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One: The North



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Book One: The North
Chapter Five


~ Spirit World ~

Kyla would've forced him to fly her there if she could've. Instead she had to settle on dragging the Avatar into the Oasis as fast as she could. Jong-Mu created a shield of air to prevent the hail from harming either of the two.

"Do you know what spirit it was?" Jong-Mu shouted

"No, it looked like a fish of sorts."


Kyla didn't need to worry about the Avatar getting distracted by the revolution—it had ceased after the destruction of the healing temple. Toko and his men retreated into what was left of the palace. The storm had become too catastrophic for anyone to be outside, excluding the Avatar.

They entered the Spirit Oasis, which seemed to not be affected by the storm somehow. Kyla guessed it had something to do with the spirits.

"Let's go!" Kyla yelled at the Avatar.

"We can't exactly just go into the Spirit World. I mean, I can but it's not that easy to get someone else in. To be honest I don't know if it's even possible."

"Then go without me. Get my friend back!" Kyla was shocked at her words. When did they become friends?

"I don't even know what he looks like."

"If a spirit pulled Kilo to the Spirit World... then you should go into the Spirit World and drag me in!" Kyla suggested. The Avatar was taken back by her brilliance. He sat down on the grass, increasing his connection to the Earth, giving him a feeling of incredible power. He stared at the koi fish and entered the Spirit World.

Jong-Mu opened his eyes and found himself on a large lily pad in the middle of a swampy forest. He stepped to the edge of the plant and peered into the water. He could see his body, along with Kyla, instead of his reflection. The Avatar reached a hand in and quickly pulled the healer into the Spirit World. Kyla flew through the water in seconds, no barrier this time. She was flung onto the lily pad, landing on her back.

"I can't believe that worked!" Kyla yelled in excitement as she got up.

"Okay, now let's find your friend."

"Where do we even begin?"

"This way," the Avatar stated and began walking away.

"How do you know?"

"Because I'm the Avatar."


"And I saw your friend in Taku. He was riding on my previous life's polar leopard. We must find Palokk and then retrieve your friend."

"Kilo," Kyla corrected him. The Avatar simply walked away. She quickly ran after him, while peering from side to side at the mystical realm.

As they continued on, Kyla became curious of the spirits and tried to squeeze every bit of information she could out of the Avatar. He told her the origin of Tui and La, who chose to take mortal form in the Oasis. Then he told of the legend of one his past lives. Born to the Water Tribe, an Avatar named Okko captured a spirit without any bending. The spirit begged for mercy, which he gave—so long as the spirit guarded the Oasis for as long as it existed. The spirit, angry at the Avatar for enslaving her, pulled the Moon back into the Spirit World.

When Okko realized this, he was in what is now called Ba Sing Se. He had no way of getting to a portal to the Spirit World in time. He knew of one way. It is told he sacrificed himself as to enter the Spirit World immediately. Then he found Whatali and brought the moon back to the physical world. From then on he made himself the guard of the guardian, making sure she didn't steal a spirit again.

"The Oasis is a bridge to the Spirit World, one of the few. It's the spirits way of checking in on the world and maintaining balance. They know what we're up to. We can keep no secrets from them. They guide us with their omniscience."

~ Eastern Cliffs ~

Taizo and Yinlo traveled to the top of the Eastern cliffs. They opted to travel to the cliffs anyhow, as Yinlo was very excited to show Taizo the move. They created a shield of air above them. Melora stayed behind due to her pregnancy.

Inside a cave on the cliffs, Yinlo had just revealed his airbending move. Taizo was floored. Literally, the attack brought him to the floor in an almost eerily familiar fashion he couldn't quite pin.

"Yinlo, that was amazing. So much power."

"I can teach you."

"I will join. No way am I passing up an opportunity to bend like that."

"You must do something for me first. You see Taizo, I told you our group has gained a purpose. We are here to make the water nation pay!" Yinlo almost yelled. He clenched his teeth and began blowing large puffs of air out of his nose.

"What did they do to you, to your group?" Taizo asked, scared of how angry the past was affecting this great Airbender.

"They froze my parents to death. They encased them in ice and I literally had to watch them freeze to death. The others with me, they too have felt the wrath of those waterbending demons."

"The waterbenders seem so peaceful, why did they attack?"

"I need you to steal the Ocean spirit, Taizo. It will take away their bending. We will have all the control. We will divide this nation in half; it practically is all ready. When we take away their bending, they will pay for what they did. Taizo, that monster of a Chief orders non-benders out of the city by the age of eighteen. When my family was visiting the Earth Kingdom, we were attacked by those non-benders. They were enraged to be separated from their home simply because they weren't born as a bender. They began attacking all benders, learning ways to block their chi. The non-benders caused my parents to attack themselves. Their attacks didn't reach the enemies but themselves instead. They airbended themselves into water, and their breath cooled it. Suddenly it was ice. They became stuck in ice, unable to bend. I was hidden, secretly watching my parents die."

"That's horrible."

"I need you to steal it. Steal the moon spirit,Taizo."

Taizo was unsure of this task, well aware of the dangers that come with messing with the spirits. But the raw power of Yinlo's move was too tempting.

