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July 28, 2010

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Burning Attack

The Firelord and the Chief

Firelord Zuko was walking in the gardens, thinking about how a year ago, near here, he and Azula almost fought to the death over the very place he called home right now. It was a strange feeling, but a good one also.

"A year ago I almost perished by my sister's hand for this palace. Now, me and Mai lounge around in it like it's nothing. We should seriously-"

"Firelord Zuko?"

"What, huh?" Zuko swiflty turned around, only to find a guard behind him.

"Sorry to bother you, my lord, but a man is asking for you to meet him. He says he has urgent news that you need to hear."

Zuko looked at the guard for a minute, and asked, "Do I know him at all?"

"He said you studied under him, and that he taught you some move... umm, what was it? Oh yes, the 'Dancing Dragon' or something like that."

Zuko simply gaped at him. The Sun Warrior Chief? Here? It was impossible, wasn't it? He wasn't sure, but yet Zuko uttered "Let him see me at once."

A few minutes later, Zuko was on his throne, waiting, wondering whether it could be possible the Chief could've left his tribe to talk to him. A few minutes later, the guard sent in the man. Zuko laughed. The man was definitely the Chief, but he had dressed himself up in clothes from the Earth Kingdom! The Chief started to bow, but Zuko stopped him, saying "You do not need to bow to me. We are equals here, in both status, and friendship." and shook hands with the Chief.

"It has been a while, Zuko," The Chief said. "But we must talk about the past later, as this matter is much more important." He shook a scroll in his hand, which blow dust into the air.

"Let me see." Zuko said, and took the scroll. He started reading it, and as he read it more, his eyes grew more frantic. After a minute or two, he closed the scroll slowly and asked, "Is this....true?" The Chief nodded sadly. "So if this scroll is truthful, than what is the problem?"

"The seal is broken, and they have escaped. All of them."

"How can you know this? Even you can not know everything."
Dragons firebending

Ran and Shao warned the Sun Warrior Chief of the broken seal

"It was not me who knew, but the dragons. They felt it."

"What? How....well, I am not surprised, they must have a connection to it."

"Yes, they felt it a few weeks ago. It was about midnight when they woke. They started roaring, causing the whole village to wake. Me and the others went to see what was troubling them. They surrounded us, and I thought they might have turned on us. However, they pushed us over to the scrolls, and made us get out the same scroll you hold in your hands. After we opened it, they pointed to the picture of the seal, and Shao carved the picture on to the rock. Then Ran slashed the carving in half, and we knew at that point they were telling us the seal was broken."

"Then it must be true," Zuko said, and he looked extremely worried. "Guard!" he called.

"Yes, Firelord Zuko?" the guard answered.

"I need you to send a few messages. One to Aang and Katara at the Southern Water Tribe, asking them if they could come; ask if they bring Sokka too. Send one to my uncle and Toph at Ba Sing Se, asking them to come too. And finally, send the same message to the Kyoshi Warriors. That is all." Zuko ordered.

After the guard left, all that Zuko said to the Chief was,

"We need them to fight this. If we don't, the world might plunge into a war we cannot win."

Dreams and Reality

Jason stood up and tried to piece together the unusually odd dream he was having. He walked and walked, but was disappointed by the empty void he was trapped in. For what seemed to be forever, he looked, and at last, he noticed the silhouette of what seemed to be an old man not far ahead. He called out, in an attempt to communicate, until he realized that the figure was nothing but a statue. The statue depicted what seemed to be a man from China, as Jason concluded, by observing the type of garment he was wearing. He wore several layers of robes. Suddenly, the eyes glowed white, and something huge shot out of the statue.

"I've got to get out of here!" Jason cried, but when he tried to run away, he got nowhere. The great mass was above him, and circled, and with each circle it got closer to Jason. "Get away!" screamed Jason. The mass landed, and as Jason watched, the same old man that the statue was based on walked off the huge creature he was riding. The old man looked, and seeing Jason frightened, said,

"Peace, child. I do not wish you harm. I presume you are Jason?"

Jason got his bravery back and snarled back. "Yeah, I'm Jason. Who the hell are you?"

The man frowned at him. "I know I frightened you, but that does not mean you have to act nasty at me. I am trying to help you, to warn you. And I am Roku."

Jason calmed down. "I'm sorry, but what do you mean? I don't need help, and no warning is going to convince me."

"Then I must show you. Will you please come on Fang?"

Jason looked once at the huge dragon and stated "You're crazy."

"Fang shall not harm you. Besides, the worst that can happen is waking up."

Jason considered the fact, looked at the dragon again, sighed and said, "I must be crazy, but okay."

Roku smiled." I knew you see it my way."

