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The Water Tribes


One: The North



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Book One: The North
Chapter Four

Hail Storm

~ Spirit Oasis ~

Kyla got up from her knees. She scurried to the side of the Oasis and began wading in the water. She used her bending to create a bubble of air around her head. She didn't even mean to; it almost happened instinctively. It felt like the bottom was never going to come as she dove downwards. Finally she felt her air was almost used up. Kyla swam to the top in what seemed like seconds.

"Help!" She shouted in between her heavy breathing.

Kyla dove again into the abyss. This time she hit the ground. Nothing. No entrance. No Spirit World. No anything. Kyla resurfaced and found no one there to aide her. She dove again. Nothing.

Kyla repeated this five or six times. Finally she gave up and sat on the warm grass of the Oasis. She couldn't think of anything to do. She had no clue how to get to the bottom of the endless water, let alone cross over into the Spirit World.

The Spirit World.

Kyla raced out of the oasis, knowing only one person could save Kilo.

~ Eastern Cliffs ~

Taizo sat down at the table. Yinlo and Melora set the table for dinner.

"Thank you for inviting me to dinner."

"Well your talk about finding a home inspired me. You see, Melora and I have traveled the world and found there is no one place to be at home."

"I have traveled the world as well and arrived at the same conclusion."

"Exactly. See it is not the place you are but the people you are with that matters. We would like you to join our group."

"Right. Well I'm fine alone."

"That's what I thought. But as time goes on and places become old, the only thing left is new faces."

"Is there some basis to your group?"

"In the beginning there wasn't, but as we've grown we have developed a special airbending move that makes us half as good as Avatars—almost. We still have some progress to make."

"Almost? Half as good?"

"Trust me, if you knew it—you'd never look back." Yinlo took a bit of his dinner and smiled. Taizo's head was spinning.

"Your offer sounds tempting, but I was just planning on staying in the North Pole to be honest. I quite like it here."

"Even in the middle of a revolution? Look, come to the top of the cliff with me after dinner and I will show you the power you could have."


"Please, let the man eat now, Yinlo," Melora firmly stated. Yinlo nodded his head and they continued their meal quietly.

~ The Bay ~

Kyla rushed down to the bay and grabbed a piece of paper. She quickly scrawled down a message and tied it to a snowy owlsquirrel.

She watched it fly out over the Ocean. Kyla felt powerless. All she could do was wait and hope the Avatar would arrive soon.

Then it hit her. A piece of hail the size of a fist pelted her in shoulder. Kyla fell down immediately. She lost consciousness for a few seconds. When she got up she was being hit by hundreds of tiny pieces of hail, occasionally dodging a larger one.

A hand reached out and grabbed her. Suddenly she found herself inside a small home. Wato was sitting in the corner. He was watching as his father began turning the roof above them into an ice shield.

"Are you a bender? I could use some help!"

"No," Kyla lied. "I mean, my shoulder was hurt."

"Oh right. Wato heal her shoulder."

"But you said—" Wato began to protest but was cut off.

"We're not in public! Heal her shoulder." Wato walked over to the injured healer and began healing her shoulder.

"Try a little higher," she said, knowing full well what he should be doing. Suddenly she thought of her snowy owlsquirrel. What if the message doesn't make it to Jong-Mu?

~ Chief's Palace ~


There was no one there. The entire palace was empty.

"Is it a coup if they're just on vacation?" one of the members of Team Blue Moon asked.

"I guess?" another replied with uncertainty.

"We're here to claim the throne!" Another shouted.

"So should we have someone report to Mokolo?"

A large rumble came from above. Suddenly the waterfall was filling with chunks of ice.

"What is going on?"

"Is this their defense?"

"I don't think so."

One of the members took a step closer to look up the waterfall. A huge block of ice came rushing down, hitting the back of the wall and shooting right at the revolution member. He was killed instantly.

A large crack came from above. The rest of the team tried scurrying out of the Palace when the roof collapsed. Their bodies were encased in snow and ice, leaving their souls to be free.

~ Healing Temple ~

They ran from building to building, forcing families to flee and claiming every structure as their own. They arrived to their first large building that wasn't a civilian's home. The healing temple deflected the falling ice as the roof was quickly turned into an ice shield at the beginning of the hail storm.

The group blasted a wall open of the temple and invaded. They rounded up any ill into a room in the back, then forced the healers to leave. A few refused to leave the sick behind. Dakko and his followers allowed them to stay, then exited the building.

There they were met by a group of waterbenders led by Toko. Dakko was shocked. He expected the chief to be at the Palace.

As the hail began to fall, both sides began using them as weapons. Men were being pelted with balls of ice, leaving many with concussions, on the ground—continually being hit by the falling ice from the clouds.

