Serpent's Pass
The Stone Blooded Avatar
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One: The North



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Book One: The North
Chapter Ten

The Stone Blooded Avatar

~ Taku ~

Once when I was traveling the world before my days of the Green Spirit, I came across a small girl hiding in a cave near Ba Sing Se. She was an earth bender. She was practicing bending in the cave when she started to cry. I nearly scared her half to death. She was terrified and alone. Her parents had passed away. She told me to leave her, so I did. I didn't know what to do. She followed me. I didn't stop her. She grew up with me for some time to the point that I called her family.

"You're alive," Jong-mu gasped. He slowly stepped over to the woman. He raised his hand and brushed her face—almost checking to see if she really existed.

"I am. It's been a long time."

"Shofini, I thought you were dead."

"That's another story for another time. Right now we have to get your badgermole back."

"Right. You said they're going to the Serpent's Pass?"

"Yes. I captured a member of the air army. He calls himself Taizo. He's confessed to everything. Weak thing," Shofini commented.

"Taizo!? Lead me to him," Jong-mu demanded. Shofini did not reply, she simply walked off. Jong-Mu followed her, Omu not far behind.

On their way they ran into Mokolo and Dakko. Mokolo was yelling about something, but stopped upon sight of the Avatar. Dakko immediately lowered his head.

"Sir, our ships are ready to depart for the next location," Mokolo informed Jong-Mu.

"Our departure will have to wait. I have a new mission. Stay with the ships, Mokolo. I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Where are you going?"

"To see an old friend about a badgermole."

"Who?" Dakko asked.

"This doesn't concern you!" Mokolo shouted at him.

"An airbender. His name is Taizo," Shofini answered. Jong-Mu clenched his fist at Shofini's reveal of the suspect. "We must go now."

"I'll tend to the ships. Dakko, follow me," Mokolo ordered and took off. Dakko silently fell behind him. Jong-Mu, Omu, and Shofini continued on their quest.

"He seemed pleasant," Shofini commented.

"He's been through a lot," Jong-Mu replied.

"We all have," she retorted. Jong-Mu shot a quick glance at the girl. He brushed it off.

"He's in here," Shofini stated and pointed to a small shack behind a house. They followed her inside. Taizo was strapped down onto a bed, a rock pressing on his chest. Shofini bended the rock off him, causing Taizo to gasp for air. Jong-Mu stepped over to him. The stern look on his face pierced through the airbender's eyes.

"You've seen my power. You know what I can do to you and the people you love. So tell me, where is Gwali?" he bellowed.

"I told you where he is," Shofini interrupted.

"He could be lying!" Jong-Mu shouted. Shofini's eyes grew larger in shock.

"I wasn't lying. They took her to the Serpent's Pass. Please let me live!" Taizo pleaded. Tears were running down his cheeks.

"Can we go now?" Shofini asked, pissed off.

"Let's head back to the ships. We'll need to gather a team. There were at least six or eight airbenders in the North Pole. If we're to get Gwali back we'll need a detailed map and a plan."

"Didn't think you were the type to have teams."

Jong-Mu didn't reply, he just left the shack. Omu and Shofini followed. Taizo struggled to be released to no avail. He stopped after some time, breathing heavily. He was grateful they forgot to put the rock back on his chest.

"What a predicament you're in," a voice called out from the doorway.

"Who's there?" Taizo asked, terrified.

"You don't remember me?" Dakko strolled into the room and stood over the prisoner.

"The spirit thief."

"My friends call me Dakko."

"You still have friends?"

"You're not in a particularly great place to be making jokes," Dakko sneered and grasped onto one of the ropes keeping Taizo bounded.

"Why are you here?"

"To ask you a question. Why did you choose me to steal the spirits? What was your angle?" Taizo chuckled.

"Simple. You're greedy. You love power and your desire for power outweighed your love. It's the same reason Koko left you. You were the perfect target."

"Why? Why did you want to steal the spirits?"

"It wasn't a matter of stealing the spirits, boy. It was a matter of justice. Mokolo is a tyrant. We had to reveal him and what better way than stealing the most important thing to the Water Tribe?"

"You used me."

"Correct. I'm surprised you still travel with him. You must see his evil, don't you?"


"He never tried to hurt you?" Taizo questioned. Dakko remembered back to Taizo's outburst in the North Pole that nearly killed him.


