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Whispers of the Ice
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One: The North



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Book One: The North
Chapter Three

Whispers of the Ice

~Eastern Cliffs~

Mokolo and Toko were visiting the Air Nomads. They were residing in a home at the top of the Eastern cliffs of the city. Mokolo bended the ice below their feet and rose to their home.

"Very nice to meet you," Yinlo said and bowed.

"My name is Melora," Yinlo's wife said and reached out a hand. Just as Dakko was about to shake it, Melora withdrew it and covered her mouth. She then proceeded to run to the bathroom.

"You'll have to excuse my wife. She is not feeling well this morning."

"No worries," Mokolo said. The three benders took a seat and began to talk of the current state of the city as well as the events that took place the night before.

"Had we known a revolution was occurring we wouldn't have come," Yinlo stated.

"I'm sorry about that. But you must understand, our city's policies do not match the voice of the people. Well most of the people," Dakko informed him.

"Sounds reasonable. I guess that means the revolution isn't over?" Yinlo asked.

"It won't be over until we're heard," Mokolo said sternly.

"Why are you here?" Dakko questioned out of the blue.

"I could ask you the same," Yinlo retorted.

"We're here to make sure you don't help Toko in his effort to stop us."

"You're not here to recruit me?"

"No. We we're hoping your stay wasn't going to be long. We are about to make plans to start a coup in the city. We don't want any visitors to get harmed incase Toko fights back."

"Thank you for your concern, but we will not be here long."

"Good to hear. Why are you here then?" Mokolo inquired.

"We came to visit the Spirit Oasis but after recent events we no longer wish to stay."

"Good to hear."

"Mokolo, may I ask what this revolution is about exactly?"

Dakko stepped in, "Equality. Chief Toko is a tyrant, a slave to our old customs. Marriage is arranged. Only women can become healers, and men become benders. Toko is the epitome of sexism. And there's something worse."

"Sounds pretty awful all ready," Yinlo commented.

"He forces non-benders out of the city at the age of eighteen. He believes the nation should be purified of non-benders and become a strictly bending Nation."

"Where do they send them?"

"Where ever they want. Typically they travel to the city of Taku. Few go to the Fire Nation. No one goes to the Air temples."

"What if your coup doesn't work?"

"It will," Mokolo answered quickly.

"What if doesn't?" Dakko asked. Mokolo shot a glance at him.

"War?" Yinlo asked.

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that," Mokolo responded. "Well you must excuse us, we have more civilians to warn." Mokolo stepped out of their home, leaving Dakko behind.

"Where do you hail from Yinlo? War is pretty uncommon for the Air Nomads. Other than—"

"The Eastern Air Temple, actually. I've been traveling for about ten years. After I married Melora we decided to explore the world."

"Really? Seems odd you'd suggest war as the alternative. I thought Air Nomads were peaceful."

"We are. It's the rest of the world that we have observed as angry, full of hatred, causing battles and deaths. But I suppose living in the sky gives us the benefit of never being invaded, therefore we never have problems with anyone."

"Other than the Air Colony."

"The Air Colony fell quickly to the ways of those who live below us. The battle happened because their home was being taken away from them. They had to fight for what they believed in," Yinlo whispered, looking down.

With that, Dakko left the frowning airbender behind and followed Mokolo.

~The Chief's Palace~

Yinlo decided to travel to the Chief's Palace in hopes of finding the best healer for his wife. On his way to the Palace he ran into the injured airbender again.

"Hello brother!" Taizo greeted happily.

"Hello again," Yinlo replied, almost annoyed.

"I'm Taizo."

"I remember, yes. My name is Yinlo."

"Hello Yinlo. Tell me, what brings you to the North in such troubled times?"

"I was unaware of the troubled times. We simply came here for a short vacation away. We've always had a love for the Water Tribe." Yinlo gritted his teeth.

"I'm here on a short vacation as well. Or a permanent one. I'm looking to settle down. I know, not very nomadic of me, but I'm tired. I've seen enough of the world. I want a home," Taizo explained. Yinlo quickly smiled.

"Would you like to have dinner with us tonight?" Yinlo asked out of the blue.

"That would be wonderful!" Taizo agreed. They bowed and then split ways.

Yinlo traveled to the Chief's Palace. When he arrived he found Toko at the entrance with a dazed look on his face.