Toko and Dakko were face to face. Toko whipped his hands over his head in a circular motion. The ice above him stopped. He then slapped his hands together, causing the ice to compact. He threw it towards Dakko who lifted his arms up and tossed the ice ball into the air.

It quickly fell down onto the back of the Healing Temple.

Dakko formed an ice ball just as Toko did and began to shoot it straight at the chief. Just as it was about to hit him Dakko turned it into water, pushing the chief back a couple feet onto his back.

Behind him the temple was collapsing, and it occurred to Dakko that the ice ball he deflected landed in the back—where the sick were all placed.

Toko shot a ball of ice at Dakko, knocking him unconscious at the base of the falling temple.

~ Eastern Cliffs ~

Yinlo and Melora snuck away to their kitchen as Taizo looked outside. Yinlo pulled Melora to the furthest side of the room.

"Melora we need to talk."

"About what dear?"

"I know," Yinlo began. Melora immediately looked down, displeased with herself.

"How did you find out?"

"Some subtle signs. You're only sick in the morning. Plus your face is telling me so right now."

"I'm so sorry. I didn't want you to find out! Not with our plans here in the Water Nation!"

"Did you honestly think I wouldn't know!?" Yinlo bellowed.

"I'm sorry. I was hoping we would have executed the plan by now."

"Be quiet. Taizo must know nothing of that yet. But you know what this means. We cannot fail now."

"I know."

"When will it come."

"Sometime in May," Melora revealed, holding her stomach. Yinlo looked down in disgust, and then continued out into the main room.

"Yinlo, I think our trip to the top of the cliffs will have to wait." Yinlo's eyebrows pressed together. He quickly stepped over to where Taizo was standing. Outside the door Taizo watched as the hail storm poured over the city, practically destroying buildings.

~ The Spirit World ~

When he awoke, he was in an igloo. Kilo looked at the man sitting across from him. It was the previous Avatar.

"I'm in the Spirit World?"

"You are. I am Avatar Palokk."

"Are you—did you bring me here?"

"No. A guardian spirit of the Oasis did."

"It looked like a shark with a ghost tail. It was a ghost shark."

"Her name is Whatali. She takes two forms, one of peace and one of war. Right now she is unhappy and is on a rampage. I need you to end it."

"What can I do?" Kilo asked confused.

"You can bring change."

"You must have the wrong man. I can't bring change. I make mistakes. I was a mistake being born. I made the mistake of not knowing I was a waterbender. I can only fail. No good can come from me trying anything."

"You must try. It's in our blood to make mistakes. But we keep trying because eventually we succeed."

"Trying will result in failure from me."

"Enough. I have something to show you." Suddenly Palokk's polar leopard came out of nowhere. "Get on, she will take you there."

"But wh—" Kilo was cut off by the Polar Leopard picking him up and dashing away from the Avatar and out of the igloo. It found its way to a waterfall. Kilo shielded his face as they plunged into the water.

But it was like the water was just a different air. He came flying out of the Oasis on top of the Polar Leopard. They were both spirits traveling in the mortal realm. They journeyed south towards the Earth Kingdom.

~ The City of Taku ~

Jong-Mu greeted his blind companion with open arms. Gwali got on it hind feet in excitement, then dug a trench around the Avatar.

"I've never quite understood your way of saying hello," Jong-Mu declared, and then shortly after smiled and laughed. Gwali had been with him his whole life. He learned most of his earthbending from Gwali. She was his best friend and hated to depart from her.

As he gave the huge animal a hug, a snowy owlsquirrel flew down and landed on the Avatar's shoulder. Jong-Mu shut his eyes tightly. He knew what this meant.

He read it a dozen times over and didn't care much for the North Pole. He sincerely did not wish to return to the Water Tribe. Mainly because he didn't want to leave Gwali after just reuniting. This wasn't the first abduction into the Spirit World and it wouldn't be the last. Jong-Mu decided to continue into the city of Taku.

As they traveled to a nearby inn, Jong-Mu felts a gust of mist coming from behind him. He quickly spun around. A polar-leopard with a man on top was coming right for him. The Avatar didn't flinch.

"Gwali, I'm so sorry." The badgermole let out of noise of discomfort and then returned to the city alone. The Avatar began heading towards the harbor when he decided to enter the Avatar State.

"Glad to see you changed your mind."

"When I saw your Polar leopard I knew something important must be happening. I know you rarely connect with me since I'm not a huge fan of the whole spirit side—but I couldn't ignore your own companion," Jong-Mu said to his mentor, Palokk.

"It's time I told you something."

"I'm not dying am I?" Jong-Mu let out a slight chuckle. Palokk didn't say a word.

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