"Did you ever hear how he became single? He killed his wife, ya know. He's evil. He murdered her to be with another man. He's a disgrace."

"The trial proved him innocent though."

"The trial? You mean the one that had a jury that consisted of the man he later claimed to love?" Taizo smiled. His plan was working. Dakko stepped back in shock. He was suddenly unsure how he did not see this before and quickly left. Taizo chuckled and waited for Yinlo to come release him.

~ Western Lake ~

The ship hastily sailed to the Serpent's Pass. Jong-Mu stood at the bow of the ship, pushing water by wading his arms in the air. He wanted his badgermole back. He could barely stay out of the Avatar State he was so enraged. Shofini was standing behind him, amazed at his raw power.

"We will be there soon, you should get some rest," Jong-Mu stated as he stared straight ahead.

"You've been up for a whole day. I think you need to get rest. There are a dozen other waterbenders on this ship that can get us there."

"Not as fast as I can." Shofini didn't answer. She just watched the powerful bender guide their ship to the Pass. "Fine, get Mokolo up here."

"Thank you."

Jong-Mu continued pushing the ship forward. He didn't want to stop, but Shofini was a special case.

"Shofini, I don't want a repeat of last time. I will handle this my way. You follow my orders."

"Of course."

"I mean it, Shofini!" he yelled.

"Okay, relax! I'm an adult now. I will help, but I don't take orders from you anymore. Even if you are the Avatar."

"This is my duty, and you know that!"

"And what about your duty to me? Where were you when I needed you?"

"This is way bigger than you!" Jong-Mu roared. Shofini took a deep breath and turned. She didn't blink as she walked away. In that moment she hated him. She quickly swept her eyes with her hand.

Mokolo watched Shofini come over. She told him of the Avatar's request, but on his way he was struck numb by the sight of Dakko on board. He marched over to him with his fists clenched. Sweat was forming and turning into ice unconsciously.

"What are you doing here? You were not authorized for this mission!"

"Mokolo," Dakko replied smoothly, "I was hoping I'd get to talk to you." Dakko put his arm around Mokolo's shoulder and guided him to a private area.

"What do you think you're doing?"

"Well, I was thinking about you obtained this great position as leader of practically what may well be the Southern Water Tribe and I couldn't help but question how you came into power in the first place."

"Well I haven't stolen any spirits for starters." Dakko chuckled at this statement.

"Funny. But what's stealing compared to murder?" Dakko wore an evil grin.

"Dakko, what are you saying?"

"I just find it interesting that you were once married, and then your wife suddenly disappeared."

"She left the Water Tribe. We all know that."

"Yes, because we all know how frequently waterbenders leave the North Pole."

"Are you suggesting I killed her?"

"No, I am telling you that I know you killed her. It's no secret about your relationship with Sokka. Interesting how you two started meeting publicly after your beloved wife's death."

"Watch yourself. You don't know what you're starting boy."

"What am I starting? Anger from a killer?" Dakko quipped. "I think we both know what will happen if I bring this up. Whether it's true or not, your leadership will be stripped away. Again." Dakko almost began laughing.

"What do you want?" Mokolo asked.

"From now on, you're my puppet. You are now just for show. You follow my commands otherwise I tell Jong-Mu you killed her."

"He won't believe you."

"He doesn't have to. He's the stone blooded avatar. Any hint of wrong and he wipes it out. No questions asked." Mokolo looked down, frightened he was right. Dakko walked away with a huge smile.

Koko watched as Dakko walked away. She had no idea he was going to be on this ship, but she was left frozen. The sight of him made her feel the love she once had. That scared her more than anything.

Jong-Mu continued steering the ship, waiting for Mokolo to take over. Omu and Wato were standing behind him, watching him bend. They watched in awe as he effortlessly moved the ship forward at blazing speeds.

"Sir, what exactly is our plan?" Omu asked, ready to be at his service.

"We get my Badgermole back."

"I mean, what do we all do."

"We find the airbenders, thus finding Gwali, and we take her back."

"Do we fight them?" Wato asked.

"If we have to. I'll be leading a small team away to secure her. Everyone else here is just a distraction."

"What if we die?" Wato shivered.

"Trust me, if anyone is going to die today, it's me." Omu stared intensely at the Avatar, unsure of what he meant. "Wato, do me a favor. Find Dakko, and tell him he was allowed on this ship for one reason only, to protect Kyla."

"Kyla?" Omu questioned. "You mean the healer? Why is she so important?"