"If I am to learn that airbending move, I shall do it."

~ Mokolo's Mansion ~

Mokolo walked into his Manor of Ice. There he was met by his lover.

"This storm is pretty terrible. I was worried you weren't coming back."

"I would never leave you," Mokolo smiled, then quickly went back to looking devastated.

"What's wrong?"

"The members of the coup were killed by the Hail storm. Then a member of the rebellion killed innocent civilians."

"What? Who?"

"Dakko," Mokolo answered unhappily.

"This is horrible. What are we going to do?"

"I'm not sure. This could end our whole cause," Mokolo said and closed his eyes. His lover walked over to him and gave him a hug. "What kind of leader doesn't protect his men? I should've protected them. I should've prevented Dakko from—"

"Mokolo," Sokka said, "No one can prevent what they can't predict. You can't prevent weather, even as great a waterbender you are—that was out of your control. And Dakko, that wasn't even a plan of yours. Don't blame yourself. They kept that a secret from you. You can still lead this revolution."

"Thank you Sokka," Mokolo said and kissed him on the cheek.

~ The Spirit World ~

"Hello Palokk."

"Hello again, Avatar Jong-Mu. Hello Kyla." Kyla was stunned the spirit knew her. "Kilo screamed your name upon entering the Spirit World." Kyla was stunned again by the spirit knowing exactly what she was thinking.

"Where is the boy?" Jong-Mu asked.

"He's traveling with my Polar-Leopard. He needs to see something. You needn't worry, he'll be back soon and you can be on your way. I must warn you, his return may bring some mistakes. But that's in our blood after all."

"When will he be back?" Kyla questioned him.

"Any second. Jong-Mu, I must warn you of a danger coming in the Oasis. It would be wise to stay near it in the oncoming nights."

"What is going to happen?"

"Someone is going to place the spirits in danger." Palokk suddenly bent the snow around him and formed a small wall surrounding the three, with an opening as well. Kyla was immediately impressed. She tried bending some water but found she couldn't. She watched as he began bending and shaping what seemed like a new home, raising pillars from the ground and forming a Palace. "I don't like to stay in the same home very long. I change it often. I'm feeling rather open today. Oh and here is your friend."

With that statement, Kilo returned on the giant Polar Leopard. He was unconscious, but alive.

"Go back and protect the Oasis," Palokk said and continued changing his environment.

Jong-Mu nodded. Kyla attended to Kilo, looking for any signs of injury so she could heal him as soon as they entered the physical realm. She found none.

"Come Kyla," Jong-Mu said and carried Kilo out of the Spirit World. Kyla studied Palokk for a bit, astounded by his bending. Then followed Jong-Mu back to the Oasis.

~ Koko's Hut ~

Dakko woke up on a couch, trying to wrap his head around what had happened and where he was. Toko had knocked him out.

"You're awake," Koko said. This was her home. He realized that once he took a second to look around.

"What happened?"

"Mokolo delivered you here. He told me what you did. When Toko finds out you are going to prison."

"What I did?"

"You rallied up all those sick patients and then killed them. You shot a giant ball of ice at the roof, shattering it."

"I killed them," Dakko said in shock. He could barely breathe.

"My father has found a husband for me. I all ready have a betrothal necklace."

"But you don't have to follow those rules, the revolution—"

"The revolution killed innocent lives. I am not on the side of murderers. I am choosing to follow those rules now."

"Murderer, I'm not a murderer! It was an accident!" Dakko tried to reason, but she didn't care. She was all ready walking away.

"It's over Dakko. I want you to go to your home because I do not let strangers in my house. You are a stranger to me. I don't know you anymore. I thought you... Just leave." Koko held her tears back, determined not to cry.

Dakko limped out of the hut, unsure of what to say. He had put the patients in that room. Dakko could only reason that it was his fault. He continued out in the hail storm, barely attempting to make a shield above him. Then he stopped bending and fell to the ground. To his surprise, no ice hit him.

Taizo was standing above him, with a gust of air keeping the hail away.

"Who are you?"

"I need to talk to you."

Taizo brought him to safety, a quiet small abandoned igloo made of ice.

"How do you know me?" Dakko asked. "And who are you?"

"My name is Taizo. I'm here to help you. I heard about what they're claiming you've done. I know of a way for you to redeem yourself."

"How?" Dakko asked, intrigued as what he could possibly do to make up for his crime.

"Start a new tribe. Stop the revolution by taking your citizens and creating a new tribe!"

"How will that redeem me?"

"It won't redeem you here. But if you take the Spirits and start a new tribe--you'll be a hero. In order to make a new tribe, you must have power. You must steal the moon spirit. It controls all your bending."

"I know. Control. I would have control." Dakko remembered his vision at the Oasis. He was sure now, more than ever, this was his destiny.

"Who would care about your incident?"

"Because I would have control," Dakko gazed away from Taizo, formulating his own plan. Taizo was pleased and assured that Dakko was going to do the deed. "I'll do it."

"Excellent," Taizo smiled. He felt empowered by his craftiness. Getting someone else to take the blame for the disturbance in the Spirit World would satisfy Yinlo's needs as well as his own desire to not be harmed by the Guardians of the Oasis.

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