his loyalty that Mokolo wanted to make clear.

With the fire lit, Mokolo only had to wait. He glared at the moon as it began to fall to the horizon. Mokolo felt a weird presence oddly.

Then everything stopped. Mokolo fell to the ground. The last thing he saw was Sokka running towards him.

I love you, Sokka.


I am the ocean and he is my moon.

Together we complement one another. He his passionate and I am reserved. He is loud, I am silent. I love him. He... Does he love me? He seemed so unsure. And then out of nowhere a date in the middle of the night? Perhaps it's his way of ending it. He always must make everything so meaningful.

After leaving the small settlement they had managed to build within the course of one day, Sokka climbed to the top of a hill and looked down at the bottom. Mokolo had just finished lighting a fire. Sokka couldn't help but smile at the sight of his beloved Moon.

Sokka noticed something coming towards Mokolo. He took a few steps forward, trying to see what it was. It looked like a man, but covered in fur and with a mane. Then there was another, followed by more and more.

Mokolo's body froze. Sokka watched as he dropped down to the ground, paralyzed. He instantly ran for him as Mokolo stared at Sokka with lifeless eyes.

"No!" Sokka cried out as tears began falling down his face. "No! No! NO!"

He fell to his knees and took Mokolo's body in his arms. He couldn't stop himself from crying anymore and the tears came rushing out like a waterfall.

"I love you," Sokka whispered to Mokolo over and over again. He nearly forgot about the Bloodbenders coming his way.

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