By The Snowbold Part of the The Journey of Tala continuity.
Biographical information

Earth Kingdom (distant)

Birth place

Republic City



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Qatil Jinorra


Republic City

Chronological and political information

Commander of the Seasons


Vurmaq is an earthbender who was born and raised in Republic City. He was previously a Pro-Bender and then a member of the Triple Threat Triads until they were destroyed in a war in the city. He founded the Seasons mercenary company.


Vurmaq was born and raised in Republic City and showed potential as an earthbender. He eventually was signed with a team for Pro-Bending. Life went well for Vurmaq, however, he eventually fell in with the wrong people.

Vurmaq was thrown out of Pro-Bending along with a string of other talented players who were involved in a gambling scheme which involved even throwing games for their benefactors' profit in gambling.

Out on the streets, Vurmaq was taken in by the same people who cost him his career, the Triple Threat Triads. Vurmaq showed power and potential, taking out his anger on the Triads' enemies. Vurmaq rose through the ranks to become a powerful member and leader.

An intense turf war between the Agni Kai's and the Red Monsoons ended it all. As their bloody fighting spilled into Triple Threat turf, they Triad responded and soon all the gangs were at war.

For the longest time, the city didn't intervene in an intensifying gang war because the Triads had bought off most of the Council and the Chief of Police. But when Red Monsoons attacked a visiting Fire Lord and her Regent, Rishu, his threat of embargoing trade with the city made a change. A captain in the police force took over and arrested the corrupt officials and started a war on the Triads.

A bloody full-scale war erupted in the city. The Agni Kai's and Triple Threats allied temporarily to attack City Hall in order to take the Council hostage. Vurmaq opposed the idea but still followed orders and led the Triple Threat contingent of the attack. However, the Chief of Police was there and saved the council at the expense of his life.

Vurmaq saw the writing on the wall and that the attack on City Hall had doomed the Triads. He fled Republic City, the wise choice, as the United Forces came within days and obliterated the gangs.

Vurmaq sold his skills for hire for a while until he ran into another assassin. He soon discovered that he was none other than Qatil Jinorra, the supposedly-dead-son of Councilor Lio Jinora.

The two became partners and soon began a company of mercenaries called The Seasons. The company would have a master of every art. While Vurmaq led the company publicly, Qatil advised from a discreet position, so as to conceal his identity.

Vurmaq is now head of the largest mercenary company in the world, with over a thousand members who call themselves Seasons.

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