Visions and Decoys
Visions and Decoys
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Sorry for the delay, the illustration took a while :( - TechFilmer


Aang was tired. He with his friend Zuko had finished rebuilding and fixing the entire Kyoshi Island after one week. Earlier in the day they finished repainting the statue of Kyoshi and now were ready to sleep.

"Good night Aang," said Suki.

"Good night," replied Aang.

Suki blew out the candle in the Avatar's bedroom and proceeded to do the same in the Fire Lord's bedroom. Aang soon fell asleep and in his dream was transported to the Southern Water Tribe where Sokka and Katara were helping the Northern Tribe people rebuild the Southern Water Tribe. While they were there Sokka was instated as Chief of the Southern Water Tribe. Suddenly Aang's dream changed. He was looking at a map of the world. But it did not have the normal colors designating the four nations. This map just showed the world without any nation borders. Aang realized that this was showing him a message. A message that all the nations were just one big nation and that the borders were just part of the mind. Just like Guru Pathik had taught him. Just like Guru Pathik had taught him.

Tyuhan led his band of Dai Li agents through the Fire Nation, looking for a good decoy to replace Azula. The Fire Nation princess had not come along with them, insisting that she should stay until they found a decoy, so that they didn't bring up any suspicions.

"Are you sure you want to stay, Princess?" Tyuhan asked.

"Yes, I'm sure," she replied.

"Very well. We will leave Yulahanu here as well, both to aid you in your training and to prevent any suspicions," the Dai Li agent replied, before walking away with the other earthbenders.

Tyuhan cleared his head just in time to see someone coming. Without speaking a single word, he hid behind a building, with the others following right behind. He looked around the corner to see a girl who looked a lot like Azula. The only things different were her pale skin and her bangs were curly instead of straight.

"Men, I think we've found our lady," he announced.

The woman was carrying school books and didn't even notice Tyuhan standing in front of her until only a few seconds before she would run into him. She gasped in shock and dropped her books. She bent down, picked them up, and began to run away, but she was planted to the ground by the Dai Li.

"Please do not be afraid," Tyuhan said. "We will not hurt you, as long as you hear us out."

The woman still looked shocked and scared, but nodded.

"Have you heard of the Fire Nation princess Azula?" the agent asked.

"Fire Lord Zuko's sister? Yes, I've heard of her. I thought it was unfair that she was not able to become Fire Lord. I believe Zuko is weak, and has no right being our leader," the woman replied.

"We agree. Which is where you come in. We would like to take the princess out of the mental facility and teach her all four elements, so that she may conquer the world by next year. However, her time is not up yet, so we are looking for someone that could be in her place," Tyuhan explained. "You look almost exactly like her. There will be a few things we'll need to change, but they are very minor. Would you be willing to take her place?"

"Well, I'm a teacher at the academy, but I'm sure Mana can take my place while I'm gone. She's been my assistant for a couple years now, and I would trust her with my life to teach the class," the woman said. She paused for a few minutes, deep in thought, before continuing. "I want a reward for the help I give you."

Tyuhan nodded. "Fine. How's 100 gold pieces?"

"100? That could get me through many more years of teaching classes!" the teacher exclaimed. "Alright. I'll do it. What things need to be changed?"

"Good morning Zuko," said Aang. "How was your sleep?"

"It was splendid," replied Zuko. "How was yours?"

"Awesome. To be honest, last night I had a dream," Aang grinned shamefully.

"Oh really, what was it?" asked Zuko.

"Well I saw the map of the world. But in it I saw all the four nations as one big nation. It gave me the idea to have another nation. One nation in which anybody from any nation can live. I call it the United Republic of Nations."

"What? United Republic of Nations? What is the United Republic of Nations?" Zuko questioned, walking toward the Avatar.

"No, it was... United Republic of Nation. I saw a great cities suited nearby, and a giant statue of an Air Nomad, and everything, everything was wonderful."

"Wow, I love that idea, Aang. But maybe the other nations won't accept it warmly. Maybe we should have a meeting with the other nation's leaders?"

"Hmm, sounds nice. I'll send three hawks out. One to Arnook, one to Sokka, and one to Kuei. Shall we meet in Ba Sing Se?"

"Yes, I think we can."

"Good. I'll write the letter."

The agents took the woman, Miss Mirimoto, to their underground lair and began working on changing her looks so she looked like Azula. They started with the hair, since it would be the easiest. They let the bun fall down, becoming straight. They straightened her bangs and worked them up to the front, like the princess's. Once that task was done, they put the rest of her hair back up in a bun. The next change would be difficult. Miss Mirimoto was too pale to be like Azula.

"Miss, how easily do you tan?" Tyuhan asked.

"About at a normal rate. It would probably take me a couple hours to naturally tan all the way."

"Good. That means it will only take a few minutes for you to get the same skin color as the Fire Nation princess," the agent replied. "Come along. We're going to Ember Island."