"Hello, Chief Toko of the Water Tribe."

"Hello. I'm sorry I don't believe we've met."

"My apologies. My name is Yinlo of the Eastern Air Temple. My wife and a few others are here on a vacation."

"I'm so sorry but you should leave. We are in troubled times."

"I am aware. Do you know what you're going to do to handle it?" Yinlo asked.

"It's been handled for now. The Avatar was just here."

"Oh was he? I've never met the Avatar before. But are you sure it's handled?" Yinlo further inquired.

"Yes, why wouldn't I be?"

"There's been some talk of more revolts in the canals," Yinlo whispered to the Chief. "Maybe you should tell your city to do the same as you told me."


"At least put the civilians out of harm's way."

"I'm certain the Avatar has done his job. May I ask why you are here at my palace?"

"I was just hoping you could point me to the healing temple. My wife is sick."

"Oh of course." Toko told Yinlo where the healing temple was and left to assemble a meeting.

~The Healing Temple~

Kyla watched as another Airbender entered the temple. She was shocked to see another, as not many traveled to the North due to the harsh weather.

"Hello, are you Kyla?" Yinlo asked.

"Yes. How may I help you?" the healer asked.

"I've been recommended by the chief that you're an excellent healer. My wife isn't feeling well."

"Oh I'm sorry to hear that. Where is she?"

"She's in our home in the Eastern cliffs."

"You live here?" Kyla asked.

"Yes. We just moved here recently. My wife is fond of the cold weather."

"Oh how nice. The last Airbending family left five years ago. Which temple did you previously live in?"

"The Northern temple," Yinlo replied. "And don't worry about us leaving, we plan to stay here for a long time."

"Not the best timing. Our city is—"

"I'm aware of the city's condition. I'm hoping it will resolve itself soon. In the mean time, I really need you to look at my wife. She's been sick for some time now."

"I'll have to get a master to lift me up to your house." Kyla replied. She was interrupted by her mother, the head of the temple, as she ran inside.

"Kyla it's time."

"Now? But it's so soon!"

"The Chief is sending messengers around the city. He's taking safety precautions. He wants everyone who isn't in the revolution or his army to evacuate to the West side of the city."

"And everyone else?"

"The chief knows the revolution is based in the East. He figures they'll all be going there."

"I thought the revolution was over?" Kyla cried out.

"We've discussed this. It's time! Airbender, I suggest you get to your home," the elder healer, Shakali said and began walking out of the building.

"I will come to your wife soon, Yinlo. There's somewhere we must go. Go home and I'll meet you as soon as I can," Kyla whispered to Yinlo.

Kyla followed her mother outside of the Temple.

"Let's go," Shakali nearly shouted. She headed to the Western bay. Kyla took a few steps before she found herself unable to move forward anymore. Shakali looked back and stopped.

"Kyla let's go!" Kyla stared her mother in the eye, trying to hold back her tears.


"Kyla, no."

"I'm so sorry," she stated.

"Kyla come here!" Shakali bellowed.

"I'm sorry," Kyla whispered under her breath over and over.

"You're making a huge mistake!"

"I don't believe that I am," Kyla said softly. They stood in silence for a few moments. Kyla began taking steps backward, then quickly ran in the opposite direction.

~The Bay~

The skies were grey. The city was oddly populated, yet silent.

"What's happening down there?" Taizo asked the young Water Tribe boy.

"I'm not sure," the young boy eerily whispered.

Taizo watched the city from a tower at the bay. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Neither could Wato. He quickly ran to his home. Taizo didn't even notice. He could only focus on the migration occurring within the city.

The citizens were literally dividing into sides. Those for the revolution were heading to the East. Those who weren't went to the left. Families were being divided. Mothers watching in horror as their sons and daughters walked the opposite way. Fathers having to decide which way to lead their family. Children being forced to a side, no matter their belief.

Toko had made his first move to prevent any further incidents. The airbender's words got to him. He sent out messengers to tell the citizens to clear way. He ordered everyone to separate until the issues were officially worked out. His working out would not be by vote, as the Avatar had planned. Instead, he would take it by force. If they were planning a coup, he would corrupt their rebellion from the inside as well.

~Rebellion Planning Room~

"Dakko, are you telling me a war is the way to go?" Mokolo asked his right-hand man.