"She's the stuff of legends. She's more important than any of you know."

"Well not more important than you," Omu contradicted.

"Not for long," Jong-Mu replied and put his hands down. The ship started slowing down as the cliffs of the Serpent's Pass began growing larger upon approach.

~ Serpent's Pass ~

"There are four ships. They will be here soon."

"Thank you. Go return to the front line. Attack at the signal," Yinlo told the cadet. Today was the day everything would change. Today he would kill the Avatar and end the cycle forever.

"I'm off to the cave." Melora waved and headed to safety. Yinlo didn't want her putting the life of their unborn child in danger. As much as Melora wished to stay behind, she continued waddling on to the cave made for her protection.

"I will see you by nightfall, my love," Yinlo yelled to his wife. He turned around to find Taizo practicing the advanced airbending move.

"I think I've finally gotten it down."

"Straigten your leg out more. You're very close, indeed. In fact, I'd like you to use it today."

"In battle? I don't think I've got enough experience. I've never even used it in a real fight."

"You will use it today. So will I. Together we will take down the Avatar."

"If you think so."

"I know so," Yinlo sternly remarked. There was no failing in his mind today. They would have to succeed in killing the Avatar.

"It's time, Master," Taizo said as he pointed to the waters below. Four ships were quickly forging ahead to their location.

"Here we go. History in the making. Here's for the Colonies my friend." Taizo breathed in deeply and turned in a circle slowly while crouching down. He released his breath and created a huge gust of wind.

As the four ships pulled in closer to the cliffs, about a hundred airbenders came flying over on gliders. They were coming in groups of twenty-five, each in a 'v' formation. They began blowing wind at the ships, causing them to stop. Then the air slices began flinging at the boats. One of the ships was immediately cut in half. The waterbenders on board quickly bended to a nearby ship.

Kyla helped the survivors of the sinking ship. As more attacks started coming, she abandoned this mission and began blasting water spouts at the airbenders. Several began falling down from the skies into the Ocean. The ships were overwhelmed however. Half the fleet blasted another slice of air at Kyla's ship. It created a hole at the bottom and it began to submerge into the water slowly.

"Kyla!" Koko screamed. Kyla ran over to her. Her hands were grasping on to the side of the ship. Kyla rose her hands and water rose up underneath Koko's feet.

"Step down onto the water. Trust me!" Kyla shouted. Koko stepped down onto the water and was surprised it caught her. She didn't know that Kyla was just as surprised that it worked. She had had little practice with waterbending since she left the North Pole. She had spent most of her time on the ships teaching other benders how to heal.

A blast of air knocked Kyla off her feet, sliding off the ship and into the water. Koko's platform of water she was standing on vanished, pulling her down into the lake. Kyla and Koko gasped for air as the benders created a vacuum around the ships. The fleet of waterbenders were suffocating, unable to bend water to fight back. The two women could either suffocate or drown.

Kyla felt the air being pulled from her lungs. Koko was already passing out, about to fall under the water. Kyla tried to stay above while keeping Koko up. She was dying and could barely save herself let alone Koko.

Half of the airbenders in the sky were suddenly struck down into the ocean, scrambling to get back up in the air. The vacuum dissipated allowing the waterbenders to breathe. They began striking back with icicles as soon as they caught their breath. Spears of water tipped with ice began flying at the airbenders.

Kyla and Koko were raised up onto an ice platform. Kilo stood on the bow of a large ship. There was another ship behind his, even larger. Both were filled with waterbenders, a small percentage from the North Pole and the rest from Taku.

"Kilo!" Kyla screamed. "You came back!"

"You were right. I was meant for more. My destiny wasn't supposed to stop with just telling about the South Pole. I have a bigger part in this. I see that now."

"You seem to have a knack at coming in at the right time!" Kilo smiled at this and then sent an order for his troops to continue attacking. Kyla created a set of ice stairs the led to the ship. The two females walked up to Kilo, thanking him for his surprise rescue.

On the next ship, Jong-Mu was thrilled with the backup that had just arrived. The amount of Airbenders attacking was unprecedented. Other than the colony battle, the Airbenders rarely ever got into a fight, particularly with this many warriors. He wasn't in the mood to battle them anyhow. The Avatar just wanted his badgermole safe.

"What's the plan?" Shofini asked.

"I'm going to find Yinlo. This is all just a distraction to keep me from Gwali. Everybody keeps fighting. I'll be back."

