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Avatar: Vortex is an original crossover series of multiple fanon on Avatar Wiki. The concept was originally suggested by former author, Suzon, who was inspired by Avatar: Clash of Worlds 3. The project has grown since then into a collaboration between several authors, who now work together as a dedicated community and have merged their best fanons to present you the current product.


A bizarre alliance arises from heroes that each come from a completely different existence. Due to the actions of an energybender from the future, their universes have been thrown together in chaos. Eris, creator of the vortexes that connect them, harnesses frightening amounts of dark energy to create such disruptions. The young warriors must work together not only to return to their home worlds, but also to stop her from permanently devastating the balance of every universe.

The protagonists of Avatar Wiki's fanon portal now journey through their universes in a most unworldly adventure, through hardships and friendships that one would never have thought possible before.



  • Kaddo- A waterbender and the middle son of Aang and Katara. Skilled in both combative waterbending and healing, Kaddo is stubborn and abrasive most of the time, but underneath this persona he has a loyal and caring side.
  • Ling- An eighteen-year-old Earthbender who is a member of Team Suki. Unlike most Earthbenders, Ling is kind and peaceful as opposed to being stubborn and blunt. He values friendship and does not tolerate bullies.
  • Ursa- The eldest child of Firelord Zuko and Firelady Mai. At fifteen, she is already wise beyond her years thanks mostly to her great Uncle Iroh. She possesses modest fighting skills, mostly in self-defense. An accomplished firebender, she has been trained in the belief that fire is not a thing of anger and destruction, but a tool to be handled with care and respect. She always sees the best in people.
  • Yuhan- A twenty-one-year-old agent of the Dai Li. Like the rest of the organization, he's been trained to develop a very precise and formidable level of earthbending. He's dedicated to his brainwashing duties and is very perceptive about people, but shows respect and kindness at heart.
  • Yun Zhen- A sixteen-year-old earthbender who is, at the same time, a citizen of the Fire Nation. Yun shows intense loyalty for his friends and burning hatred for his foes, although his girlfriend, Ty Lee, has softened him a bit.


  • Eris


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