Aang finished writing the letter and read it to himself before sending it to the leaders of the other nations. The note read:

親愛的酋長和國王隊。昨天晚上,我做了一個夢,我想與你商量在永固城。我覺得這個夢是關鍵,其中一個尤為明顯未來可以團結所有的國家之一。请你下一个满月来。 - 安昂

(Dear Chiefs and Kings. Last night I had a dream and I wish to discuss it with you in Ba Sing Se. I feel that this dream holds the key to a better future in which all the nations can be united as one. Please come on the next full moon day. - Aang)

He put the notes into the carriers of three messenger hawks and sent them off to their respective locations.

It was almost sunset when they reached the island, but there was still enough sun to tan Miss Mirimoto. The Dai Li had made an earth platform for all of them and the woman to stand on, and used earthbending to move it across the ocean. Tyuhan was waiting patiently for her to come out in her bathing suit so they could play a ball game before the moon shone.

"Okay. I'm ready." The teacher announced, walking up to them. She was wearing a wrap around her chest area, and a knee-long skirt. Tyuhan nodded and walked onto the kuai ball court.

"Do you know how to play this game?" he asked, pointing to the net.

"Yes. When I was a student, I would play in kuai tournaments," Miss Mirimoto replied.

"Very good. We shall begin now." The Dai Li agent turned from the decoy to the other earthbenders. "I need half of you to go on the other side with Miss Mirimoto," he ordered. "The other half will stay with me."

The Dai Li looked at each other for a few moments, deciding who should go with the teacher and who should stay with Tyuhan. Finally, the front half walked forward to stand near Miss Mirimoto. Tyuhan nodded in acceptance, before joining his team to begin the game. He pulled out an earth ball as a replacement, since he couldn't find the actual one anywhere, and started the game. Miss Mirimoto ran up and kicked it back over the net. The game continued on, each round getting a little bit longer. The score was 9 - 8, with Miss Mirimoto's team winning. The ball was thrown for what might be the last time. The Dai Li on Miss Mirimoto's team helped out a little bit by earthbending the ball up into the air so she could score a point. The other team was ready for this now. They kicked it back up into the air and hit it back over the net. Miss Mirimoto ran up to it and kicked it up into the air, followed by hitting it with her hand, making it crash onto the ground below. Her team had won. The teacher was standing balanced on the net.

"Very nice," Tyuhan remarked, walking over to the teacher, who was now back on the beach sand. "There is one more thing I must do. Are you a firebender?"

"Yes," Miss Mirimoto replied. She breathed deeply, then began showing her skills. She kicked up in the sky, then landed and made some swirling motions. Tyuhan watched in amusement and disappointment. She was definitely a master, but her fire was orange.

"Ma'am, would you please sit on your knees?" the agents asked.

The teacher nodded and sat down on her knees. Tyuhan motioned to a Dai Li agent. The Dai Li agent put her arms behind her back with earthbending, then moved forward and put his right hand on her forehead and his left on her chest. He breathed deeply, then began the energybending process. His eyes became green, and Miss Mirimoto's turned orange. The whole sky began to turn the two colors as their faces became their respective colors. Soon, the color of the teacher's light became green, and the whole sky became that color. The Dai Li agent stepped away once the transformation was done with his energybending gone for life.

"Try firebending now," he instructed. The teacher stood up, nodded, then shot blasts of fire, but this time they were blue, just like Azula's. Tyuhan smiled, glad that the whole transformation of this woman was finally done. "Come on. There's someone you must meet."

The Dai Li and Miss Mirimoto rode across the ocean on an earth rock again, this time heading for the Fire Nation palace. Once they got there, they walked south in secret, to where the mental facility was. Tyuhan created an underground tunnel. "Come on." he said, motioning to the teacher and his agents to follow. Miss Mirimoto made a little lame so they could see, but Tyuhan didn't need to see. He knew exactly where he was going. After traveling underground for about five minutes, the Dai Li agents made a large circle above in what would be the floor, and moved it so they could all get up. Just as Tyuhan had hoped, Azula was sitting on her bed, waiting for them. Once the princess saw the group of agents, she sat up and smiled mischievously.

"So, did you find someone to replace me?" she asked.

"Actually, we did," Tyuhan replied as Miss Mirimoto walked up out of the tunnel. Azula looked in astonishment at the other girl: it was almost like she was looking at her own reflection. "Okay. We don't have much time. Miss Mirimoto, please put these clothes on. They may think something's up if they see you in that outfit." He handed the teacher the facility uniform, which she proudly took. "Princess, now is your chance to escape. Come on, before it's too late."

Azula hesitated for a millisecond, but quickly nodded and walked over to the tunnel. "Let's go conquer the world," she stated proudly before jumping into the tunnel. The Dai Li agents followed, closing the lid only a few minutes before a guard came around to check on things.


  • Godsrule wrote about Aang and Zuko and KataraLover wrote about Miss Mirimoto
  • The name "Miss Mirimoto" came from the movie "Scooby-Doo and the Samurai Sword". * This was totally intentional, as the two almost looked exactly alike, so much that the co-author thought her siblings were watching Avatar: The Last Airbender instead.
  • The artwork is by Chakrasandwich

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