Jason rolled his eyes as he followed Roku to get on the dragon. Once he and Roku had got on, the dragon took off.

"So what is this about?" Jason asked

"This is about your fate, as well as your world's fate."

"What do you mean 'my world' and all this fate stuff."

"Let me start from the begining. When the cosmos were coming together, something strange happened. Instead of only the world I was from being formed, two others were formed too. One was the world you live in right now, and the other one became the home of the souls of those that died. Though I do not claim to know why this happened, I know it did."

"Prove it."

"Why certainly," Roku said with a smirk and his dragon Fang flew faster.

As they flew, Jason started to see tiny buildings dot the landscape under them. As they flew closer down, Jason could make out a huge temple in the mountains, then a city in the crater of a volcano, and finally a massive city made out of ice. "That's........amazing."

"Yes, you can say that." Roku smiled, "My world is very beautiful. But every world has its own jewels of beauty we can admire."

"So what does this have to do with my fate and the world's fate?"

"My world is where you must go, is what this means."

"Wait, go there? Why would I go there?"

"Jason... Soon your world shall be attacked. I do not know how, but I was told."

"So you want me to run when my world could possibly be taken over? I could warn them!" Jason cried.

"Jason, think about it this way. If you flee, they shall not get you. You would hold your world's fate on your shoulders. Finally, you might be able to go back and save those still alive."

"How would I even get there, if I want to?"

"Tommorow, as you know, is the summer solstice. The time in the worlds are literally only seconds apart," Roku started, seeing Jason's scowl. "Well, before I continue, do you know of Old Fang Rock?"

"Of course. I always go there when I want to be alone."

"Well, at sunset tommorow, the rock will become a portal to my world. Simply touch it when the dying sunlight covers the rock for the last time of the day, and you will be pulled into my world."

"You're saying this like you think I'm going."

"Jason, please, you must go! If you stay, your world is surely doomed. Besides, who would believe your story anyway? They would think you were crazy!"

"I already think that, so too late."

"Jason, this is real. Look, I know how crazy this sounds, but you were meant to come to my world."

"And why is this?"

"Jason, you could easily intergrate into my world. You have the strength, the courage, and most importantly, the heart for my world."

"Even if I do, I know nothing about your world, so I'd probably commit a crime I didn't even know about."

"That can be easily remedied." Roku answered, and before Jason could protest, he pressed his hand on Jason. Jason felt memories rush thorough his head as fast as light. After a few seconds, Roku pulled his hand back.

"Those are my memories of what has happened in the last 150 years or so of my world. It should be enough."

"Ugh, wow..."

Roku chuckled "Don't worry, the feeling is mutual, even if I am a spirit."

"Wait. Can my family come too, or at least my little brother?"

Roku was silent for what seemed like a long time before answering.

"I am truly sorry, but only one can go through."

"Oh," was the only thing Jason said

Suddenly, the world started to blur around them, even Fang, and Jason started to panic.

"What's happening?" Jason asked

"It seems you are waking up, and my time here is about up." Roku said, as he started to fade.

"No, wait, what if I can't do it?" Jason shouted at Roku, who was almost gone.

"Believe, Jason, believe, and you can go anywhere and do anything!" Roku cried as he disappeared.

"Whoa!" Jason jolted up from his bed. "Was that real?" He started pacing, which was his way of thinking hard. Finally, he decided to see whether it was real or not. All day he waited. He even skipped dinner to make it in time. Finally, after a ten-minute bike ride, he was at Old Fang Rock. As he watched the sun fall to its lowest point, a small ray of light hit the rock. Almost instantly it started to glow, and from the point of the light the glow grew until the whole rock was ablaze with light.

In amazement, Jason watched, until he remembered what he had to do. With hesitation, he slowly touched the rock with his hand. Then his hand started to glow, and to his horror and amazement, the glow crawled up his arm, over his shoulder, and made every visible part of his body glow. He immediately tried to get off the rock, but realized his hand would not come off, as if it was superglued there. Suddenly, his hand started to sink into the rock, and the rest of his body followed.

"Help me!" Jason screamed, but no one was there to hear him, and he disappeared into the rock. He was in pure darkness and he couldn't even see his hand in front of his face. But while he was being pulled, something happened. He felt as though lightning had struck him, and screamed in pain. After what seemed like hours, Jason realized the pain stopped, but when he looked around, he realized that he wasn't in darkness anymore, but on a beach. Jason didn't have time to explore his surroundings, as he passed out.

Close to where Jason was, an old woman was walking on her usual outing. When she noticed Jason, she was shocked and tried helped him up, but wasn't strong enough.

"Ohh, stay here honey, old Pan wil get her husband to help. He'll get you to safety," She ran off, calling. "Myo, Myo! Someone needs our help!"

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