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Zuko, Aang, Katara, Sokka, Meng, Aunt Wu

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"(A:TR) Ep.9: The Volcano"

Vulkan is a regal, lion-like spirit and the main icon among the Fire Nation. Like Aurora, people aren't sure if it's a spirit or a blessed creature.


Vulkan is a rather wise animal. Its discipline though doesn't make it the most friendly, often not taking cowardliness so well. Unlike the Fire Nation, it doesn't have any deadly hatred for the other nations, understanding their many attacks on the Fire Nation as well. It's not afraid to show itself to humans and, if given the opportunity, will even go as far as to visit densely populated areas for the sake of showing itself to the other humans present.



Vulkan's past is extended all the way to the beginning of the Hundred Year War. It was summoned by the Fire Lord of that era, believing that he'd help him rule the world much faster. Vulkan though didn't want to, going as far as to saying it'd wipe out the human race if the Fire Lord did go through with it. The Fire Lord, however, started his attack anyway, causing Vulkan to abandon him to his own devilish devices. For many years, Vulkan wasn't seen, nor heard of until many years later, when Vulkan discovered Shinoki cursing a young Fire Nation child. It watched Zuko's many troubles from this curse, but didn't bring itself to help him until the day Zuko became scarred by his father.

This was the straw that broke the camel's back, as Vulkan finally revealed himself in front of everyone present. It explained to Zuko what was really going on and attacked Shinoki nearby, releasing Zuko from the bad luck drawn with him. Sadly though, Vulkan was unable to change the hatred towards him from his family. Sometime after this, Vulkan discovered Zuko had run away and took it upon himself to track him down.

Book 1: Water

Vulkan appeared over by Sokka and Meng while they were talking about the deadly volcano. Vulkan followed them back to Makapu village, seeing the difficulty Sokka and Meng were having to convince the villagers. Seeing all the noise going on, Vulkan made a huge roar to silence the crowd. It went on explaining that they better listen to them, as the eruption is actually happening, despite Aunt Wu's prediction. When Aunt Wu herself came back out, it informed her of the situation just before the eruption occurred. When it did happen, it instructed everyone to evacuate, and ushered everyone out. But when they got to a better distance, Vulkan realized someone's missing before Sokka ran off to help. Vulkan saw Katara about to go for him and stopped her before she can run off, telling her it'd go get him. It took off and caught up just in time, shielding them from the lava.

The next day after the eruption, Vulkan managed to get out, saving Sokka and Meng from the fiery prison. Although he was thanked for saving their lives, he actually gave the credit to Sokka, who not only knew about the eruption the whole time, but also gave him the indication beforehand. Before it could go, it was asked about its name. He simply introduced himself and headed off on his search.

Eventually, after a long travel around the Earth Kingdom, it finally managed to find Zuko, who had left to find Iroh. Vulkan was glad to see Zuko again and added in that its search was complete. Vulkan and Zuko caught up a little bit, reminding Zuko of the first time they met, also adding in how Shinoki didn't deserve to torture him. During this talk, Vulkan informed Zuko about where Team Avatar was going and the possibility on where Iroh was (although it was never clear how it knew any of it). In the end, Vulkan agreed to go find Iroh for Zuko while Zuko continued northwards.



Vulkan is easily capable of various firebending styles, one being actually taught to him by Iroh when they met. The firebending style he's most famous for is the "Dragon breath", the ability to literally breathe fire.


Vulkan's fur is supernaturally resilient. So much so that he can survive being coated in lava, as evident when he saved Sokka and Meng from Mt. Makapu's eruption.

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