"Toko has sent messengers to tell the citizens of the city to evacuate if they aren't part of this revolution."

"Perfect, the coup will go much smoother then."

"There's something else," Dakko whispered and looked down.

"Spit it out Dakko!"

"Our Blue Moon team has successfully infiltrated the palace. They've created fake walls of ice to hide behind. The chief doesn't suspect a thing."

"So what's the bad news!?"

"Toko is planning his own version of a coup for our rebellion. He wants to take us down from the inside. He's sending a small force of elite masters our way once the city clears."

"No voting? Typical of Toko the Tyrant," Mokolo smirked.

"What is so funny?" Dakko asked, angrily.

"I've just always loved my ability to create alliterations on the fly, frankly my friend."

"Look, are we going to battle them or not?"

"No. We have Team Blue Moon in position. The coup will be happening shortly. Should we fail we can fight as a last resort. But we won't."

Dakko frowned, unhappy about the decision to continue with only the coup. He grabbed a few members of the force and went into a side room.

~The Spirit Oasis ~

Kyla looked into the waters surrounding the Oasis pond while standing over the bridge. She was upset that she couldn't find the words to explain herself earlier. Her mother looked so disappointed. She couldn't bare it. The truth was she didn't feel any conviction to join the rebellion or not to join it. She didn't want any part of this. She wished everything had stayed like it had before the revolt.

She looked into the water. Suddenly she felt a presence, almost like something was pulling her in. Kyla quickly jumped as she felt something on her shoulder.

"I was hoping I'd find you here," Kilo said smoothly.

"You scared me," Kyla whispered, as if not wanting to disturb the spirits. Her eyebrows were raised in discontent and anger.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to. I'm glad to see you actually."

"Really?" Kyla blushed.

"Yeah, this whole evacuation has me pretty freaked out."

"I know what you mean. It's like asking me to divide my heart in half and choose a side. I love everyone in the water nation, I don't want to split up!" Kyla was beginning to raise her voice as her concerns grew.

"You really care about this place don't you?"

"You don't?" Kyla asked, surprised.

"I guess it's hard to appreciate a city dedicated to water when you thought you couldn't bend it your whole life. Not many people here are non-benders, if you haven't noticed."

"Well have you ever thought of moving?"

"Everyday. But I can barely afford living where I do let alone money for a boat and a new place in the Earth Kingdom or Fire Nation. And would I really fit in either of those places? I wouldn't be able to bend either of those either!"

"But you can bend. You know that now."

"I know, I'm just angry at my past. I wish things would've gone so much differently."

"I'm sorry it took so long for you to find out. But you should be happy that your future can be different now."

"Maybe Kyla. But with this revolution who knows what's going to happen. We could split up into The Great Eighteen Tribes of the North again. The city could be completely disbanded."

"I don't think that's going to hap—" Kyla was cut off by a surge of water around the bridge.

A spirit emerged from the waters. It's front half was shaped like a Turtle shark, but its back fin was like a wisp of smoke. It swam through the air around Kyla and Kilo as it rose.

Kilo froze, unable to move. He couldn't decide which way to run. Kyla immediately bended water up to attack the spirit. The spirit dodged her attack and struck down on Kilo.

Kyla jumped for Kilo, hoping to grab his hand but she was too late. Kilo was dragged down into the waters to the Spirit World. A huge wave of water burst up at the bridge, blasting Kyla away and landing her beside the Oasis unconscious.

~Western Cliffs~

As the divided city was planning their attacks, an army of men and women was forming on the western cliffs. They were all in white, waiting instructions from their leader.

"The Avatar will return soon and when that happens our plans may not go as we need them to. We must be sure to act before he returns. We must be swift. Should any part fail we must resort to drastic measures."

"What are drastic measures?" a member of the army asked.

"A mission destined for our deaths. Now remember, we don't attack until the timing is right. Anyone makes a move too soon or too late and this could be a disaster."

Another member came running from out of a tent. "Sir, there's a storm coming from the west."

"Looks like time is not on our side for now. Everyone inside your tents. We will resume our plans once the storm is over. Pray the Avatar doesn't return again. These dire times are our only time to strike, our only time to get our power back. Now go!" the master in command shouted and then turned and looked south at the ocean. The waters were no longer calm, no longer whispering their actions but becoming rough, angry, and yelling that any life was at its mercy.

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