"You can't just leave me again!" the young woman screamed. Jong-Mu frowned. He had done this type of thing before.

I was traveling with her. The woman I found in the cave. We spent the better part of twenty years together. We were to be married as soon as we left the Fire Nation. We were in a small town that I just helped receive medicine. The medicine was to arrive the next day, but we wished to travel back to the Earth Kingdom to be wed with my family. Then a raid happened on the city. A nearby town was attacking for the medicine they were about to receive. I sent my soon to be wife off to the Earth Kingdom at the age of twenty-eight. I would not see her for five years. I left her to be kidnapped on her journey to Ba Sing Se. I should've stayed with her.

"Jong-mu!" Shofini screamed to get his attention.

"You can come with me or stay. But I am going to find Gwali," Jong-Mu confirmed. Shofini nodded her head and followed the Avatar to the cliffs. Not far behind were Omu and Wato, hoping to help the Avatar on his secret mission.

The Avatar and Shofini quickly darted past a cave. They figured Yinlo and Gwali would be on the opposite side of the cliffs. Omu and Wato were following as fast as they could. They stopped in the cave as to not be discovered by the Avatar. Before they had the chance to keep following, a hand grabbed both of their shoulders. It was Melora.

"Leaving so soon?" she asked and smiled. "I was hoping you'd stay."

"Why?" Wato questioned, terrified.

"I need the target practice," Melora stated and began laughing maniacally.

Melora placed her hands together and pushed them away from her body. A cone of wind came funneling towards the two young men. Omu was knocked backwards and slammed his head onto a rock. He was knocked unconscious. Wato was thrown to the edge of the Lake. Melora walked over to him slowly. She held in one hand a sword handle, no blade was attached. Instead of a blade, she shot out air from the handle. Her air sword was jetted above the boy and ready to strike. Before she could swing her arm down a blast of water shot at the two benders pushing them back into the cave.

Wato and Melora wiped the water from their eyes and looked out into the Lake. Towering high above them were two long green serpents spewing ice and water from their mouths. They were firing at the ships and the airbenders, no one was safe. A spear of ice was headed right for Melora. She blew air from her mouth and directed it at the floor. The air bounced off the ground and blasted at the ice spear. It separated into shards, causing one to end up directly in Melora's stomach.

Omu woke up and almost fainted again at the sight of the serpents. Once he noticed Melora's injury he immediately shot up a rock wall that covered most of the entrance. He ran over to her. She was breathing quickly, her eyes blown open.

"Am I dying? Are we okay?" Melora asked, terrified. She could barely think. She could hardly understand her own condition.

"Shut up!" Wato screamed. He had to help her but—Wato's mind went back to the North Pole. The sight of his mother was flooding reality away. Her motionless body was pouring blood in every direction. The way her eyes were slowly fading away from any sign of life. All he could do was save his father. The Avatar did nothing. In that moment, Wato wished it was the Avatar who had died. If the Avatar could have learned to heal he wouldn't even be on this ship alone, away from the only family he had left.

"Help her!" Omu screamed. Wato snapped out of his daydream. Wato put his hands on the icicle that was impaled in Melora's stomach. He melted the icicle slowly, working on healing her bit by bit. Suddenly a hand shot up and grasped it wrist.


"I'm trying to help you!"

"No, wait! I'm pregnant!" Melora tried to shout. Wato was taken aback by this. The only time he had dealt with a pregnant woman was when Kyla healed the woman in Taku. Wato silently began unfreezing the ice again. The water mixed with the blood in a tiny red river that led to the cave entrance.

"Can you save her? Can you save baby?" Omu asked, nervous.

"This woman tried to kill us!" Wato reminded him.

"Can you save them?" Omu questioned anyhow.

"I think she'll be okay. I'm not sure about the baby," Wato admitted. He continued healing, unsure of what he should be doing.

~ Top of the Cliffs ~

It wasn't too long after we finally reconnected that we got married. It had taken five years to rescue her from her kidnappers, so we couldn't wait to be together. It was a small ceremony with two friends. We were wed and we were happy. There came a day when I would never see her again eventually, at least I thought I wouldn't. I was asked to go to the Northern Water Tribe. She wanted to go with me and I let her. We were on top of the cliffs, looking at the northern lights when she just fell. She slipped, the ice gave out, something happened where she ended up falling onto cold hard ice below. She was able to say one last thing to me. As she clung on to the ice, she whispered, "The next time you see me, you will join me in death." She was dead. Or so I thought. Following me on my journey, here she was. The same young woman that had fallen to her death. But now she was helping me rescue my Badgermole. Questions would have to come later.

