By Gingalover Part of the Book Six: Shadow continuity.

The Voronon (pronounced "Vore-none") are a group of golem-like guardians that were once created in order to protect an ancient race from harm hundreds of years ago, during the early generations of the Avatar.


Hundreds of years ago, an ancient race of people known as the Shadow Nation had created the Voronon with the power of Shadowbending and spiritual energy in order to protect and fight off those who dare attack their homes. Back then, hundreds of Voronon were created for such a purpose, all unique among each settlement and area where a Voronon was made for. Each Voronon was also given a name as well as a different shape. However, the Voronon were beginning to be wiped out, along with the race they were supposed to protect. In fear of losing what they had left, some Voronon were put in suspended animation, hidden away from the world so they wouldn't be destroyed, and had remained that way ever since.


While appearing different from each other, Voronon are commonly found with ancient armoury, similar to that of stone and rock. Underneath the armour are fur-like coverings, varying in dull colours from grey to brown, and even green. Voronon also possess strange markings on various parts of their body, the placement depending on the Voronon. These markings are the Voronon's only weak point, the rest of the body being impervious to pain. Often, the structural shape of each Voronon is either animal, or humanoid based.

List of known Voronon

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