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Transparente I'm not from the Sky Parliament. I'm just trying to find the Avatar.

WARNING! This page contains spoilers for Avatar: The First Skybender.

Transparente You can’t always see what's above the Southwestern Storm.

This page covers a topic that may change over time.

Transparente We must seek The Avatar in every possible place.

You have sight of many dead ends. Please be patient as Master Ratava breaks through them.

Transparente We're gonna seek the Avatar together!

This page can be edited by any Avatar: The First Skybender's contributor, because we're all on the same side.

Transparente United we stand! Alone, nobody can find the Avatar!

Master Ratava needs help! Whoever help with ideas, comments, reviews, anything will be rewarded with my eternal gratitude.
A true Master always pays his debts.

The first skybender thumb
Avatar: The First Skybender
Volumen Tertium: Inferno (地獄)
General information





Master Ratava


Volumen Tertium: Inferno (地獄)


Brazil/Brazilian Portuguese/English


Volumen Secundum: Purgatorio (煉獄)

Avatar: The First Skybender - Volumen Tertium: Inferno (地獄)

Book # Book Title Summary
Book One Shadow (影)
Book Two Light (光)
Book Three Wind (風)
Book Four Metal (金)
Book Five Storm (嵐)
Book Six Æther (醚)
Book Seven Spirit (神)
Book Eight Heaven (天)

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