"Where is she?" Jong-Mu screamed.

"Avatar Jong-Mu, how wonderful it is to see you again. So sorry about the cloudy weather. I know how much you like sun."

"Give me back my badgermole."

"You didn't even ask me how I am! How very rude of you."

"Yinlo, I am giving you one chance to give me my badgermole. One. Otherwise I kill you."

"Well that's not a very fun game in my opinion. How about we do this. Taizo!" Yinlo called. Taizo walked into view with Gwali. She was chained up. She didn't make a sound, even upon sight of Jong-Mu.


"Now, shall we play a game? Let's call it kill a human or an animal." Yinlo and Taizo both pumped their knee into the air and then spread their arms out only to retract them into their chest. Slices of air flew around Jong-Mu and Shofini. The rocks around them broke off and started flying towards the Avatar. Jong-Mu quickly blasted fire from his fists to block the attack.

"What was that?" Jong-Mu asked, confused.

"I'm surprised you don't remember, Avatar," Taizo replied. Jong-Mu darted his glance to the airbender holding his badgermole hostage.

"What are you talking about?"

"When we first met I was flying over the ocean and out of nowhere a rock hit me. Then I end up on your ship. These airbenders who I call my brothers now, they have mastered another element. They use their airbending to move earth. We're all trained. We can move earth in more different ways than an actual earthbender could. We are half avatars."

Before Jong-Mu could answer a spike of ice flew in between the two. They looked over to the sea and saw the towering serpents.

"Oh, let's play a better game. Let's feed the fish," Yinlo exclaimed and smiled deviously. Taizo and Yinlo pushed Gwali to the edge. They began whipping air onto the mountain, causing chunks of earth to hit the serpents. The serpents came speeding towards them.

"NO!" Jong-Mu bellowed. His eyes lit up as he began to enter the Avatar State. He quickly rose into the air using fire to propel himself. Below him were two serpents. One was indigenous to the Lake, the other was the one that attacked him upon his entering of the North Pole.

Jong-Mu shot two discs of fire at both of the serpents. One hit the serpent causing it to fall into the water. The Ice serpent shot a spout of water to douse the fire. Jong-Mu flung himself into the water and then came spiraling up around the ice serpent. This caused it to slowly sink to the depths of the lake. The other serpent headed towards the ships.

Mokolo started lining up the benders on his ship to attack the serpents. The remainder of the air army had disappeared due to the Serpents.

"Dakko, I need you to take the younger benders below deck."

"What about the serpent. I can help fight it!" Dakko pleaded.

"Just do as I say!" Mokolo yelled and headed to the bow of the ship. Dakko watched as the young benders began filing down below in a neat and orderly fashion. He turned his head to the serpent coming their way. He put his arms down by his sides then whipped them up to over his head. Water followed his arms giving him octopus like legs of water. He headed to the bow.

"On my mark, Water Tribe," Mokolo shouted.

"I've got this!" Dakko bellowed as he ran forward, past the benders, and jumped into the lake. Mokolo was furious. He began shooting balls of water at Dakko.

Dakko spun around in a circle while exhaling, creating a cover of mist. The serpent popped out of the water to be lost in the vapor. Dakko began shooting spikes of ice at the serpent. Most missed, but one lucky shot hit the serpent right in the eye. It began wavering from side to side until finally it fell down and crashed through the top of a ship. Dakko surfed on the water and created a wave to fling him onto the ship where Mokolo was standing.

"I'm useful," Dakko stated to him.

"No, you're reckless," Mokolo retorted and pointed at their other ship. On board, Kyla and Kilo were holding a girl in their arms. Kyla wasn't even attempting to heal her. Dakko quickly bended water up around his waist and allowed it to carry him over to the damaged ship.

"Koko?" Dakko whispered to himself. Before him lay the bloody corpse of the woman he truly loved—and he had caused it. Dakko broke down into tears and flung himself onto her battered body.

Across the lake, Jong-Mu turned around and flew over to Yinlo. The voices of the past Avatars came streaming through his mouth as he shouted for the airbender to return Gwali. At that moment the Ice Serpent sprung up from the water and shot an icicle at the Avatar. It narrowly missed Jong-Mu's left leg. He turned around and began attacking the serpent.

