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Vitrel Touming

硅热了 透明

Biographical information

Republic City, United Republic


Earth Kingdom



Physical description


Hair color

Pale gray

Skin color


Eye color


Personal information
Weapon of choice

Earthen silica, glass

Fighting style(s)

Earthbending (rudimentary); Glassbending


Suyin Beifong, Baatar, Varrick, Huan, Kuvira (formerly)


Amon, Aiwei, Red Lotus

Chronological and political information
  • Artisan
  • Inventor
  • Glassbending master
  • Leader of Glazier Sept
  • Republic City refuge (formerly)
  • Researcher of Zaofu's technology department
  • Metal Clan (loosely)
  • Glazier Sept
Vitrel Touming is a citizen of Zaofu and a researcher of that city-state's technology department. He is an inventive glassbender and artisan. Vitrel is also the apparent leader of an extended yet small family, known as the "Glazier Sept", sharing his gift at the bending of earthen silica, allied to the Metal Clan.


Early life

Vitrel was born in 134 AG in Republic City to an Earth Kingdom mother and a post-colonist Fire Nation father, making a living as potters. His parents possessed bending abilities yet they were limited to the extent of forming clay and heating the oven, respectively. Vitrel seemed to be a nonbending child, while his younger brother showed earthbending abilities earlier.

At the age of seven, he had a fever during which he claimed to see a number of spirits, but the episode was considered a hallucination due to his ill condition. At the age of thirteen and fifteen yet another two serious clinical incidents involving anaesthetic operations close to the eye sockets, orbitals and frontal lobe, triggered an increase in his bending powers which excelled at extracting silica from earthen compounds. There was more to that, as Vitrel's bending was not limited to kinetically manipulate these substances but allowed thermal control as well, effectively granting him the ability to work and shape glass at his will. He eventually became a noted artisan, responsible for a number of state commissions, perhaps most famously the dome of the Pro-bending Arena.

170 AG

What seemed to attract success for many years to come, ultimately attracted illicit attention as well, as with the advent of the Anti-Bending Revolution, he quickly became a target for the radical group. As much as it is to be known, his family business was attacked by an Equalist raid that devastated much of the workshop and atelier. Seeing no secure standing and no future, Vitrel decided to flee Republic City as soon as possible and moved with his relatives to Zaofu, a city that he deemed both worthy and welcoming to individuals with an inventive vein, also supposedly defensible enough to foster such pursuits in safety.

171 AG

In Zaofu, Vitrel sought refuge in the city and pledged his and his family's loyalty to the Metal Clan, offering his services to the technology department.

Following Harmonic Convergence Vitrel's earlier spiritual acuity returned (this time without the fevers) and mellowed his connection with earthen silica to a less mechanic, more sublime nexus. This resulted his glassbending taking on a frequently more liquid dynamics. That in turn seemed to be attractive for spirits to observe. Vitrel felt uneasy by the fact at first but eventually grew fond of the spirits' appreciation.

The celestial event also brought a significant boost to his research conducted on fusing the properties of glass and metal. They are still yet to be fully uncovered but a compound of liquid-sate amorphous metal that was achieved brought much credit to the glassbender, eventually leading his team and family to be considered a "Sept" of the Metal Clan, called Glazier due to their predilection with glass-craft.

A non-bending member of the sept spontaneously exhibited newfound airbending ability, much to Vitrel's delight, and according to him "opening the way for an art of glassblowing previously unseen and unheard of". This was kept in secret, and they actually never joined with the new Air "nation" not much against the wishes of the youth. This resulted the airbending Glazier developing a nontraditional bending style that chiefly focused to be utilized in tandem with glassbending and to achieve aesthetic effects.

174 AG

After Zaofu was annexed by Kuvira's Earth Empire the Glazier Sept, following Vitrel's example, bowed to the Great Uniter, and even lent their expertise in glass-craft for her war-effort. The Metal Clan would have certainly see that as betrayal but they were already taken captive and unknowing. Vitrel himself was contacted by spirits urging him to visit Republic City just before the time of its planned siege. He was receiving the feverish dreams from his early childhood. After the third spirit portal was torn open in Republic City he was lured there and through it. Once (again) in the Spirit World, he learned that spirits and humans were able to trade essences, even fuse with one another and his power to influence glass actually stems from a connection with a spirit whom he recognized from his childhood fever dreams. It was explained to him that his glassbending can be further refined by more spiritual immersion, which could be achieved by both meditative tempering or with the melding of physically accessible spirit energy i.e. Spirit Vines in to his bent glass.

After the Metal Clan returned to Zaofu they expelled the Glazier Sept from their ranks for their disloyalty by aiding Kuvira's efforts earlier. The family is no longer part of Zaofu's elite anymore, yet the were neither exiled or sentenced to any tangible punishment aside of the Metal Clans much colder disposition towards them, which was only mildened somewhat after Vitrel promised glass domes to be crafted to replace the platinum ones dismantled after Zaofu's capture by the late Earth Empire.

By the end of the year the Glaziers purchased a property in Republic City downtown, close to the new Spirit Portal, where they erected a spired abode made of spirit-glass. They have sworn oath to protect the peace and spiritual integrity in the area.


Vitrel did not learn how to bend glass per se. In fact he was born as a non-bender despite his father being able to bend fire and his mother to bend earth, respectively. Vitrel gained control over glass as a side-benefit in going through a number of otherwise unrelated surgical operations and fevers eventually culminating in a spiritual epiphany that unlocked his connection to earth - albeit with a certain skew.

While the glassbenders at Laobao city in the Si Wong Desert utilize the abundant sand and engage it in high velocity to produce the raw material of their bending, in Vitrel's case bendable glass is the substance springing from the same earthen silica that is readily accessible in sand. Unlike those of Laobao Vitrel's bending does not extend over earth. He is not capable to bend earth in the classical sense, except with intense focus. His bending is specifically fine-tuned to silica and can bend only a type earth that contains an amount of such ingredients. On the other hand, Vitrel can easily subtract these silica from earth and he does not need apply velocity and friction to form glass from that earthen-crystalline substance. In fact his power lies exactly in manipulating the consistency from crystalline to amorphous.

That being said, Vitrel considers bending glass is dealing with a fluid, much like in lavabending but also in waterbending. Glass technically is a fluid with such viscosity that makes it often behave as a solid substance. By inciting glass' amorphous and fluid state it gets heated up - quasi indirectly - and is actually in a melted state and is of quite dangerously high temperature. As Vitrel forces glass to take solid amorphous state, he can cool down glass gradually but also rapidly. These differences provided him an endless field of experimentation, and a broad variety in results.

He found that he can meld Spirit Wines in to the glass he is bending, and that doing so increases his affinity and precision with the substance, but essentially projects a less than savory impression of him for spirits, if the use of such melded Spirit-Glass is questionable.

During his experiments in Zaofu technological department he proved that there is a form of metal where it does not taking a strict crystalline system but an amorphous one, which he cold produce in smaller amount by rapidly cooling melted metals using his glassbending solidifying technique. An amorphous glass-like metal, styled as "Vitreloy" was named so in honor of the inventor. This alloy has an exceptionally high yield strength, however the technique needs much refinement, most likely regarding the casting method to provide a metal with less minute flaws that can still propagate glass-like fragility.

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