Ozai and Ursa
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A Family Reborn



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Blueflame 1

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July 25th 2012

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We Meet Again

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Plan Execution Part1

The sun light peaked through the curtains in Ursa's room, hitting her eyes and waking her. Ursa got up off her old bed and looked around her room soaking in the beauty. Her room was decorated with Fire Nation symbols, white curtains and dragon designs on her bed front. There was a meeting she had to attend to, so she dressed and left her room. Ursa visited the Capital City Prison and came up to a cell. Ursa looked down and stared into the eyes of her former husband. Ozai looked down in shame and not a word came out of his mouth. Ursa began the conversation

"You banished me and scarred our son......then you kept the war going, you banished our son..cursed him to wonder the Earth looking for the Avatar......" Ursa's voice began to raise with every word.

"You made our daughter search for your own son and brother calling them traitors.... caused our son and daughter to go through the pain of fighting with his family, turned our daughter into a monster and pushed her to become perfect till she could not make mistakes, she controlled people with fear, believed I thought a she was a monster!....., she lied and could not be trusted..... eventually with the help of your brother Zuko saw the light, Azula's friends eventually did the right thing too..... but Azula.... lost her MIND!".

Ursa was now extremely upset. She continued, "You made her do despicable things and now she has run away and our son and his friends are looking for her and when they find her she could go to JAIL!!!"

"You ruined our family,", Ursa began crying and continued" but most of all y.. broke my heart!......" Ozai sat in the corner looking down and uttered an apology, but Ursa cut him off saying "I don't wanna hear it, you're a hundred years Late!" Ozai was left to rot.......

Kyoshi Island had a special guest place for Team Avatar to stay. Aang woke first because he could not sleep, he could only think of the kiss. Katara walked in outside where Aang had been sitting. They sat by the ocean at the side of Kyoshi Island. The moonlight hit the sea making it glimmer and Aang and Katara watched the beautiful moon.

"Katara....I...don't know how to say this. but I" Aang was cut off by Katara

"Aang I know how you feel, but I'm just not ready and you need to respect that.

Aang looked away and said

"Katara I love you, we kissed more than one time, I can't continue to not know we need to figure this out...." Aang leaned over by Katara and she tried to say

"But w..we..we can't do this Aang we have more important things to" Then they kissed and Aang and Katara jumped realizing what was happening. They said their good nights and went back to bed, unsure of their relationship.

In the morning Sokka, Toph and Zuko began speaking about a new way to find Azula, then it hit Zuko, Azula would eventually gather enough people and attack the Fire Nation palace. The team decided to get help from June. They all agreed that she was the only person to turn to now, so this time Team Avatar including Suki, Mai and Ty Lee left to meet June. The trip to where June stayed was long and talkative. When they finally arrived by June it was night time again and the everyone was tired. Zuko knocked on the door and June came outside and stared with a blank expression on her face.

"I was not expecting visitors........"

"I AM STUCK ON THIS ABANDONED PIECE OF ROCK!", "No way to get off, this is ridiculous!!.... I don't deserve this."

"No you don't Combustion man!" Azula teased, "You deserve to be in a higher position and I can get you that."

"Princess Azula ...what do you mean?" questioned Combustion Man

Azula told him her plan and then she said

"I will give you a ship and you have to execute Team Avatar for good!!!!!!!!!" Azula devilishly smiled and laughed.

"I am at your service PHOENIX QUEEN AZULA!!!!"Combustion man said

How will June help Team Avatar survive?.......

Dragon Royalty Ozai-sprite Flame

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