Yinlo looked back at Taizo. He nodded and Taizo winked.

"YInlo, he's distracted. Shall we let do it?"

"Yes," Yinlo replied and laughed.

"No!" Shofini screamed at the top of her lungs. She flung to boulders at her adversaries. Both used their gliders to help push themselves out of the way of the attack. Shofini used a stone to break Gwali's chains. Then she tried her best to pull the beast away. Gwali seemed distrusting of Shofini. Taizo and Yinlo stood up and watched as the woman dragged the Badgermole away.

"Now, shall we really do it?" Taizo asked his leader.

"Absolutely. The moment he's got his back turned," Yinlo answered. The two airbenders began spiraling their hands in the air above their heads creating a tornado. They concentrated as the Avatar created a sheet of flames and launched it at the serpent. The Ice Serpent was burned badly and retreated underwater. Jong-Mu turned to face Yinlo. He couldn't find his badgermole anywhere.

"Avatar!" Shofini yelled from the base of the cliff. Jong-Mu looked down to see his Badgermole. He sighed out of relief.

"Now," Yinlo yelled. The two airbenders used their tornado to pick up a pile of rocks on the other side of the cliff. A steady stream of Earth came flying down at the Avatar.

"Dad!" Shofini screamed and pointed to the rocks. Jong-Mu exited the Avatar State at the mention of her heritage.

My wife was holding our child while on the cliff. Shofini was my daughter. My wife was killed when she fell, but apparently the child we called Shofini had survived, after all this time. How my wife knew that I would die when I saw her again, well that is the mystery of the spirits. She looks just like my wife, Shofini. When I saw my wife in her, that's when I would die... After all thie time she was right. I suppose I didn't want to admit I knew who she was this whole time because of what it meant. Now it doesn't matter. I'm going.

The waterfall of stone came crumbling down on Jong-Mu, causing the Stone Blooded Avatar to bleed to death. Shofini began to cry at the sight of her father's slaughter. There was nothing she could do.

"NO!" Yinlo screamed. "Quick, we must go to our second plan!" The entire Air Army quickly evacuated the area.

"Sir, what's wrong?" Taizo asked him as they flew away.

"He wasn't in the Avatar State. This is all worthless unless we break the cycle!"

"I'm sorry sir."

"It's fine. You did your part quite well. We simply must use our fall back plan. But this time we have to get it right. For now, let's get my wife."

Yinlo discovered his wife in the cave alone, lying on the ground. He slowly walked over to her, stepping in pools of blood. No one else was to be found.

"Yinlo, what happened?" Taizo asked upon discovering Melora's body.

"We're done. I'm done with all of this," Yinlo replied and sternly exited the cave without so much as glancing at Taizo. Taizo headed to the rest of the air army troops, declaring the end of their order.

Down at the ships, Kilo was speaking to the leaders of the new Water Tribe. He told them of how the Northern City had not made any progress since they left, and seemed to be falling apart. Kilo left in the middle of the night, developing an iceberg in which he would stay in the middle of as he floated to Taku. While he was journeying, Taizo and Yinlo stopped on his iceberg. There they had a discussion about their future plans. If their attack on the Avatar failed, they would head west.

"We must head west and stop them from attacking the Fire Nation."

"Kilo, we barely survived this attack. Now we don't even have the Avatar!" Mokolo replied.

"We barely survived this attack because you weren't being a good leader!" Dakko yelled.

"You didn't fall my orders!" Mokolo shouted back. Dakko put his head in his hands, still distraught over his ex-girlfriend's death. He was trying to blame anyone. He couldn't take what he had done.

"We owe it to Jong-Mu to stop this Air Army before they stop the cycle of Avatars!" Kilo shouted. Mokolo ended up nodding his head and agreeing before leaving the small crowd. He didn't like someone else calling the shots.

The tribe failed to find any army waiting for them as they headed West instead of South through the Serpent's Pass. Kilo eagerly awaited for an attack, but none came. What they failed to see was two people were watching them in the distance. On one side of the river was Wato's father, Latok, leering at his boy who was on one of the ships looking off into the distance. The opposite side of the river held masked man.

Shofini looked over to the side and just barely caught a glimpse of the green mask in the distance.

"The green spirit. He's alive!" Shofini practically yelled to herself. "The Avatar is alive."

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